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7 Items A Business Professional Always Needs

7 Items A Business Professional Always Needs

If you’re a business executive then there are certain items you need that will help you come across as a bright and competent professional, and enable you to get ahead of the game. We’ve done the hard work for you by putting together a list of things to own so you can cut out the guesswork and get shopping right away! Check out our list of must-haves below.

1. Business Cards

Business Cards 

Any businessperson worth their salt has a fresh and neat stack of business cards about their person at all times. Business cards are a fantastic way of ensuring you stay in touch with the right people and offer a quick, cheap way to become memorable. Opt for a cool design that stands out from the crowd or even design your own with the business card maker from Vista, an online service that will result in cards that you can be proud of and will be happy to dish out left right, and center! 

2. A Laptop

A good-quality laptop should be high on your list of essentials when it comes to being a working professional. It is likely that the majority of your working life will be created, communicated, and stored on your laptop, so a decent-sized screen, and fast running capabilities are essential! The amount of RAM you will need will depend on your line of work, but for maximum efficiency, 8GB should be the minimum. Don’t be tempted to pick a cheap and cheerful option as you’ll notice its limitations when you’re trying to work quickly, and create or display presentations. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of clients because your laptop is running too slow! 

3. A Great Fitting Suit 

A great fitting suit is essential for any businessperson. Perfect for meetings, working in the office and anything in between, a suit is a closet staple that will never go out of fashion. make sure you have at least one classic suit that is tailored to fit you beautifully as there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit. Opt for neutral colors in muted tones, rather than bold and colorful pieces so that it remains a timeless element of your work wardrobe. A plain suit may seem boring but it can be the base of many an outfit combination. You can wear them as separates for a more casual business look or wear the whole piece together for those days you need to wow by looking smart.

4. A Good Quality Notebook 

While your laptop is your lifeline, there will be some occasions where powering up or plugging in will be more hassle than it’s worth. It is essential that you have a good quality notebook to hand to jot down notes in meetings or write down flashes of inspiration as they come. A leather-bound notebook with lined pages always looks professional and will prove endlessly useful – as long as you always remember to carry a pen!

5. A Portable Charger

It’s likely that you’re using multiple devices all at the same time, so having a portable charger that is compatible with different charger cables will keep you juiced up while you’re on the go. Look for one that can hold several leads at once, to cater to all of your devices. 

6. A Smart Briefcase Or Business Backpack

Carrying around all of your essentials is no joke, so a smart bag that is easy and comfortable to carry is vital. Look for a bag with strong straps that will help evenly distribute the weight of the bag across your shoulders and alleviates too much pressure, or pick one with padded straps that won’t hurt your hands on your commute. Plenty of pockets are helpful to carry all of the extras such as notebooks, pens, headphones, charging leads, and lunchtime snacks! A dark or neutral color will go with almost any outfit and leather (or vegan leather) will ensure that the bag lasts a long time and is weatherproof. The last thing you want is to get caught in the rain with a bag that allows water to leak in and mess up everything inside! 

7. Travel Coffee Cup

Travel Coffee Cup 

If you can’t survive without a cup of joe, purchase a good quality travel coffee cup that you can take from A to B and get your caffeine fix whilst you’re on the go. If you like to travel light, look for a collapsible model that you can tuck neatly into your bag once you’ve finished your beverage. 

Which of these essentials are you adding to your shopping cart? Share in the comments!

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