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30 Popular 1999 Video Games

Have you ever wondered what video games were played in the 90s? Well, this article is to feed your curiosity and take you back to the 1999 video games.

In 1999, there were video games produced by different manufacturers and designers with many exciting scenes, characters, and missions to be completed.

Since many 1999 video games are available, I have carefully compiled a brief list of some of the 1999 video games played during that period with a short description of the game.

Let’s move ahead to find out more;

1. Chrono Cross (November 1999 video game )

Chrono Cross is one of the 1999 video games released in November of the same year. It features the main character of the game Serge, as he journeys through different dimensions to uncover mysteries. Lynx is also a character in the game who opposes serge.

This Adventure Fantasy 1999 video game was developed and produced by “Square” and Hiromichi Tanaka, respectively, and is played by a single user. Its Platform(s) include; PlayStation, Nintendo Switch,PlayStation 4,Windows,Xbox One

2. Tarzan (1999 Video Game)

This single-player mode video game is based on one of the famous animations by Disney Studios, Tarzan, who is the game’s main character and lives in the Jungle. He defends his home against Clayton, an evil hunter seeking to destroy Tarzan’s jungle home.

Eurocom developed this excellent Disney-adapted video game, and is produced by Jon Williams, Mat Sneap, and Dan Winterson. This is one of the 1999 video games released during that period.

3. Half-Life: Opposing Force (November 1999 video game)

Following the events of an alien invasion in Black Mesa, a scientific research center, Agent Adrian Shephard encounters several obstacles as he is sent to the facility to control the threats and wipe out all evidence, including the witnesses at the facility.

This Sci-fi video game was developed by Gearbox Software and produced by Randy Pitchford, and it has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Half-life: opposing force was awarded Computer Game of the Year in 2000 and is one of the 1999 video games.

4. The Legend of Dragoon (December 1999 Video Game)

This is an exciting adventure video game set in the world of Endianness. The Player takes control of Dart Feld, a warrior and protagonist of the game whose village was raided and destroyed, also, a friend of his, Shana, is being captured, and he sets out in search of an evil antagonist portrayed by a mysterious black creature to destroy it and save the world. 

The other notable characters in the game include Rose, King Albert, Miranda, Meru, Kangol, Haschel, and  Lavitz. This single-player 1999 video game was Produced and designed by Shuhei Yoshida and Yasuyuki Hasebe. This is also one of the notable 1999 video games.

5. Donkey Kong 64 ( November 1999 Video Game)

Donkey Kong features the adventures and missions of Donkey Kong and his friends to thwart the plans of the game’s antagonist King K. Rool. The Player must also complete different puzzles at different levels to progress in the game.

Donkey Kong, Chunky Kong, Tiny Kong, Diddy Kong, and Lanky Kong are the five Kong characters that are being played in the game. The game has a single-mode player as well as a multiplayer mode.

This Family Adventure video game was developed by Rare and Produced by Shigeru Miyamoto. It is one of the 1999 video games.

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6. Quake III: Arena ( December 1999 Video Game)

This video game is set on Arena Eternal, a battling arena where the player battles as a gladiator against competent opponents.

The victorious winner advances to more challenging battling levels until they advance to the last arena and compete against the final Arena Eternal champion, Lord Xaero.

It is a multiplayer game developed by id Software and  Designed by Graeme Devine, Tim Willits, and Jennell Jaquays. This is one of the action 1999 video games Produced in that era.

7. Driver (June 1999 Video Game)

John Tanner, an undercover cop and detective is sent on a mission to infiltrate a notorious underground crime organization.

As a former talented car race driver, he undergoes challenging driving missions to gain the trust of his bosses using his exceptional skills as a driver.

Reflections Interactive developed this driver series, and Martin Edmondson designed the video game. It features a single player and is one of the 1999 video games played during the late 90s.

8. Unreal Tournament (November 1999 Video Game)

The action video game Unreal tournament is a tournament where players in the game battle their opponents to death. And in the single-player mode, they fight to be the Grand champion.

First, they must defeat several powerful opponents, including Xan Krieger, who holds the current position of Grand champion.

The game also has multiple player modes and subsequent sequels released in 2002, 2004, and 2007 respectively.

Epic Games and Digital Extremes developed this video game, designed by Cliff Bleszinski, Steve Polge, and James Schmalz. It is one of the many 1999 video games Produced.

9. Silent Hill ( February 1999 video game)

This video game developed by a team in Konami called team silent features a single-player character and protagonist, Harry Mason, whose daughter, Cheryl, goes missing after a mysterious accident; he searches for her in the scary town of silent hills, where he uncovers the truth about Cheryl, his adopted daughter.

It is a Horror Video game that includes characters, namely Police Officer Cybil Bennett, Dahlia Gillespie, an evil cultist, Dr. Michael Kaufmann, who works in Silent hill’s hospital with a nurse, Lisa Garland, and Alessa, who is the supposed mother of Cheryl. 

The game is said to have Four endings depending on how the game is played and the events that occur during the game. Silent hill is produced by Gozo Kitao and is one of the 1999 video games.

10. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (November 1999 Video Game)

This toy story 2 video game from the toy story series is the 2nd video game in the franchise. It features a single-player gaming mode where Buzz Lightyear, the protagonist in the game, is being controlled to complete different missions as he rescues Woody with his friends.

It was produced by Jon Osborne and Peter Wyse and designed by Joel Goodsell and Jon Burton. It received the nomination of a favorite video game in the Kids choice award event and is one of the 1999 video games.

11. Grand Theft Auto 2 ( October 1999 video game)

This is the second sequel following the Grand Theft Auto of 1997. In a city named Anywhere City, Players are criminals who cause chaos and carry out criminal acts/missions to earn points and complete different levels in the game while trying to avoid being captured or killed by the cops who are angered by their criminal activities.

The game was developed by D.M.A. Design and Tarantula Studios with designers Stephen Banks, William Mills, and Billy Thomson, who designed the game. It features one-player and multiple-player modes and is also one of the 1999 video games.

12. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (September 1999 video game)

Jill valentine is a past elite member of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) who tries to escape Raccoon city, which by now is infected by the T-virus, which turns people into violent zombies. During the game, she is being chased and attacked by a T-virus monster, Nemesis.

Notable characters in the game include Brad Vickers, Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Victor, Nikolai Zinoviev, and Barry Burton.

The game features one user player mode and is produced and developed by Shinji Mikami and Capcom, respectively. It is one of the 1999 video games.

13. Crazy Taxi (February 1999 video game)

Developed and designed by Kenji Kanno and his Hitmaker team, Crazy Taxi, as the name implies, is a single-player racing game where the Player is to pick up customers and drive them safely to their destinations while encountering obstacles on the way. 

All this is done within a given time frame. This is the first sequel in its franchise and is one of the 1999 video games.

14. Pac-Man world (October 1999 video game)

Pac-Man’s birthday celebration is crashed and ruined by The ghosts who are his enemies and the abduct his friends and family.

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The Player now has to control Pac-Man as he journeys through different worlds to rescue his friends and family while completing other tasks and missions to achieve his goals.

The game is Produced and designed by Brian Schorr and Scott Rogers, respectively, and is a single-player game. This is one of the 1999 video games Produced at that time.

15. Final Fantasy VIII ( February 1999 video game)

A military team is led by Squall to kill and thwart the plans of an evil sorceress, Edea Kramer. He later has a romantic relationship with Rinoa Heartilly, who also follows the team to its mission.

Other notable characters played in the video game include Quistis Trepe,  Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt, Irvine Kinneas, Seifer Almasy, and Ultimecia, who is the main antagonist in the game.

It is a single-player video game and was awarded the Best interactive video game at the satellite award event.

Produced and designed by Shinji Hashimoto and Hiroyuki, respectively, this game is one of the 1999 video games.

16. Syphon Filter ( February 1999 video game)

The game is played by one Player who takes control of Gabriel Logan, an agent on a secret mission with Lian Xing to uncover and stop the evil plan of Erich Rhoemer, an international terrorist and leader of the Black Baton.

The game was Developed by Eidetic and designed by  Richard Ham. Syphon filter is an action and adventure game and is one of the notable 1999 video games released in the late 90s.

17. Tomorrow Never Dies (November 1999 video game)

This Action video game is an adaptation of the blockbuster movie featuring the cunning secret agent, James Bond. In the video game, the Player controls James Bond in his mission to investigate a crime suspect named  Elliot Carver.

And he uses advanced technologies to aid him in his mission and adventures. The game is Produced by John Botti and is designed by a team of designers including William Botti, Daryl Kimoto, Michael Guttentag, and Flint Dille. This exciting video game is played by a single user and is one of the 1999 video games.

18. Ape Escape (May 1999 video game)

This exciting video game is centered on Spike, the main protagonist the game, and Specter, an ape who gains Intelligence using a high-tech helmet.

Specter is the main antagonist in the game as he becomes evil, creates an ape army, and captures Spike’s friends.

This is the first Ape escape sequel in its franchise and is produced by Susumu Takatsuka and Takafumi Fujisawa. It is also designed by Kenkichi Shimooka, Shingo Matsumoto, Katsuyuki Kanetaka, Kenji Kaido and Hidekuni Sakai. It is one of the 1999 video games.

19. Dance Dance revolution 2nd mix (January 1999 video game)

This is a music video game where the player dances/exercises by stepping on arrows that are displayed on the screen and must do so in correspondence with the notes of the song being played.

Konami developed this game, and it can be played by one user or multiple users. It is also one of the 1999 video games played at that time.

20. Superman: The New Superman Adventures (May 1999 Video Game)

The game features our favorite superhero and main protagonist, Superman, as he goes to save his friends, Professor Emil Hamilton, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen. 

They are being held hostage by the antagonist Lex Luthor. In the game, Superman has to complete other minigames and save civilians while fighting villains, which Include Parasite, Brainiac, Metallo, Darkseid, and Mala.

The video game, also known as Superman 64, is produced by Eric Caen, J.C. Methiaz, and Estelle Giron and is a one-player game. This is one of the 1999 video games Produced and played during that period.

21. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (May 1999 Video Game)

This video game features the story based on its movie adaptation, Star Wars, where the single Player controls the characters of either of the playable characters, including Qui-Gon Jinn, who is a Jedi master, and his servant and student, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who undergoes and completes missions while fighting off opponents during their journey.

This is an adventure and action-filled video game developed by a production company named Big Ape Productions. It is also enlisted as one of the 1999 video games.

22. Mario Party (February 1999 video game)

Mario Party is a themed party video game played in a typical board game format with Mario and his friends who are on a quest to find out who amongst them can earn the title ‘Super Star.’ 

It has a single-player mode and a multiple-player mode with characters that can be played in the game, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Wario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi.

Mario Party was produced by Shinji Hatano and Shinichi Nakamoto and is one of the 1999 video games released that year.

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23. Pokemon gold/silver (November 1999 video game)

Pokemon gold and silver versions are part of the 1999 video games Produced and played in the late 90s. The game features different pokemon of various species as the players control them to challenge and fight other pokemon to attain the title, Pokemon Master. 

However, before they can achieve that, as stated earlier, the Player has to defeat other pokemon and also has to defeat the elite four and the current pokemon master to become a champion. 

It can be played by one user or multiple users as the game supports both modes. It was produced by Takehiro Izushi, Takashi Kawaguchi, and Tsunekazu Ishihara and then designed by Satoshi Tajiri and Junichi Masuda. Pokemon gold and silver are one of the 1999 video games Produced.

24. Medal of Honor (October 1999 Video Game)

This war-themed video game gives an insight into the world war II period. Here the Player (s) undergoes and completes daunting tasks and missions, and in the case of multiplayer mode, they get to battle against each other too.

This adventure war-themed video game is produced by Peter Hirschmann and designed by Christopher Cross and Lynn Henson. It is an exciting video game where you get to exploit military skills and is one of the 1999 video games.

25. Dino Crisis (July 1999 Video Game)

The game features five main characters, Regina, Gail, Rick, and Cooper, who are agents sent by a secret organization to investigate a science research facility, and Dr. Edward Kirk, who is the scientist at the facility.

On reaching the facility, they encounter dinosaurs and are attacked by them, and they now have to find a way to survive and escape the facility.

This Video Game is a survival horror video game produced by Shinji Mikami and designed by Shu Takumi, Kuniomi Matsushita, and Hiroyuki Kobayashi. It is played by a single player and is one of the 1999 video games released during that period.

26. Pepsiman (March 1999 Video Game)

Pepsiman is a video game produced by Hisayoshi Ichikawa and portrays Pepsiman as a superhero named after an American carbonated soft drink Pepsi.

The Player avoids different obstacles and avoids accidents as he saves people from dehydration by giving them the Pepsi soft drink In the game.

The game designers are Nobuaki Umeda, Nozomi Takeguchi, and Keisuke Itou. Pepsiman is a single-player video game and is one of the 1999 video games.

27. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (August 1999 Video Game)

Crystal Dynamics developed this Adventure and fantasy-based video game with the single player taking control of the main protagonist Raziel who is murdered by Kain, the main antagonist in the video game. 

Being revived by the Elder God, a powerful presence makes him a soul reaver, and he goes on a Revenge mission to kill Kain, his murderer, to save Nosgoth. Other notable characters in the video game include Ariel, Zephon, Dumah,  Rahab, and Melchiah.

The game is produced by Andrew Bennett, Amy Hennig, and Rosaura Sandoval, while it is designed by Amy Hennig, Seth Carus, and Richard Lemarchand.

28. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (September 1999 Video Game)

This is a sports video game that can be played by one user and can also be played by multiple users/players. Using skateboarders, the players complete several tasks and missions to rank higher, displaying different skateboard skills and tricks.

It also offers a free-mode game, career mode, and several other modes that make the game fun and interesting. It was awarded Mobile Game during the  BAFTA Games Award event. Jason Uyeda and Scott Pease produce it; it is also one of the 1999 video games.

29. Star Wars: Episode I – Racer (May 1999 Video Game)

This is a sci-fi racing game with featured characters from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999). Single-player/multi players(pod-racers) race across several other planets.

It was developed by LucasArts and designed by Jon Knoles, Eric Johnston, and Brett Tosti. It is another exciting and adventurous racing game and one of the 1999 video games.

30. Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! (November 1999 Video Game)

This is an exciting fantasy video game full of the adventures of a dragon Spyro and is accompanied by Sparx, the main protagonist of the video game.

Together they fight off opponents and complete different challenges, and Ripto is the main antagonist in the video game.

Developed and Produced by Insomniac Games and Grady Hunt, respectively, only one Player plays the game. This is also one of the many 1999 video games Produced during that period.


 What a fun-filled list we have above and all of them are part of the 1999 video games ever produced. If you’re looking for exciting games to play, check the list above and discover that these 1999 video games never get old.

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