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4+ Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google Home


While Amazon Alexa continues to top the charts for the most owned AI assistant in households, Google Home is proving to be a close second. Engineering high-speed PCBs such as Google Home requires a couple of PCB stackup impedance calculations to deliver enough power for the machine to perform its AI functions.

By enabling crosstalk susceptibility and capacitance, Google Home can do a lot more than just play music and perform a Google Search. It can think, remember, and communicate with your other devices. In fact, it has more features than any other AI assistant on the market. Some of them are just not written in the manual.

4 amazing things you didn’t know you could do with Google Home in 2022

Learn your family’s voices

google home

It won’t learn them instantly, but you can have Google Home remember voices over time. Ask the AI “Who am I?” and it’ll ask for an answer the first time, but store the information for future use. The more you use your voice to command, the more accurately it’ll remember it.

Have the rest of the family do the same thing. The best Google Home features, like reminders and emails, are tied to a user’s Google Account. Fortunately for the device, this smart device can be connected to any number of them. So, if you want to add things to the calendar, for example, you only need to tell Google Home, and it’ll access the account of the person who asked.

Find missing items

It’s not impossible to lose our phones every once in a while. But if you have Google Home, you will find it much faster. Just say, “Okay Google, ring my phone,” and it’ll activate your phone’s ringer even if it’s on silent.

It can also remember where you leave things, as long as you tell the AI where you left them beforehand. Therefore, you can say “Hey Google, my wallet is in my black slacks,” and it will tell you where your wallet is if you ask, “Hey Google, where’s my wallet?”

Allows you to go incognito

On the other hand, would you like for Google Home not to remember any of your activities? The AI assistant has an upcoming “Guest Mode” that you can enable. Think of it as going incognito on a Chrome browser.

Google hasn’t yet revealed what the command is for this feature, yet it will be an excellent way to keep conversations with the AI assistant private (like when you take an important phone call). For now, however, you can say “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you” to make it forget your last command.

Take your casts to the next room

If you have audio equipment and devices connected to the Google Home Hub via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can command the AI assistant to take the casts with you to the next room.

For instance, if you say “Hey Google, transfer to the bedroom” from your living room, and the music will continue playing on whatever smart device is there to receive the audio. You can do the same thing if you’re transferring TVs in the middle of watching YouTube videos.

Other neat uses:

• Answers your phone
• Set reminders
• Play games
• Control your Xbox settings

Google Home has plenty of features that’ll make things convenient for you at home. Explore some of them to see which ones are most applicable to your daily activities.
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