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500,000 customers are served by ZIL Money Corporation

As they continue to outperform the competition, Zil Money Corporation declares that it has assisted over 500,000 clients to date. With aspirations to go international within the next year, Zil Money and its core platform now provides greater features and better customer support for all types of businesses across the United States. ZM’s founder and CEO, Sabeer Nelli, says: “Every day, our employees work incredibly hard to assist our consumers. We work hard to provide the finest possible client service.”

Recent collaborations with Zil Money and Silicon Valley Bank and Fiserv enable them to provide new credit lines to their big user base. Customers have access to quick and inexpensive ACH processing and credit card transaction capabilities, both of which were thoughtfully created with the best interests of the customer in mind. We will outperform any transaction rate, according to Nelli, and give those savings to our clients.

Any transaction rate will be beaten by us, and we’ll give the savings to our clients.

After launching a test version for his former business, Tyler Petroleum Corporation, to address their own payment issues, Sabeer Nelliparamban created the company in 2019. The business was using several cloud-based services to carry out numerous payment-related tasks, but it was also spending several thousand dollars a year in transaction fees. Nelli has spent the last four years working with a great group of programmers and engineers to create a system that is far better for usage by any company. Every company’s solution to payment issues is ZM’s main platform,, and its banking service provider Most US banks, accounting software, and payroll are all integrated with this SaaS solution. Presently, Zil Money provides vendor management, expense cards, cloud-based approval flow, auto reconcile, positive pay, and more.

In order to further enhance functionality for businesses around the nation as well as in some regions of Canada and India, Zil Money currently finished its inaugural seed round of fundraising after opening this firm to the public in 2019. They have handled transactions totaling more than $40 billion to far, and they are rapidly becoming a strong FinTech company.

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  • 500,000 customers are served by ZIL Money Corporation
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