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A “game changer” is MLB’s agreement with Charlotte’s Web, a CBD firm

A “game changer” is MLB’s agreement with Charlotte’s Web, a CBD firm

The first of the four main U.S. sports leagues to sign a CBD sponsor was Major League Baseball (MLB) this week. A multi-year partnership between the league and the CBD company Charlotte’s Web in Colorado will result in a line of goods with the MLB logo.

Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte’s Web, joined finance to talk about the relationship, myths around cannabidiol (CBD), and how the agreement is actually a “game changer.”

MLB claims that the agreement will give “their professional athletes, millions of fans, and communities enhanced CBD awareness.”

By introducing botanical wellness alternatives to support daily lives around mental wellbeing, including remaining calm under pressure, recovering after exercise, maintaining a focus when it matters, and sleeping, MLB’s decision reflects what fans demand today.

Charlotte Figi, a young woman with Dravet syndrome who used CBD to stop her seizures, is honoured by having her name attached to Charlotte’s Web. According to Tortoroli, “It actually brought her life back and her family’s life back.” Figi, who passed away at the age of 13, served as the inspiration for the Charlotte’s Web medicinal cannabis strain.

“I think it’s a game changer for us, and especially given 180 million fans, all of their social platforms that we now have access to a microphone and the microphone’s going to be used for education, telling consumers, telling athletes and trainers, what CBD is and what it isn’t, it’s not marijuana, it’s hemp,” said a representative for the company.

The other major sports leagues will ultimately “get there,” according to Tortoroli. There have been developments in the sports industry addressing cannabis, even if no other significant U.S. sports league has a CBD contract. The NFL is assisting in the study of cannabis’ effects on pain management and no longer suspends players for testing positive for marijuana. In 2020, the NBA stopped conducting cannabis tests. Additionally, despite testing for cannabis, the NHL does not penalise users.

MLB agreements with CBD could develop. According to Tortoroli, both individual players and baseball teams might follow the league’s basepaths. I really believe that influencers are not merely hired spokespersons; rather, they will be people who are credible, real, and who use the items.

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  • A “game changer” is MLB’s agreement with Charlotte’s Web, a CBD firm
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