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8 Common Android Problems And A Fix For Each!

Android phones sparked a tremendous rage among tech geeks and enthusiasts in the last few years, ever since their inception in the markets. The technology seemed to brighten the experience of using a handheld device and unlocked endless opportunities for users and app developers.

However, as the Android craze continued to mount and grip the attention of millions of people worldwide, the tech community becomes privy to an increasing number of issues with the mammoth automation.

Simply switching between phones might not be the feasible option that you seek, to overcome these issues. Let us discuss some common ways in which your Android smartphone could be annoying you, and easy switches toc tackle them.

1. Less Internal Memory

Have you ever stared at your Android screen and read the message ‘phone memory almost full’

Perhaps, this is one of those annoying messages that no user wishes to see. It means that in order to continue using the smartphone with ease, you need to let go of some old data, including pictures, audio and what not! Deleting data is not one of the easiest tasks and neither is it free of risk. After all, you could end up deleting some vital data and come to regret it later.

Instead of making that glum face and settling down to remove the data, utilize a cloud service to store your vital documents and photos that will keep your internal memory free for essential functions on the phone. Adding an external SD card to your phone might also help.

2. Facing Battery issues

A good battery life is essential to keep your device running in a reliable state. Battery issues can pose a prominent degree of problem for a user, who might feel inclined to switch from one device to another. No matter how high end your phone might be, if its battery life does not meet your expectations, you may find yourself plugging your phone to a charger more often than you may like.

A common way to fix this issue is by maintaining the charge on your phone between 8% – 80%. This will help increase your battery life by a stark 200%. Small steps like decreasing the brightness level on your phone, turning off location services and more, could also help.

3. A Slow Android Performance

Most of us make use of our Android phones, without realizing how small steps are leading us towards a slower and lethargic performance of the device. 

If you do not realize it already, start by taking a look at the number of applications you have installed on your phone. What matters, even more, is the type of these applications, which could potentially lower the performance of the phone.

Now, the simplest way to solve this issue is to manage and moderate the number of applications you store on your phone. Sometimes, heavy applications like Facebook and Google can also be the culprit behind this trouble but they are quite essential anyway. This calls for elimination of some other, non-value adding applications.

4. Inability To Download An Application

Sometimes, you could be in a fix and in need of an application in the nick of time, exactly when your Android phone may decide to act up and refuse to download the app. Did you know that your device could be harboring a ton of useless cache data that could be the culprit behind this?

One way to solve this issue is to erase such cache data manually, by heading over to the settings. Another simple way is to erase the history of the Google Play store. Removing and adding the associated account with the Google play store could also help.

5. Receiving Notifications After A Delay

This could be a major spoiler for you and your work. While it is okay to miss out on a bunch of entertainment notifications, it is when you start missing the vital ones that you could possibly find it problematic. Using the power saver feature is one of the main culprits behind this problem.

While a power saver option might not be an efficient way to save battery at all, it could cut down the performance of many features and affect connectivity and communication.

6. Disruption of Wi-Fi

Staying connected to a network is one of the essential requirements today. Whether you use cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection, you may come to need either of the networks at any time. A common issue that users face with their Android phones is that the network switches back to cellular mode after falling in sleep mode. This could be quite annoying and problematic.

This error occurs due to a Wi-Fi sleep policy that is exclusive to Android devices. To solve this, you can head to the advanced Wi-Fi settings on your phone and switch the Wi-Fi from Sleep to Never. Due to this setting, the network will never again switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data on its own.

7. Whatsapp Media Not Showing Up in The Gallery

One of the features of WhatsApp, which is partially loved and just equally hated by users is the automatic saving of media on the phone gallery. All the images from WhatsApp showing up in your gallery might be a problem and quite annoying.

To solve this problem, open the file explorer on your phone and head over to the folder with the WhatsApp images on it. Create a file with .nomedia in it, which will then hide away all the WhatsApp images from your gallery after a reboot.

8. Erratic Behavior of Applications

There are instances when a few apps always abort even after multiple attempts to start them or else, display of a number of advertisements on these apps, which seem to be unending.

The safest way to resolve this issue is to reboot the phone is safe mode, which will disable all third-party applications on the Android device. Later, you may uninstall those applications from your device.


So these are some of the basic problems that an android user faces while using his phone. We have devised some useful and quick fixes for these issues as well and we hope that they might work for you. If you have some contribution to make after what we have listed above, feel free to share them with us through the comments. 

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