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10 Funny Clips Streamed Live on Twitch: Best Twitch Moments of All Time – Appamatix

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Funny Clips are Therapeutic

Adult life is so serious and you rarely get time to sit down, relax, and laugh. Everything from work, bills, politics, and pandemics take a toll on not only our physical but mental health.

Sometimes we need to take a break from the news and the outside world and consider our own sanity. And the best way of doing that is through uncontrollable laughter. We turn to apps like iFunny which can make us smile and truly lift our spirits with funny content. Laughing is therapeutic, and research shows that a good laugh reduces stress.

That’s why whenever I’m finished with my work for the day, I’ll look at funny faces or WhatsApp funny images to relieve some stress. If I’m really down, I’ll look at a few hilarious funny pictures or watch a few funny clips so that I laugh out loud. And some of the funniest clips are on Twitch and are streamed live. Since nothing is planned, it makes the moments that much funnier.

So, instead of wasting your time watching mediocre clips, here are 10 funny clips which I believe are the funniest Twitch clips of all time. If you’re interested in creating your own Twitch clips, there are lots of tools on the Twitch dashboard to do just that.

Let’s dive in!

1. A Bird Flew In My House

While it’s true that funny clips are in the eyes of the beholder, this is one of the funniest clips simply because of the bird’s audacity. No need to invite him in since he already invited himself and attempted to get the Twitch streamer running scared. Maybe he wanted to be famous, we’ll never know.

When I first watched this video, I thought it was one of those funny clips where someone disturbs your live stream and embarrasses themselves. Everyone hates those moments and if you’re a regular streamer and you live in a house full of people, it’s bound to happen to you too.

But unfortunately for this streamer, it wasn’t one of those moments, it’s worse.

And the highlight of the video is when the bird decides to become Mike Tyson and tries to knock the Twitch streamer out. This didn’t work out for him, but I’d love to see what happens after the camera turns off and how the streamer gets that aggressive bird to leave his house.

2. Don’t Poke The Can

When I first watched this, I could see it coming from a mile away and it still had me laughing out loud. It’s truly one of the classic funny clips you’ll always remember!

We all have our go-to party tricks, but stabbing your Whiteclaw shouldn’t be one of them.

Her reaction is also priceless. She probably ran out of the room so that she wouldn’t embarrass herself further, but the damage is already done. That and her eyes most likely felt like they were on fire and desperately needed water.

I wonder if she read the instructions on her can of Whiteclaw that says what to do if you get it in your eyes.

3. Your Neighbor Is Angry

Everyone hates that neighbor who blasts music all night long, especially if you’re living in a small apartment. We all know the pain. But this reaction was hilarious and is one of those funny clips you may share with an obnoxious neighbor!

The video starts off with our Twitch streamer playing loud music and smiling into the camera. But that all changes when her neighbor starts shouting at her to lower her music. Her neighbor also mentions something about our streamer shouting all night, which I thought was weird.

I can’t blame her for being upset because I would too. Imagine not being able to sleep because of your neighbor’s Twitch stream. But instead of shouting like a barbarian, I’d rather ask her politely to lower her music.

But her reaction was priceless. She was probably shocked and thinking, “what should I do next”? And just sat there, gazing into the camera.

4. He Dislocated His Shoulder

Injuring yourself while celebrating is terrible and awesome at the same time. Normally I’ll just stub my toe or bump my elbow, but this guy dislocated his shoulder and I’m jealous.

Sometimes we’re so happy that we get lost in a state of ecstasy, and when we wake up from our happiness, we’re injured. 

The video starts off with our streamer celebrating something clearly important to him. He decides to do a little punch thing and this leads to his doom. We see him wobbling around the room until he decides to leave and not embarrass himself further.

But my favorite part of the video is the reaction of his followers. Everyone knows his pain, but it’s still hilarious. Funny clips like these are priceless!

5. Snot Lady

If this live stream happened before the Covid-19 pandemic, it would have been ten times funnier and one of the best funny clips of all time! 

To me, this clip is funny and sad at the same time. We have thousands of health workers working 20 hour days and risking their lives to save others, and here this lady is rubbing snot all over this poor bench. She probably has done this a thousand times before.

But let’s get to the funny part. The fact that this guy was in the right place at the right time is priceless. And I’m sure this snot lady knows he’s filming. He obviously got his hand out in front of his body in a selfie-type fashion, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to let a live stream ruin her virus-spreading, tissue-cleaning activities.

But the highlight of this Twitch clip is our streamers reaction, or the lack thereof. He simply looks at her for a few seconds, smiles, and continues streaming as nothing happened. Meh, just another day at the office.

6. Why Are You Filming People?

Firstly, let’s start off by saying that I’m on the other lady’s side. Why are you filming random people that don’t want to be filmed? I’d probably do the exact same thing, minus the sandwich part. I’m not willing to throw away my lunch for a Twitch streamer that’s clearly looking to get a reaction out of me. Funny clips are great, but let’s be real!

Let’s also appreciate the fact that our streamer got what she rightfully deserved. She was basically asking for it.

But what’s confusing me is, why is she filming random strangers on her Twitch stream? Isn’t the point of streaming to keep your audience’s attention on you?

My favorite part of the video is when a piece of her sandwich actually sticks to our streamer’s camera. Now she can think about what she did while cleaning lettuce off her lens.

7. We Broke The Window

We all love hydraulic press videos. It’s exciting and never fails to evoke curiosity. But sometimes these videos can go horribly wrong and become – you guessed it – one of the funny clips you’ll review in a blog post!

The video starts by compressing something that looks like it came straight out of World War 1. There was a part where we could legit see how this thing started to expand around the middle, and this is never a good thing.

Next thing you know, bang! Almost all the windows in this place were broken and they’re all lucky to be alive.

But the part that had me laughing out loud was when one of the operators started talking in the perfect Italian accent. He then proceeded to give safety advice while I couldn’t stop laughing.

8. Jealousy In The Household

For some context, a guy is playing a video game with a popular Twitch streamer called Pokimane. We then hear something that sounds like slapping before he says he has to go. His girlfriend was probably jealous and decided to take her jealousy out on him. Now don’t get me wrong, domestic abuse isn’t funny, but what is funny is when the gunshots in the video game took place.

When I first watched this Twitch clip, I thought his girlfriend whipped out a gun and went ham. But after further inspection, I noticed that the sound is actually coming from the video game they were playing.

But the highlight of the video is when the chatbox exploded with comments and Pokimane’s reaction was also priceless and worthy to be part of funny clips. Nobody knew what to do.

9. Have I Been Scammed?

Right off the bat, you should know this is one big fat scam. When everyone is selling PS5’s at double the price and here someone offers to sell you one for half the price and free next day delivery, you know something is fishy.

She gets the box and she tells her viewers that it feels super light. Red flag number 2. And when she does open it, it’s filled with plastic bags and has one PS4 warranty card. But the funniest part is that she actually goes back to check in the three plastic bags to see if her PS5 is in one of them.

Most people have been scammed at least once and sometimes it seems so legit, but let this be a lesson boys and girls. Never buy a PS5 for half the price when everyone is selling it for double. As funny clips go, this is funny because of the insane circumstance, but we can learn a lesson too!

10. Gaming Is Expensive

We all know that gaming can be one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. But do you know what can drive your gaming bill through the roof even more? Gaming rage! There are many funny clips with rage, but this one takes the cake.

Every gamer has experienced this feeling before. After a few minutes of everything going wrong, your anger just takes control of your entire body and you do things you’d normally never do.

While most gamers get used to this feeling and learn to control it, some can’t.

Our streamer is playing a first-shooter game, which is notorious for inducing moments of rage, and when things go wrong, his only option is to smash his keyword into oblivion. There are even pieces flying out of nowhere.

Clearly, after he calmed down he realized how stupid he was and that he just flushed hundreds of dollars down the toilet.

Bonus tip, if you’re bored and looking for a laugh, watch videos of people getting gaming rage. It’s hilarious!


Stress is the number one killer since it’s responsible for heart disease, cancer, and a range of other chronic diseases. But by far the best way of relieving stress is to watch funny clips online. During this time, you forget about all your problems and get lost in pure laughter. What a great way to end your day!

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