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7 Key Elements of Salesforce Implementation Success

Key Elements of Salesforce Implementation Success

Salesforce is a powerful, robust tool packed with smart optimizing features and marketing automation solutions to make your business experience a breeze. Engage customers with relevant digital marketing, sell smarter, provide outstanding customer service, go digital fast, and grow your business faster from anywhere — all with Salesforce Experience Cloud. Keep reading to learn about the important aspects you should focus on to make your jump into Experience Cloud successful. 

What Should You Do Before Your Salesforce Implementation?

What Should You Do Before Your Salesforce Implementation

The preparation process is crucial to ensuring a successful rollout. Let’s cover some of the critical steps to take before your Salesforce community implementation

Salesforce Experience Cloud comes with a host of powerful, innovative features that help increase the efficiency of your business operations. Start with a comprehensive analysis of your organization and its performance to identify key points for success. 

Outline the problems you face in executing your business processes, their causes, and possible solutions. Think about how Salesforce integration may help solve those problems and enhance your company’s performance. 

This comprehensive analysis of your company and defining your specific business needs will help you fully utilize Salesforce’s features.

Proper planning is key to a successful Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation. 

After you’ve performed a thorough analysis of your business processes, start developing your implementation plan and a roadmap to follow. Evaluate various implementation and user adoption strategies to move forward in achieving your company’s objectives. 

After defining your specific business needs and creating an implementation plan, you can move to the Salesforce Experience Cloud setup.

Experience Cloud Implementation Step-by-Step

Salesforce Experience Cloud is the best approach if you’re looking for an innovative and comprehensive CRM solution to grow your business into a more streamlined and efficient organization. 

Here are the basic instructions for a successful implementation:

1. Plan and prepare

  • Learn about Experience Cloud editions and licenses to choose the one that best fits your needs
  • Think about the aesthetic aspect of your future site
  • Define your content management strategy
  • Choose additional components to enhance the functionality of your experience
  • Create a promotional plan

2. Set up and configure your experience inside Salesforce

3. Build and customize your community

  1. Choose a pre-built template
  2. Customize your site with Experience Builder
  3. Update basic site settings in the Administration section of Experience Workspaces
  4. Configure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site
  5. Add content to your site pages
  6. Create a mobile app for your website using Mobile Publisher

4. Secure your site

  • Enable clickjack protection
  • Authenticate Experience Cloud users
  • Encrypt your site’s data
  • Use Content Security Policy (CSP) & Lightning Locker
  • Configure access for guest users

5. Deploy your experience from sandbox to production

7 Key Factors for a Successful Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

Successful Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

It’s vital to have an implementation guide to achieve your desired results. 

Here’s an implementation checklist to keep in mind when migrating to Salesforce:

  1. Identifying what you need is the starting point of your Salesforce implementation journey. Analyze day-to-day business processes to define company needs and progress expectations. Don’t forget to estimate the risks when outlining your objectives and shaping your goals.
  2. Choose the best implementation strategy for your business. Think about the proper subscription plan, the number of users, necessary customizations, and additional components to enhance the functionality of your Salesforce site. When searching for Experience Cloud solutions, consider Advanced Communities, the largest award-winning applications provider on the AppExchange. Use AC Knowledge Enterprise, AC Ideas Ultimate, AC Events Enterprise, and AC MemberSmart — a powerful membership management software in Salesforce, to level up your data management.
  3. Create your implementation plan and timeline. Proper planning will ensure that the implementation process runs smoothly and makes efficient use of your time and financial resources. 
  4. Prepare your data for migration. Evaluate current data and choose what you want to transfer to Salesforce. Before starting the migration process, clean your data and remove all invalid information. Remember to consider the potential risks! You may want to  back up your data before moving it  to Salesforce. That way, even if something goes wrong, your original data remains safe and can be restored (if needed). 
  5. Create a data implementation workbook. The document should contain a detailed list of all steps for Salesforce implementation so you can ensure that nothing is forgotten or left behind during the migration.
  6. Prepare your team to work in the new environment. When migrating to Salesforce Experience Cloud, one thing to remember is seamless user adoption. Make sure every team member is well-trained with a clear vision and deep understanding of what’s happening so they can easily adapt to the changes
  7. Never go it alone. To make the Salesforce integration seamless and painless, consider finding the right Experience Cloud partner to carry out the implementation process for you. Advanced Communities is a Salesforce Experience Cloud services provider that will help you meet your needs on time without stress. 

Final word

Always look for innovative ways to organize your business to keep pace with your competitors. For many companies, Salesforce Experience Cloud is the best CRM solution to reach their business goals. If you have trouble with your Salesforce community migration or implementation, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice. Get the best results and maximum satisfaction with Advanced Communities!

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