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8 Most Famous Sports Superstitions of All Time

8 Most Famous Sports Superstitions of All Time

With the advancement of technology, people believe in superstition, and the best place to notice the same is sports. Every person involved in the game wants to win the match regardless of whether the success is achieved through hard effort or luck. Some athletes wear special trousers in which they got successful; some will clip fingernails, lucky shorts, and many more. Even more surprises in terms of winners and losers and you can find in 7m livescore section. Here in this article, you will find the famous sports superstitions that still maintain the essence.

Top 8 Most Famous And Unforgettable Sports Superstitions

In sports, strange superstitions are quite popular, and the prime reason behind it is a fortune. In sports, such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc., luck plays an important role. To test the same, players and even some team management follow some superstitions and continue for a long-time resulting in the rituals. Now, it’s time to dig out the past to figure out the sports superstitions of all time.

1. Soccer Team Bath In Zambezi River

Zambezi River is not an ordinary river, as it comprises a lot of crocodiles, hippos, and other dangerous aquatic animals. Furthermore, the river is very close to Victoria Falls, whose current is quite high. So, taking a bath on such a river isn’t shocking! But the coach of the Zimbabwe soccer team, Midland Portland Cement, asked his players to dive into this river as his intention was to cleanse the bad spirit.  

This superstition took place in 2008 when the Portland Cement team lost several games, and after that, the coach concluded that bad spirits surrounded players and they must be cleansed. The bath on the Zambezi River didn’t work because one of the players in the team drove down in the river, and also Midland Portland Cement lost the game too. 

2. NASCAR Superstition: Peanut Shell On The Track

2. NASCAR Superstition: Peanut Shell On The Track

Most people are familiar with NASCAR racing as on the track, a lot of fun and excitement occurs. But superstition has also shadowed this sport, and when you go for deep research, you will find various odd facts which can blow your mind. For instance, in NASCAR racing, green cars are symbolized as bad luck, so you won’t find such cars on the track. 

Moving ahead to the superstition in NASCAR, no drivers carry $50 bills as it is considered bad luck. The shocking superstition in this list is the prohibition of peanut shells, and it has been followed since a decade ago when a driver died in an accident (race track), leaving some peanut shells in the car debris. However, other shells are allowed on the racing track, but the racers refuse to go with the peanut shell.

3. Superstition on Golf: Tiger Woods Red Shirt

3. Superstition on Golf: Tiger Woods Red Shirt

Every golfer fan must have heard the name of Tiger Woods, the man who created several milestones and became the first golfer to win major golf championships, including Master Tournament, PGA, U.S. Open Championship, and British Open Championship. The superstition attached to this player is the red shirt which he wore during the major event and that on Sunday. Now, you may think, is wearing a red shirt on Sunday bringing the lucky charm for him? Well, you can say it, yes, because in most of the major events, Tiger Woods wore the red shirt, and he got the success too.

4. Wade Boss’s Superstition on Diet (Chicken)

Wade Boss is a legend and Hall of Famer in Baseball who believes in having chicken before the match to win the same. The journey of this superstition started in their rookie season, where he got multiple successes. Thereafter, his superstitious diet began, and he maintained the same in every game. 

Wade Boss was not only superstitious about the chicken diet but also in his practice session. He always does the batting practice at 5:17 p.m. as he believes this is an ideal time for the training session. 

5. Stephen Labeau – Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is quite common among people, but you will be amazed after knowing that Stephen Labeau chews around 20 to 25 gums before the match and splits all before the faceoff. He believes that performing this task will bring good luck for him, and he will get success in the match. Stephen’s belief in superstition was quite surprising, but it gave him the result, and he maintained the same practice in every game.

6. Kevin Rhomberg’s Right Direction Superstition

Kevin Rhomberg is not a big name in the league; he was in the news because of his weird actions, and one such is the right movement which he refuses to do. In the field, he never turned towards the right, and on the off chance, if he had to, he would spin towards the left to achieve the required position. 

Kevin also believes that no player should touch him, and if anyone does, he will move toward the player and touch him back. Isn’t that sound strange! But it happened, and that was the belief of Kevin to win the game. 

7. Lyoto Machida – Drinks Own Pee

Can you believe that someone will drink his own pee just to get good luck? Lyoto Machida, an MMA fighter, does the same, and the reason given to him is medical therapy. He believes drinking pee every morning charges him and gives him full energy as pee acts as natural medicine. 

8. Larry’s Number 3 Superstition

Larry Walker, the Baseball Hall of Famer, was crazy about the number 3. In his entire career, he wore the t-shirt of number 33 and resided in Denver, whose area code is 303. Furthermore, he got married on Nov 3rd at 3:33 p.m., so you can imagine how crazy Larry was on number 3. If you go ahead, you will also find that Larry mostly keeps the alarm clock at 33 past an hour. 

Bottom Line

In sports, you will find many superstitions, such as chewing towels, peeing on hand, turf eating, and many more. The players or associated team members usually do some weird things to win the game, as they think that such an action will bring them good luck for the team, but repeating it in every match resembles their belief, and it is called superstition.

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