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Business in the 21st century has become digitized. Every business owner must follow suit if they want to maintain or even increase their market share. Most business employees’ productivity levels have improved as a result of digitalization. Companies record massive sales and profits simply because they have embraced the digitalization wave that is currently sweeping the business world.


5 Useful Apps for Business Owners


In its basic form, productivity is the predicted output after exerting maximal effort. In this day and age, productivity in business has expanded. It includes working smartly, satisfying customer demand, strategizing, and harnessing collaborative effort to reach a stated goal. Most companies are underproductive because they continue using outdated methods and refuse to digitalize. As a result, this reduces their output. The emergence of the web and ICT has significantly enhanced corporate operations. However, there are still businesses that do not realize the value of digitalization. These companies either have no web presence or do not fully utilize it.



Apps make people’s lives simpler and their companies more productive and efficient. The time it takes to complete a task reduces to a bare minimum when using these business tools. Nowadays, most businesses use essential services to boost their production. It has resulted in increased sales and profit. To live and grow, companies must embrace the usage of useful business apps. These useful business apps have come to stay, as more of them are being developed every day by app developers and tech enthusiasts. In the following article, we will mention the most essential and practical apps for business.



We’ve previously discussed the significance of helpful apps for businesses. We will now go through some essentials every business should have, including the following.


Dropbox And Hootsuite

Dropbox is an app that can be useful to business enterprises in accessing files and documents. With Dropbox, you can secure important and sensitive files, accessing them when needed. Dropbox also makes provisions for sharing files, which means you can share files with your colleagues. Dropbox eliminates the issue of having each employee save confidential files privately. It makes it difficult for other employees to access such files.

Hootsuite is another must-have for businesses. This digital tool allows you to manage most if not all of your socials. It synchronizes all social media platforms. With these apps, business enterprises can monitor their online advertising and marketing and connect with their clients. 



iCall is a must-have digital tool for any organization. iCall is an app used essentially for call records. You can protect any verbal agreement between you as a business owner and your clients to avoid future disagreements or issues.



This application is also a must for businesses that want to stay in touch with their clients. Chat and video calls are available through the app. Most organizations want to keep track of their clients as a gesture of goodwill and to preserve current relationships for future patronage.



Asana is a platform for tracking corporate projects and coordinating group activities. A former Facebook cofounder created Asana. It has helped firms to track their progress on a particular task. In the case of a collaborative project, Asana allows you to retain direct touch with your colleagues and other personnel from other firms. Due to the coordinated effort, productivity enhances.



It is now possible to keep frequent contact in the office and business spheres thanks to the Slack software. It offers features that are useful for enhancing corporate productivity. They include file sharing, video conversations, and team public channels. Slack allows you to stay up to date on an ongoing collaborative project. It also encourages workers to brainstorm to move the business forward.


In conclusion, business today has become digitized due to the emergence of the web and ICT. Most companies are keeping up with the trends to improve their productivity levels, output, and profit. It is crucial to have useful apps to keep track of the business. Using essential apps such as iCall can be very helpful to most companies. Recording information and calls will protect your business from troubles.


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