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3 Best Business Applications to Leverage Customer Experience

Business Applications to Leverage Customer Experience

Applications for businesses is an increasingly growing industry, with new and smarter solutions popping up regularly, while the well-established tech giants are constantly improving and adapting their existing offerings. When using the right set of apps and integrating them sufficiently into your business operations, they can play a huge role in helping you manage important processes more effectively as well as with added benefits. While this is true for any area within your company, today we will look at 3 best business apps that can help you boost your customer experience. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of the most powerful business tools available, Microsoft 365 dynamics, is essentially a multi-level business management software that includes various packages and apps suited for different needs and processes. As such, Microsoft Dynamics is an all-in-one type of solution as opposed to a singular app for a single use case. The solution is perhaps more opted for by large organisations, however, smaller businesses can benefit from several singular packages, particularly those relating to managing customer experience. 

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and Dynamics 365 for Marketing are two solutions focused specifically on improving your customer journey at every touch point. The customer service package includes valuable tools and resources that will help you record customer interactions through various channels, note their preferences, allow for self-service portals and much more. The Marketing package is more focused on digital communications through emails, social media, calls, online events, website engagement, etc. – anything that can help you gain new leads as well as engage existing ones. These packages together allow you to manage a large range of processes, customer support and marketing campaigns in a highly centralised way. 


LiveChat is a great app that allows you to communicate with your customers more effectively than through email or phone interactions – while the later remains available, the former gives your customers a much more convenient and simple way to seek support. Once a website visitor messages the chat, one of your team members will receive a notification and will be able to answer their questions or concerns in real-time. 

Some businesses opt for a web chat functionality that is powered by chatbots, however, it seems like human-to-human conversation tends to be a more personal and helpful way for customers to get their questions answered, overall positively affecting their experience with your company. 

Mindful Feedback

Mindful Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most important ways a business can leverage their customer experience – simply by listening to their voice and improving based on it. However, collecting this feedback through a number of different channels can be a challenge and feedback forms sent to customers post-purchase are often ignored. Mindful Feedback, formerly known as SurveyDynamix, is a great solution for this. 

Mindful Feedback is an app that focuses on gathering real-time feedback from a number of different channels, including social media, voice calls, email, text messages, surveys and so on. The collected data is then analysed and actionable suggestions are given. Additionally, in case of any ongoing customer issues, the app aims to discover them online and notify you, so you may resolve those as quickly as possible. 

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