How Has 5G Revolutionized Gaming?

Back in 2017, certain cell service carriers began rolling out the latest network for their mobile carriers: 5G. The 5G network provided an initial replacement for broadband home internet, but eventually became a standard feature on most devices by the latter half of 2019. Today, it’s also a type of home internet.

Since then, the expanded 5G network has revolutionized gaming. Back in the 1970s and 80s, arcade games slowly gave way to at-home consoles and PC titles. For both console and PC gamers, there was a huge emphasis on connecting to other players around the world. For some early games, like World of Warcraft and the Final Fantasy franchise, online multiplayer modes were at the heart of the game.

Since then, dozens of top casual and competitive video games now include MMO (massively multiplayer online) features. In fact, according to App Annie, two-thirds of the top 50 games available in the Apple Arcade store now include social features. Aside from social features, what has 5G changed within the gaming industry? And how will it continue to evolve in the decade to come?

Mobile Gaming is Truly Mobile

Mobile gaming has taken off in recent years. Recent reports released from Newzoo hint that future gaming markets will focus on mobile titles, especially for older generations. But mobile gaming is only as strong as the network it’s connected to. Even for casual games, a slowed connection can pose a problem.

But the 5G network is more reliable than its predecessors. This means that gamers of all stripes can play remotely. For example, the best online casinos that payout offer mobile apps that make it easier to game while on the go. Whether looking to play slots or wanting to join a game of blackjack, players need a responsive and quick connection—which 5G networks provide.  

Elevated Social Features

The first 5G networks helped bridge connectivity issues that prevented MMO games from taking off. The latest rollout of 5G networks has helped bring MMO features not to consoles or PCs, but straight to mobile devices. PUBG: Mobile, for example, now has over 500 million downloads. 5G networks bring together 100 players in each game, who battle it out on a remote island. 

 A Boost for AR & VR

As exemplified above, 5G has provided critical infrastructure for the development of mobile gaming. But it’s not just smartphone-based gamers who have benefitted from 5G. Similar to mobile games and MMO features, AR and VR titles rely on quite a bit of bandwidth to function seamlessly.

This means that AR and VR gamers need access to incredibly fast connections. And many, including top PC gamers, still rely on a physical ethernet cable to make sure nothing compromises their internet speed. But 5G has changed this, providing gamers with a stronger wireless connection and a better online gaming experience.

5G, 6G, & the Future of eSports

While experiencing a bit of lag while playing VR at home is frustrating for gamers—and especially those with plans to go pro—it’s been a major barrier in eSports. For an arena to host a live eSports competition, the organizers must be able to guarantee a seamless internet connection to make sure no teams are at a disadvantage.

5G networks make it much easier for techies to ensure all competitors have a strong connection. But already, some analysts in the eSports industry are setting their sights on a 6G rollout. Compared to 5G, 6G networks will provide a one-microsecond latency while also hosting at a higher capacity. In other words, it will be faster and able to provide a connection for even more gamers… but given it’s still in development, 6G won’t roll out anytime soon.

10 Best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone (2022)

Do you want some editing of your YouTube videos on your iPhone before publishing? Well, anyone wants to do so. Because no one wants to compromise the quality.

But most of them are struggling to find a perfect iPhone video editing that can match their needs. Don’t worry. We have minimized the list of the best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone. And that’s all you need.

Best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone

Here We List the best free youtube video editing apps for iPhone, iPad and iOS. You Can pick any app as per your need and edit videos on your iPhone like a pro.

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the best and most complete YouTube video editing apps for iPhone. What you need as an editor, KineMaster got you covered. Using its comprehensive features, you can edit recorded videos from basic to advanced levels.

Its multilayer editing interface allows us to go through the editing timeline, where you can adjust audio, effects, trimming, and clips.

Using KineMaster, adding visual effects, stickers, fonts, and animations is child’s play. Since it supports 4K video editing, you can make a video more visually appealing. However, KineMaster is compatible with iPhones, iPad, and even iPods. But it works on iOS 10.3 and above.

2. InShot

Another considerable video editing app for iPhone and android. InShot is widely popular among iPhone users for its easy-to-use editing tools. It comes with all video editing tools, including a video cutter and splitter, a merger, a slideshow maker, and a compressor.

If you want to juggle text, fonts, emojis, visual effects, and stickers, then InShot is for you. You can adjust the speed of any video. Currently, it has 55+ transitions inside. Fade in/out, light, ghost, glitch, and slice are notable transitions.

3. iMovie

Without iMovie, the best iPhone video editing apps list is incomplete. One of the most complete iPhone video editing tools offered by Apple. You can create Hollywood-style trailers and short films using its powerful editing features.

It has lots of clutter in the interface, but when you get used to iMovie, you will love to turn a simple video into a masterpiece. iMovie has all the required elements, such as dynamic visual effects, fonts, color pallets, filters, readymade templates, and layouts.

Its inbuilt creative 8 themes with matching titles, transitions, and music are a game changer compared to other editing apps. Try iMovie to make 4K cinematic view videos.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector, another handy video editing app, is available for iOS users. The full-featured editing apps offer many startling intros with animated titles.

Using Power Director, you can stabilize shaky cam footage with video stabilizers. Apart from that, all required editing tools are available inside the app. Adjusting video speed allows you to make a slow motion and fast-forward the video.

It has more than 4500 templates to use and text, animation, filters, and effects are available as usual.

5. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Splice is one of the perfect examples of amalgamations between simplicity and capability. Professional editing is not easy with the free editing tool, but Splice got you covered.

This free app allows you to make a stunning video for YouTube upload. Trim, cut, crop, and adjusting exposure, contrast, and saturation is the cup of tea for anyone.

You can also get various filters, effects, vintage, orientations, and transitions. Additionally, it has more than 6000 royalty-free music to use directly and unlimited images from Shutterstock.

6. Filmmaker Pro

The filmmaker pro is another free YouTube video editing app for iPhone users. Using Filmmaker pro, you can create and maintain unlimited projects.

Filmmaker provides you with more than 220 impressive graphics. Along with that, you can trim, crop, rotate, and split a video. The reverse video tool is also helpful.

Its drawing tool, such as brush, eraser, and opacity, are easily convenient with the Apple pencil on the iPad. You can use its royalty-free music on your video. Regardless of all its features, Filmmaker pro is one best editing apps.

7. GoPro

If you want to edit your videos quickly, then you can try GoPro. The best thing about GoPro is its quick automatic editing feature. GoPro picks the best shots, adds music to them, and even transitions; the cinematic view will be done without anything. Isn’t it good?

Otherwise, GoPro has all editing features in it. It can be a handy video editing app for fast-forward video rendering. Its GoPro camera will allow you to control the camera remotely. That is why GoPro Quik is slightly more diverse than other editing tools.

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Abode Premier Rush is another solid video editing app for content creators on the iOS platform. You can arrange videos, photos, and graphics with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

You can trim, flip, and crop a video effortlessly. Above all, it has customizable tools for enhancing color and adjusting speed.

Moreover, you will get filters, effects, and animations in the free version. You won’t be satisfied with the free version until you purchase the pro. Many remarkable features are available to use in the pro.

9. VideoShow

VideoShow is a pretty useful video editor for iOS users and is a fully packed editor with many useful features. You can use its various types of filters, effects, stickers, and sound effects to make your YouTube video more appealing.

VideoShow has a few ready-made templates for you; you can use them. Edit, merge, crop, split, invert, copy, rotate, speed-adjust, zoom in and zoom out are other notable features that need to be mentioned. You can try out VideoShow for your YouTube video editing.

10. Magisto

Magisto was recognized as the best video editing tool in 2019 by Apple. Magisto is continuing the legacy with pride. You can create a beautiful video using its inbuilt templates and themes in a short period.

Besides all basic editing features, Magisto uses artificial intelligence to give stabilization, object detection, filters, and effects in automation. But you have to pay for all its premium features.

Final Words

It is not an easy task to find the best YouTube video editing apps for iPhone for anyone for the first time. But we have done it for you for an easy pick. Let me know which app you are using.

Vasil Upgrade Advances Cardano Blockchain

The Cardano Foundation claims that the five-day Cardano Vasil hard fork process will enhance network performance.

A hard fork happens when the core code of a network is altered, necessitating the development of a brand-new blockchain. They may be contentious, but not usually.

Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Cardano, said it was the hardest upgrade the team had worked on since the project’s 2017 inception.

For instance, following the merge last week, the Ethereum network had a hard fork. It was an effort to protect Ethereum’s proof-of-work protocol, which depends on miners to validate transactions.

Reduced transaction times will be the primary benefit of the Vasil hard fork, according to Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard in an email to Decrypt.

The Vasil hard fork, however, will make use of Cardano’s hard fork combinator technology, which introduces new features without erasing any data from the blockchain’s earlier versions, according to Cardano developer Input Output on Twitter.

According to him, “Vasil will strengthen Cardano’s smart contract capabilities with Plutus V2, which increases efficiency to a powerful smart contract platform.” In the end, it will lower the cost of script execution, decrease transaction size, and increase throughput.

In other words, Cardano smart contracts will be easier to write after the September 27th completion of the Vasil hard fork and an upgrade to the Plutus scripting language. Because more transactions may fit into each block—or batch—of transactions on the network, cheaper transaction costs are made possible.

For Cardano DeFi initiatives like Indigo Protocol, which has been operating its synthetic assets project on the Vasil testnet since July, it’s a significant development. Without really holding the assets, users of Indigo can trade synthetic representations of them, such as TSLA stock. Instead, users can purchase and sell iTSLA using Indigo, which is supported by TSLA shares.

According to a blog post by the business, “The Cardano fee expenses suffered by Indigo users have been dramatically decreased by lowering the amount of script overhead for reading data from the blockchain.”

News Summary:

  • Vasil Upgrade Advances Cardano Blockchain
  • Check all news and articles from the latest Business news updates.

15 Best Valorant Players: RANKED (2022)

Have you ever wondered who the best Valorant players are? Today, we will be ranking the 15 best Valorant players in the world.

Ranking the best players in any sport or game has always been a fun thing to do. Debating whether a player is better than the other is always something that fans will do. We all create imaginary 1v1 scenarios and bring out the stats when trying to determine the best player.

Valorant is no different. We all would love to know who the best player in the world is. We all have our favorites and reasons for who we think the best player is. With this list, our goal is to rank the 15 best Valorant players in the world. Remember that it is going to be based on stats, achievements, and a little bit of our opinion, so you’re entirely free to disagree with any of our rankings. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Ranking the 15 Best Valorant Players

Before we begin the list, let’s first establish some of the ground rules that we’ve used to make this list.

  1. Players should have at least played in 1 international tournament.
  2. Players should be currently playing with a team.
  3. We’re not going to be including any Valorant streamers or retired players on the list.

Aside from those four rules, we’ve considered each player’s statistics, local and international success, achievements, importance to their team, consistency, and overall skills. Now that we’ve established the rules and criteria let’s start with the list.


Optic Gaming yay

The player we believe to be the current best Valorant player in the world is no other than Optic’s yay. I feel like this is really no debate at this point. He’s always been one of the best players and fraggers in North America. He struggled at first, but OPTIC yay, eventually got the hang of Valorant and completely dominated the pro scene.

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker mainly plays agents like Chamber and Jett for Optic Gaming and has helped lead his team to victory in the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík. He had the highest K:D ratio in the whole tournament at 1.32 and the 2nd highest average combat score at 252.3. He also earned a total of 417 kills throughout the tournament.



Sentinels TenZ was once regarded as the best Valorant player in the world, especially when they completely dominated all teams during the VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík tournament. Sentinels didn’t drop a single game in the event and ended up winning the whole thing.

Unfortunately, Sentinels hasn’t been doing great recently, even in the local NA scene. Even though he’s not considered the best player in the world anymore, he’s definitely still one of the best Valorant players in NA. TenZ usually plays Valorant agents like Jett and Raze.



Next up, we have our first Russian Valorant player on the list. Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin is a professional player for FunPlus Phoenix. He usually fulfills the role of Controller as Viper and is known as one of the best Contoller players in the world. He’s been with FPX since February 2021 and has helped them consistently win games and be the best team in EMEA.

SUYGETSU can also switch things up, depending on his team’s needs. He often plays a more supportive type of role, playing a Sentinel like Killjoy, Cypher, or Sage. He may not top frag for most of his games, but sometimes you’ve got to look past the stats and focus on a player’s overall gameplay performance.


TL ScreaM

Next up, we have none other than the “headshot machine” himself, ScreaM. ScreaM has always been known as a player with one of the best aims in both CS:GO and Valorant. He just one-taps enemies so flawlessly using his dot crosshair. Unfortunately, Team Liquid has struggled at international tournaments. But, ScreaM has helped his team appear in various international events, which is still a great achievement in its own right.

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom carries his team through most of their games. He’s a high-kill type of player and excels at what he does best, tap some heads. This was in full showcase during the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavíkevent, where he had the highest average combat score of 260.5 and a top 5 K:D ratio of 1.22.


FNC Boaster

Next up, we have a player that you probably didn’t expect to see in this list, especially this high. Usually, when you say “best Valorant player,” people automatically think of flashy players and top fraggers. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Valorant is a team game, after all, and there are other roles and agents that are great outside of kills or flashy plays.

FNC Boaster is one of the core members of the Fnatic Valorant team and has led the team to multiple international events. He’s definitely one of the best IGLs (In-game leaders) in the game and helps his team become consistent contenders both locally and internationally. Boaster isn’t always going to give you flashy plays and insane stats. However, his various strategies and decision-making skills are definitely top-tier, helping him earn his spot on the list.


LOUD aspas

LOUD has consistently been one of the top Valorant pro teams in Brazil. LOUD aspas has been a huge part of that success ever since he joined the team in February 2022. He was also a massive part of their insane Valorant Champions 2022 run. LOUD got to lift the trophy and was crowned the best team in the world, beating strong teams like FPX, DRX, and OPTC along the way.

aspas usually plays agents like Raze or Jett and clears out corners, makes space, and frags for his team. He also plays Chamber with an Operator whenever the team chooses to run a no-duelist lineup. LOUD aspas consistently performs for his team, and he can only improve, especially since he’s only 19.


100T Asuna

Next up, we have one of the original Valorant prodigies in the North American scene. Asuna was already a top Valorant player, even though he was only 17 when the game was officially released. During the early days, he played on 100T under Hiko’s leadership and was their main entry fragger and Duelist on the team.

Nowadays, Asuna is a flex player who plays pretty much any role you want him to. He plays anything from Initiators like KAY/O and Skye, Duelists like Raze and Neon, and even a Sentinel like Sage. He’s just that mechanically gifted and good at Valorant. Unfortunately, he and 100T hasn’t had much success on the international scene. However, there’s no denying that Asuna definitely has what it takes to become the best Valorant player in the world.



This next spot belongs to DRX BuZz. BuZz was part of the original Vision Strikers roster who had the insane 102-series win streak after competing for over a year. That’s an insane record to hold and shows their complete dominance over South Korea. Eventually, DRX acquired Vision Strikers’ roster, but the team’s rule over South Korea didn’t stop there.

BuZz is a massive part of DRX’s dominance over South Korea. He is one of their main fraggers and can pull off some insane plays and clutches that will simply blow your mind. He mainly plays as the team’s primary Op-er on agents like Chamber and Jett. He’s a fantastic player and is considered one of the best Jett players on the planet.


FNC Derke

Derke is another former CS:GO professional player who found his home in Valorant. He’s a part of Fnatic’s core roster and has consistently been one of their top performers. You can always count on Derke to get a lot of frags and can completely dominate a game.

FNC Derke is the team’s primary Operator player. He mainly plays Jett and Chamber, but he does bust out Raze occasionally. Unfortunately, Fnatic hasn’t had much success in the international scene, but they consistently play well in international tournaments. Derke is a huge reason for Fnatic’s stability as a team and is one of their most reliable players.


LEV kiNgg

Leviatán is an Argentinian esports team that has recently taken the crown from KRU as the best team in Latin America – South. kiNgg plays a huge role in the team’s success and led them to the playoffs in Valorant Champions 2022 and VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters – Copenhagen.

LEV kiNgg is the team captain and usually plays KAY/O, Raze, Neon, and Viper. He’s one of Leviatán’s heavy hitters and can pop off no matter what agent you put him on. He consistently top frags for his team while still performing well in his role. Even though LEV kiNgg isn’t a household name, I’m certain that we’ll get to see more of him in international tournaments in the future.


XSET Cryocells

Next on our best Valorant players list, we have another North American player in XSET Cryocells. Cryocells is the team’s primary Operator player, usually using agents like Jett and Chamber. He’s one of XSET’s most consistent players and can easily hit insane shots when needed the most.

XSET Cryocells was already a professional player before making the jump to Valorant. However, unlike most other transitioned pros who came from CS:GO, he came from Rainbow Six Siege. He played on a bunch of small teams like Big Frames, Cosmic Divide, and SoaR before finally finding his home in XSET.


PRX Jinggg

We have our only player on the list from the Asia-Pacific region. PRX Jinggg may not be the most famous on the Paper Rex squad, but he’s definitely one of the best. He’s a 19-year-old Singaporean player who primarily plays his team’s entry fragger Duelist role. He mainly plays Raze, Reyna, and Neon when entry fragging but occasionally uses Sage when the team requires a more supportive role.

Jinggg is a consistent fragger for his team, and PRX depends on him to clear corners and create space. He’s got an insane aim and a great feel for the game. He’s definitely one of the best players in his region and will continue to be a menace to any team that faces him both in local and international tournaments.


SEN Shroud

Shroud is one of the most recognizable gamers on the planet. He’s a retired CS:GO pro turned Twitch streamer. He recently came out of retirement to join the Sentinels roster and became their primary Controller player. He did relatively well, especially considering that he had a very limited time frame to train with the team.

Anyone who follows the FPS genre knows exactly how good SEN Shroud is. He’s the King of FPS games and has a naturally gifted mechanical skill that flawlessly transfers to any game he touches. It’s unknown whether Shroud will continue his professional Valorant career with Sentinels, but for now, he deserves a spot on our list of the best Valorant players.


KRÜ Klaus

Next, we have an Argentinian player from KRÜ Esports. KRÜ Klaus used to be an Overwatch player, but he switched to Valorant in 2020 and never looked back. He has helped his team dominate the LATAM region on agents like Sova, Breach, and Viper.

KRÜ Klaus has helped his team get into all of the international Valorant events by being a dominant force in the LATAM region. KRÜ is the only team to have participated in all international tournaments, and that’s impressive in its own right. Klaus has been there through all tournaments and has been a huge part of their success as a team. He definitely deserves his spot here and is currently the best Valorant player from LATAM.


SEN Dapr

The final spot on our list of the best Valorant players belongs to none other than SEN Dapr. Dapr is a former CS:GO professional player and, like the others, transitioned to Valorant when it was released. He never had much success during his CS:GO days. Luckily, he changed careers and became one of the best Valorant players.

SEN Dapr is a very flexible Valorant player that can excel in any role you give him. He has literally played every role in the game for Sentinels, yet he still shines and shows the world that he’s still an excellent player. Any team would be lucky to have him because Dapr is a team-first player and fulfills the role that the team needs.


That’s the end of our list. Those were our picks for the 15 best Valorant players in the world. Remember, these are based on statistics, consistency, achievements, and our personal opinions. These rankings are based on who we think the current best players are, and there’s no saying what will change in the future.

Feel free to leave a comment and argue who you think should’ve made our list.

Super String Tier List (September 2022) Best Characters

Super String is a brand-new game that has gained a large amount of attention. The game has been downloaded by millions of people and they’re all vying for the top spot on the leaderboard. We’ll talk about the best and worst characters in Super String in this blog article. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this exciting game.

If you’re stumped as to who to play, don’t worry! The Super String tier list will assist you in determining the characters’ strengths and limitations. After reading this blog post, you’ll know who the game’s greatest characters are.

If you’ve been away from the game for a while, you might be wondering if the meta has shifted. The answer is yes! New characters have been introduced throughout your absence, while some old ones have fallen out of favor. Continue reading to learn who the top characters are in today’s meta.

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Super String- A Quick Introduction

Published by Factorial Games, Super String is an RPG game for Android and iOS. The objective of the game is to create strings of matching colors by swiping colored beads across a grid. When three or more beads are matched, they disappear and new beads fall into place.

Super String has four different game modes: Classic: There is no time limit and you must reach a certain score to advance to the next level. Time Attack: You must clear as many beads off the board as possible before the timer runs out. Zen: There are no restrictions, you can play at your own pace. Challenge: You must complete a certain task to progress.

The challenge lies in creating long chains of matching colors as quickly as possible before the board fills up. The gameplay is simple but challenging, and the game is extremely addictive. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new puzzle game to play.

Super String Tier List (2022)

In simple words, a tier list is a ranking system that aims to evaluate the relative strength of characters in fighting games. This tier list for Super String will help you pick the best and worst characters for the game.

There are many benefits of a Super String tier list including:

  • Firstly, it provides an easy and objective way to compare the relative strength of characters.
  • Secondly, it can help players identify the strengths and weaknesses of their favorite characters.
  • Thirdly, it can be used as a tool for balancing the game by providing feedback to developers on which characters are too strong or too weak.
  • Finally, it is simply fun to make and debate!

The Super String character tier list is divided into 5 tiers. Ranging from S to D, S being the strongest and D being the weakest of the bunch. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started with the lists.

Super String S Tier List (2022)

These are the best characters in Super String. They have great versatility, and powerful moves, and can easily take down the opposition. If you’re looking to dominate your friends, these are the characters you should pick.

  • Cornelia
  • Ajitae
  • Kang Suki
  • Hasty
  • Ha Siwoo
  • Kanghyeon
  • Lilia
  • Won Miho
  • Munsu
  • Sando
  • Kawooka
  • Suho Kang

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Super String A Tier List (2022)

These are some of the best characters in Super String. They’re not quite as strong as the S-tier characters, but they’re still very powerful. With the right moves and combos, they can easily take down any opponent.

  • Shin Heyool
  • Kang Haneul
  • Jyu
  • Wonsul
  • Veronica
  • Seokhwan
  • Kim Bong Chun
  • Allen Harmon
  • Red Swan
  • Min Jungwoo
  • Kang Seonghyeon
  • Yun Bitnara
  • Catalina
  • Wonhyo
  • Mito
  • Yak
  • Yohan
  • Jeon Youngha
  • Royal Guard
  • Van
  • Oh Sejeong

Super String B Tier List (2022)

These are good characters in Super String. They’re not as strong as the A or S-tier characters, but they’re still viable if you know how to use them. With the right moves and combos, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

  • Brillheart
  • Marlene
  • Ikho
  • Lim Hanrim
  • Rotevick
  • Cha Yerin
  • Kuku
  • Leonard Shin
  • Jin Suho
  • Miss Hwang
  • Kaira
  • Uchida Kyouichi
  • Mamia
  • Diana
  • PyeongGang
  • Yuuitae
  • An Boyoung
  • KimChulsu
  • Kira
  • Lee Hyeonsyong
  • Back Ryong
  • MyoWol
  • Tae Yu

Super String C Tier List (2022)

These are the average characters in Super String. They’re not as powerful as the A, S, or B tier characters, but they’re still decent options. If you’re looking for a character that’s a little weaker, but still has some good moves and combos, these are the ones you should pick.

  • Aikawa
  • Dolseok
  • Kim Han
  • Samus
  • Yamaha
  • Sung Mina
  • Hong Kildong
  • McMahon
  • Yeongsil
  • Jang Deokman
  • Lee Baeksu
  • Beechler
  • Cheol
  • Elimona
  • Meyer
  • Kwae Tacheon
  • Mago

Super String D Tier List (2022)

These are the worst characters in Super String. They’re not as strong as any of the other characters, and they don’t have any good moves or combos. If you’re looking for a character that’s going to lose, these are the ones you should pick.

  • Soldier (CRF)
  • Sniper (CRF)
  • Wraith Assassin
  • Gold Goblin
  • Kang Huijae
  • Demon Clown
  • Sugal
  • Witch Clown
  • Medic (CRF)
  • Suspicious Scientist
  • Haunted Girl
  • Tutee Reaper
  • Slindier Scytheman
  • Jenan
  • Haunted Boy
  • Reserves (CRF)
  • Spelta Soldier
  • Bomber (CRF)
  • Yoersa
  • Bangja
  • Silver Goblin
  • Mob Member
  • Ponzol
  • Sweeper
  • Eddy
  • Phoenix
  • Mad Scientist
  • Haunted Assassin
  • Captain (CRF)
  • Guardian
  • Khersa
  • Slindier Spearman
  • Lou
  • Grenadier (CRF)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Super String tier list?

A Super String tier list is a list that ranks the best and worst characters for the game based on their performance in tournaments.

2. Why should I care about the Super String character tier list?

If you’re looking to get into competitive Super String, then knowing who the best and worst characters are is essential knowledge. Plus, it’s just plain fun to see where your favorite (or least favorite) characters rank!

3. How accurate is the Super String tier list?

The Super String tier list is generally considered to be pretty accurate, although of course there will always be some debate over who deserves which spot.

4. What factors are considered when making the tier list for Super String?

There are several elements to consider while developing the Super String tier list. The most important factor is probably a character’s results in recent tournaments. Another important factor is how popular a character is – if a character isn’t being used much, they’re likely to be lower on the list.

5. What is the S tier in the Super String tier list?

The S tier is the highest in the Super String tier list. Characters in the S tier are considered to be the best characters in the game.

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Final Words

In simple words, Super String is a great game. We hope this article on the Super String tier list helped you in understanding the various characters in Super String and their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll be back to update you on the rest of my journey! If you have any queries or ideas, please leave a remark below.

20 Best Websites to Read Comics Online

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The best thing about comics is that they are easily accessible; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. 

So, if you want to read some good comics online, here are some of the best sites. This website has over 2 million comics in its database. 

It also offers many other features, including forums, news, reviews, etc. You can even create your profile on this site so you. Well, some of the best websites to read comics online: 


Tens of thousands of comics are kept inside this massive portal of free publications and can be viewed online or downloaded in various formats. 

Since practically all the collections are in English, there is no need to register; argue your point using Shakespearean terminology. 

You may find everything from erotic manga to Golden Age comics in its comic books and graphic novels department. 

And also timeless classics like Windsor McCay’s Little Nemo and discarded treasures like the legendary DC Comics Atari Force collection. 

Additionally, they offer a highly effective search engine that makes it incredibly simple to hunt for any comic you’re looking for. 

When you find the comic you’re looking for; you can download it for free in your chosen file format. If you decide to read online, this website is among the best because it is free of advertisements. 

2. Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon’s best-sellers are one of the best websites to read comics online is Amazon best sellers. You don’t immediately think of Amazon when you read online comics. 

But given how many other things they’ve already expanded into—movies, books, and music—it isn’t surprising that they now provide comics. 

More surprisingly, many comics are available for free on Amazon Best Sellers! Visit Amazon’s “Comics and Graphic Novels Best Sellers” section to find their free comics. 

You can then browse their offering under “Top 100 Free” to read comics online. Amazon also has a fantastic search filtering feature. 

However, to discover the comic book you desire, use filters for the genre, author, and much more. Additionally, you can check back any moment to see what’s new because the selection is refreshed hourly. 

3. Comixology

Seventy-five independent contributors labor round-the-clock at Comixology to give users the most recent information on comics worldwide. 

They feature a fantastic selection of vintage novels and regularly update their blogs with news on the latest comics. 

Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and several Manga comics and graphic novels are all available on the internet. Although many comics are free, access to over 10,000 different reading materials is open for $5.99 a month. 

4. Digital Comic Museum 

You may readily view many Golden Age comic book titles on this website because they are all public. You can search through many comic book companies to find what you’re looking for or learn about new titles. 

Any comic available here can be downloaded and read at your leisure, or you can view it to read it online. Additionally, you can quickly and easily locate what you’re looking for on the website because it is organized and simple to use. 

5. Comic Book Plus 

Comic Book Plus is also one of the best websites to read comics online. More than 33,500 public domain comics are available for reading online and downloading on this website, but only if you register as a user. 

However, with a similar layout to the previous Digital Comic Museum, Comic Book Plus has the appeal of housing numerous collections in its archives in languages other than English. 

More than 2,700 online comics are available in Spanish, including rarities like El Capitán Jupiter, El Defensor de la Cruz, and Flechas y Pelayos. Additionally, an essential resource for readers and those studying the comics industry. 

6. DC Kids

If you’re a fan of DC, the DC Kids website is a great place to read comic books online. It is a fantastic place for your children to begin reading comics because it is specifically created for the younger demographic. 

If you’ve been keeping up with DC’s animated releases, you’ll know that they’re excellent and that their online comics are equally fun. 

Even though there are fewer titles here than on other websites, they are worth reading. It would help if you sorted through free titles because not all of them are. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic resource for free online comic book reading, so look. 

7. GetComics 

GetComics is another good site to read comics online. It offers an extensive collection of free comics from various publishers, including Marvel, DC, Image, and IDW. The website is easy to navigate and allows you to select which publisher you want to read. 

8. Comic Extra 

Next on our list of best websites to read comics online is Comic Extra. Comic Extra is a great place to find more well-known comic book series, especially those from Marvel or DC, for free. 

You can probably find whatever you’re looking for on our site because many new and vintage comic book scans are available. 

Additionally, the site’s high-quality scans and simple navigation make reading the comics as enjoyable as it should be. 

9. Dark Horse

Dark Horse is one of the more prominent names in the comic book industry after Marvel and DC. Furthermore, they hold rights to various franchises, including Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Stranger Things. 

Many comics are available on their website, but a sizable part is devoted to free comics. To get started, create a free account.

Following that, you can read Dark Horse comics online. Additionally, if you want to read comics offline, you can download them to a mobile device. 

10. Mangafreak

Do you enjoy Japanese manga, bleach, or Boruto? Include this fantastic website on your list of internet resources for free comic book reading.

However, this website doesn’t offer a download option. The “random” option on the Mangafreak website is one of its unique features. 

It allows you to choose a comic from the most recent ones available on the site if you don’t have a specific one in mind. 

11. Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum is next on the list of best websites to read comics online. More recent, more contemporary comics are available on several websites that let you read comics online. 

However, hardly any publishers anymore sell older comics, which some people still wish to read. It can be challenging to find classics from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, which is why the Digital Comic Museum was created. 

Although there are advantages to reading contemporary comics, there is something special about reading older works. 

You can instantly transport yourself to the Golden Age of comic comics by reading unique works like Captain Marvel. 

Furthermore, you may observe how stories were told in the past and how art and storytelling have developed via these priceless gems. 

12. Hello Comics 

Hello, Comics is yet another free website where you can read comics online. The website has an extensive collection of cartoons from different publishers, including Marvel, Disney, Archie, and more. 

Not every publisher sells old comics, so checking out other sources is essential to blogging postings about some of the top comedians in the world are a substantial collection. 

The website’s administrators update it frequently with information about the newest comics. This is an excellent place to go if one does not want to pay to read comics. 

13. Comic Book Resources 

Comic Book Resources is also one of the best websites to read comic books online, and it’s an excellent resource for those who love comics. 

It offers news, reviews, interviews, and more. The website also hosts a forum where users can discuss comics and share opinions. If you’re looking for an excellent place to start, this is the perfect website. 

14. Read Comics Online 

Read Comics Online is a fantastic website with a limitless collection of comics to read. If you’re looking for something fresh, you can browse comedians by the publisher, alphabetically, by the most recent release date, or pick one randomly. 

Weekly comic book scan uploads are made to the website, which you can access by creating an account. Each comic book scan is in excellent resolution with reader-friendly formatting, making it simple to read. 

15. KissManga

Most likely, if you’re a big anime lover and manga, you’ve heard of KissAnime. It’s a website where you are free to view as much anime as you like. Did you realize, though, that KissAnime has a cousin? 

Yes, that is accurate. You can read the manga as much as you want with KissManga, a relative of KissAnime. You may read a wide range of mangas on KissManga. For continuing titles, they are even updated with recent releases. 

Additionally, you can use their list to explore manga or search by genre or status (completed versus ongoing). Furthermore, this website will undoubtedly be the most popular among manga fans. 

16. The Comic Blitz 

The Comic Blitz is also one of the best websites to read comics Online, and it is not the website for someone who wishes to read well-known mainstream comics like DC and Marvel. 

This website is a platform for independent comic book publishers like Dynamite and Valiant. Furthermore, it is one of the best places for discovering some lesser-known but fantastic comics. 

17. MComix 

Another website for fans of manga and anime is this one. Everything is completely free here. This website provides a variety of image viewers that let you watch any comic in its many file formats, unlike some anime and manga websites where you may read comics. 

Use the MComix image viewer if you have downloaded a comic that your device cannot display. If you have a Windows or Linux device, you can take advantage of the app’s many features and enjoy support for file formats like PDF, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and LHA. 

Furthermore, they currently have an application available on almost all devices except MAC (this is still a work in progress, though). 

18. ComicHappy 

Another website that hosts comics and offers free comics is To begin reading, you might not even need to register.  

However, their most popular comics are from DC and Marvel, so it is not a viable choice for fans of manga comics. Every Wednesday and Thursday, the ComicHappy comic site updates its comics. 

If you have free space on either of these days and you love comics, you might as well put a schedule and reminder to help you visit this site so that you can be the first to know about any of their most recent comics as soon as they are updated. 

19. CastleComics

Have you ever visited a genuine castle? You could quickly become lost if you don’t know how to navigate. 

Because thousands of comic collections are posted and updated regularly, if you had a comic in mind to read and then visited this site, you might change your mind a million times. 

Additionally, the only requirement is to register for a free account before you can begin browsing and reading the various comics. There is a donation option on the website, which has a fairly straightforward design. 

20. XoxoComics

Rounding off our list of best websites to read comics online is the XoxoComics. Are you seeking adaptability? Online comics can be found on the xoxocomics website, and publishers or genres are no restrictions on their wits. 

Various comics, including classics, manga, horror, and newer comics, are free. You can follow your favorite comics on the xoxo comics website and receive updates when new ones are uploaded. 

You can also follow them on Facebook, where you can participate in the forum where comics are discussed. 

Furthermore, you can determine which comic to read right now based on the number of followers each comic has. 

While they feature advertisements, such as those for games, they are not as intrusive as some other websites. 

Google Chromecast with Google TV HD Launched in India

Back in July, Google introduced the Chromecast 4K streaming device in India two years after its initial launch in 2020. In addition to this, the company has now another variant of Chromecast with HD support and a cheaper price tag. Here are the details.

Google Chromecast HD: Specs and Features

The new Chromecast is a compact dongle, which looks similar to the Chromecast 4K variant. Much like the 4K model, it can also be paired with a TV via an HDMI port. It comes with support for 1080p HDR video streaming as opposed to the 4K streaming support by the previously released model.

Support for Google TV will allow users to access movies, shows, and thousands of apps like Apple TV, Disney+ Hotstar, MX Player, Netflix, Prime Video, Voot, YouTube, and Zee5. There’s support for Google Assistant too via the remote control.

The remote control has a dedicated Google Assistant button (along with buttons for YouTube and Netflix) to easily look for content recommendations, weather updates, and more with the help of your voice. Plus, users will be able to control their smart home lights too.

Additionally, the Chromecast HD allows users to cast their phones, showcase Google Photos on the TV, and conduct Google Meet video calls with ease by simply casting it on the TV. Users can also get optimized content recommendations, even for kids.

Price and Availability

The Google Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is priced at Rs 4,499 and will now be available via Flipkart. It is a part of the ongoing Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale and as a result, can be bought at Rs 4,199. To recall, the 4K Google Chromecast retails at Rs 6,399 (Rs 5,999 via the Flipkart BBD sale).

It will be soon available via offline stores and comes in a single classic Snow color.

The best games on the Roblox Discover page

Looking at the Roblox Discover page can be just a little overwhelming, with a screen full of exciting experiences trying to attract as many players as possible. It doesn’t help that new titles come out every day, if not every hour, with thousands of games to pick from at any given moment.

That’s where we come in, with our picks of the best games on the Roblox Discover page, updated each month to include the newest and most popular experiences available. Whether you’re looking for the ever-popular anime-inspired titles, or jumpscares with the infamous Piggy horror creation, with our list you can find something for whatever suits your style of play. 

To grab some in-game goodies, check out our Roblox promo codes, Blox Fruit codes, Weapon Fighting Simulator codes, Car Dealership Tycoon codes, or Mining Simulator 2 codes. Or, if you want to check out some of the classic experiences you might have missed out on, browse through our picks for the best Roblox games to find some all-time greats.

Best games on Roblox Discover 

Clicker Party Simulator

Do you like to party? Do you like to click? Do you like to simulate? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Clicker Party Simulator is the Roblox experience for you. With a host of kicking events to attend, a collection of cute pets to take with you, and some funky outfits to wear for special occasions, there’s a blast to be had in this title.


Roblox’s answer to Five Nights at Freddie’s, Piggy is a horror game that stars a remarkably recognisable kid’s TV character in her new role as an unhinged murderer. If you’re a horror fan who loves a good jumpscare, this is the perfect experience for you, bringing Hello Neighbour style stealth in a free-to-play title. 

Rainbow Friends

Piggy isn’t the only terrifying title on this list of Roblox games, with the FNAF clone Rainbow Friends bringing the fear factor in full force. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Rainbow Friends is a frightful experience that takes place over five nights, pitting you against the multicoloured monstrosities that follow your movements. All you need to do is survive. Easy, right?

Anime Fighters Simulator

Anime-inspired Roblox experiences are consistently popular, but Anime Fighters Simulator is a consistent mainstay of the Roblox discover page, bringing in thousands of players daily. With heroes from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and beyond, there’s plenty of battlers to decide between for your adventure, and even more opponents to take down to pound town. 

While you’re here, why not grab some freebies with our Anime Fighters Simulator codes.

Theme Park Tycoon 2 

Thinking of setting up your own Six Flags? Save yourself millions of dollars on roller coasters, flat rides, and more, by checking out Theme Park Tycoon 2. It’s the most comprehensive amusement park sim you can find on Roblox, and the hours of content certainly beats the hours of queues you face at a real park.

Collect All Pets! 

We’ll give you one guess at what Collect All Pets! might be about. This Roblox experience goes deeper than just collecting a bunch of animals in the wild though. Instead, it’s up to you to fuse your pets into rarer creations in the effort to raise mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons, and become the finest breeder on the island. You can pick up some bonus pets on us, too, with our Collect All Pets codes.

Welcome to Bloxburg

In the early days of Roblox, you couldn’t move for life simulator-type experiences, but these days Welcome to Bloxburg is the obvious choice for those looking to take it easy and socialise. With an average of more than 20k players at any one time, you can live your second-life in style in Bloxburg, whether you want to pick up a job in the pizza parlour, or just relax at the holiday resort. 

Da Hood 

For an obvious tribute to games like the Warriors, GTA: San Andreas, and Saints Row, Da Hood is a Roblox experience with a serious amount of edge. Thanks to the truckload of available weapons, cops versus criminals on the street, and a bunch of densely populated servers, carnage and chaos are in no short supply in Da Hood. If you want to get right into the heat, you can give yourself a head start with our Da Hood codes. 

Mining Simulator 2

Bored of Minecraft? Pick up your pick-axe and head into Mining Simulator 2 for a gold-digging experience like no other, with not only a wealth of caverns and caves to explore in search of precious games, but there’s a bunch of equality precious pets you can hatch to take with you on your descent. Just whatever you do, don’t take a canary, and be sure to pick up some freebies with our Mining Simulator 2 codes. 

My Restaurant! 

Whether you’re an intrepid entrepreneur or a seasoned chef, My Restaurant! puts you in charge of your very own eatery, as you battle the competition for the best rankings in the culinary world. It’s up to you whether you serve fast food or only the finest, but either way, there’s a lot of fun to be had, and stomachs to be filled, in this unique Roblox world. 

There you have it, our monthly picks for the best games on the Roblox Discover page. For more brilliant block-filled adventures, why not take a browse through our picks of the best Lego games on Switch and mobile.

Meta Faces a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Privacy Violation in the US

Two people in the US have filed a lawsuit against Meta for allegedly tracking their digital impressions on iOS even after blocking it from not doing so.

They cite the findings of a security researcher who spotted that Meta apps like Facebook and Instagram are redirecting users to use their in-app browser, which they have full control on. This comes after the apps were blocked by users for tracking via Apple’s ad tracking policy last year.

Circumventing Apple’s App Tracking Transparency

In April last year, Apple introduced a new policy called App Tracking Transparency in its iOS 14.5 – that forces the apps (especially the social media platforms) to explicitly seek permission from users to track them.

As many declined, the affected apps lost their ability to display targeted ads to their users, losing most of their revenue. Meta, especially, has stated that it’ll lose around $10 billion worth of revenue in the coming years due to Apple’s new policy.

While we’re seeing it as one of the affected ones, Meta has since been circumventing Apple’s policy by tracking users through its in-app browser – which is available on both Facebook and Instagram. Users on both platforms are directed to open links in those embedded browsers, which Meta has full control over.

This surfaced by a security researcher named Felix Krause last month, who stated that Facebook and Instagram could even see the passwords typed in those in-app browsers, let alone the cookie data for targeting ads. As it’s unlawful, a duo from the US are suing Meta over privacy violation in the District Court for the Northern District of California.

They formed this as a class-action lawsuit to allow other affected users involved in this, with a simple sign. Considering Meta’s user base in the US, this could be leading to millions of people suing the company for compensation.

Although Meta responded to these allegations as baseless and said they value their user privacy above all, so may counter the lawsuit against them soon.

Tandem Bank joins the Coalition for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Green Finance Institute

Today, leading UK digital challenger bank Tandem Bank announced that it had joined the Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings of the Green Finance Institute (CEEB).

The Green Finance Institute was established with the purpose of “making finance possible for a greener future,” which is consistent with Tandem’s mission to provide banking for a greener future. By expanding customer access to sustainable financial options, Tandem moves closer to its goal by joining its built environment partnership.

Tandem joins a group of about 365 individuals trying to create a market for financing net zero carbon and climate resilient structures in the UK. These individuals represent industries in finance, business, policy, and civil society.

Since its 2019 inception, CEEB has made a variety of helpful materials available in an effort to expand the market for financing energy efficiency. This include researching individual projects where financial innovation might close investment gaps and spur systemic change, as well as analysing the market for financing energy efficiency upgrades in UK households.

Susie Aliker, CEO of Tandem, commented on its affiliation with the CEEB as follows:

Tandem’s participation in CEEB will allow it to contribute its knowledge of consumer finance, lending, and savings to ongoing initiatives like the Green Mortgages Hub, assisting in the creation and introduction of more cutting-edge green home financing products to better assist consumers in the move to Net Zero.

“Tandem has a fantastic chance to work with industry leaders to create green and cutting-edge financial products that help close the retrofit investment gap. Collaboration is essential to achieving Net Zero goals since by 2050, more than 28 million houses will need to be retrofitted. To continue assisting common people on their path to Net Zero, we look forward to pooling our knowledge and cooperating.

“We cordially welcome Tandem to lend their knowledge and expertise to the activities of the Coalition and look forward to their significant contribution within the network,” said Emma Harvey, programme director at the Green Finance Institute. To develop and provide finance solutions for people and businesses, forward-thinking enterprises must collaborate and pool their expertise.

News Summary:

  • Tandem Bank joins the Coalition for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Green Finance Institute
  • Check all news and articles from the latest Business news updates.