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5 Reasons Why Online Training Course Providers Should Invest in AI Text-to-Speech Software

Why Online Training Course Providers Should Invest in AI Text-to-Speech Software

In most countries, it’s business as usual for all students, with schools, colleges, universities, and training centers conducting in-person classes.

However, many learners still choose to take online courses since these programs offer several advantages that the traditional classroom setup can’t provide.

For one, online training programs provide learners with more flexibility. Students can learn at their own pace whenever they have time to focus on their course, which includes their office or work break or night time at home.

Learners can also access their modules anywhere, which means they can complete one or more wherever they are: at home, a coffee shop, and even at their workplace (if allowed).

Online courses provide professionals from various cities or countries more opportunities to collaborate and expand their network.

Additionally, learners often find online training programs more affordable, since many courses fit within their budget.

Also, the qualifications students gain from these courses are the same as the ones they can get from traditional learning programs.

With these advantages many students look for, online training course providers must continue to step up their game to attract them and stand out from their competitors. 

One way of doing this is by investing in the right technology, one of which is artificial intelligence or AI text to speech (AITTS).

AI text to speech or neural text to speech is a technology that uses artificial intelligence technology to convert text into speech.

This technology enables users to convert written text into natural-sounding audio in various languages and voices.

Compared to older versions of this technology, AITTS offers more benefits. For one, it generates voices with realistic accents.

It also produces more natural-sounding voices with better, more suitable intonation, articulation, pitch and other vocal components.    

Why Training Companies Should Purchase AI Text-to-Speech Software

AI Text-to-Speech Software

AITTS is making its presence felt in learning and development, particularly in online training and education.

This is because when online training course providers use this technology, they can experience these benefits:

1. Better voice quality

Aside from well-designed and well-thought-out quality content, online training course providers rely on their trainers to deliver programs that learners find engaging to ensure they find value in the coursework.

The engaging provision of the course content depends significantly on each trainer’s vocal delivery.

If the trainer is not confident with their speaking style, the provider does not need to spend more time and money to find one to do their job. An AI text-to-speech program can do the job.

By typing the text or course content into the AITTS tool, training providers can have a learning program spoken by a voice that the learner can understand and find engaging.

AITTS software features different voices and speaking styles training providers can choose from. If the content can benefit from a trainer with a conversational tone, the staff can select this from the options on the program.

The training provider can establish and maintain a professional and competitive reputation with their clearer, engaging, and high-quality coursework delivery.

2. Cost- and time-efficiency

People interested in taking up online training need more than the usual printed and digital modules and reading materials.

With videos being the most attention-grabbing, engaging and easily understood content type, training providers need to leverage this to attract learners and keep up with the competition.

Voiceovers are crucial for creating video courses. For training providers that want to have the best content, using text-to-speech software is a better solution than hiring voice talent.

Using this technology allows training companies to generate top-notch videos at a lower cost. This is because it gives users complete control regarding voice and speaking style, thereby eliminating the back-and-forth communication with a voice agency regarding their requirements, which can be costly since they usually charge by the hour and time-consuming.

AITTS software is more cost-efficient since subscription plans are affordable and it lets users convert text to speech without hourly rates and editing charges.

3. Hassle-free content updating

Online training videos are not meant to be uploaded on a platform and left there for learners to access and use. They must be updated frequently.  

Various industries, including IT, communication, education, business, finance and accounting are constantly changing. New concepts, practices, systems and methods are continuously being introduced, which have to be included in the coursework.

Training companies have to update their courses regularly to ensure learners gain up-to-date knowledge and skills so that they can keep up with or stand out from their peers. This is also crucial to help students gain qualifications that’ll help them achieve their career goals.

Getting the same voice actor for small or big changes in a video course can be costly and time-consuming. But with AITTS software, users can easily add to or modify the voiceovers ‌.

Once done, the videos can be uploaded any time, ready for the learners to access.

4. Enhanced learner engagement

Training providers that use non-AI text-to-speech software sometimes get robotic voiceovers that are unpleasant to the ears.

These unnatural voices are usually hard for people to tolerate. Moreover, they can be distracting, making it hard for learners to concentrate. This can also lead to learner disengagement.

As mentioned, AITTS come with more realistic, natural-sounding voices and speaking styles. These voiceovers are more pleasant to listen to and engaging, helping learners to focus more on the coursework.

High-quality voiceovers can increase the guarantee that students finish their course.

5. Branding opportunities

Branding opportunities

There is no assurance that companies can work with the same voice actors over several years. Their preferred actors may be unavailable when they need to make changes to a video course. 

Changing the voice for only a small part of the course can be distracting to a listener. Moreover, it will affect the coursework and the training provider’s branding.

Changing the entire training program simply because the original voice actor is unavailable is expensive, time-consuming and, therefore, not a recommended solution unless there’s a need for a complete overhaul.

AI text-to-speech does not come with this problem since the software will have the voice and speaking style the user has been using for years. This means you can use the same voice for whatever purpose you have in mind.

The variety of voice and speaking style options also ensures companies can find one that suits their brand.

AI text-to-speech software is the ideal solution for online training course providers looking for ways to streamline their course creation process for better learner engagement and branding purposes.

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