Barry's Farm

About Us

It's not a normal day at Barry's Farm if the floor isn't covered in mounds of blue fur and felt snippets! Between their full-time jobs, Barry (designer), and girlfriend Katie (corporate 9-to-5er), create fun and functional products in the confines of their apartment.

It all started as an excuse for Barry to learn how screen print, and after realizing he'd have to offset the cost of the equipment somehow he began selling his shirts online. In 2006, Katie added her sewing abilities to the product line, offering Blue Monster Laptop Sleeves and small card wallets. Now, the shop includes many shirts, Laptop Sleeves and Buttons sure to satisfy any inner child!

Barry & Katie really only make stuff that they would use themselves. Every purse, button, and laptop sleeve is made by hand. All of shirts are printed on American Apparel. Why? Because we wouldn't have it any other way. If you have anything to say about our products, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line.