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25 Best AniMixPlay Alternatives in 2022


AniMixPlay is the ultimate destination to watch your favorite anime contents online, that too, for free, in HD resolution with English subtitles or in dubbed version. What more? Well, you can stay rest assured with the ads-free experience on this streaming platform. You can even create your personalized watchlist on AniMixPlay. However, since the website violates copyright law, it is susceptible to legal penalties and can be shut down by the legal authorities anytime. That is why, we have compiled a list of top 25 AniMixPlay alternatives, where you can enjoy your desired anime show or movies in case AniMixPlay shuts down. 

Let’s begin checking out alternatives to find out the exceptional features in each of them. So, you can select the one that you think may be the best choice for you. 

Is it safe to use AniMixPlay? 

You can rely on AniMixPlay to access it via its app from your smartphone or tablet. You can even access and enjoy anime contents on AniMixPlay via any other Android system as well. The only thing that you must maintain is good Internet connectivity and speed. Other than that , there is no other hitch and the AniMixPlay is safe to use on your tablet, smartphone, and even the pc.  

AniMixPlay Features 

AniMixPlay features high quality anime contents including animated videos, series, and episodes. Also, all the contents available on this streaming portal are free to stream. You can use the AniMixPlay app to access any of your favorite anime episodes of any series. Moreover, you can modify the application fonts and theme of your choice.   

Top 25 AniMixPlay Alternatives 

Now it is time that we check out the top 25 AniMixPlay alternatives. So, here we go:

1. Animedao


Animedao gives you access to top class anime contents to invest your time in. Be it any previous show/s, currently aired shows, or motion pictures, you can explore and discover any type of anime content, that too, in HD resolution. This anime streaming platform is an ocean full of animated movies or videos, which is quite a treat to many anime fans globally. The good thing about this website is that here you can request any series or show which is not already available on the portal. 

2. KissAnime


KissAnime is another good AniMixPlay alternative to stream and enjoy your favorite anime contents online. Here you can directly stream the contents online without needing to download them separately to watch. Furthermore, here you get several categories of anime contents to navigate to, which you can watch even without enrollment. The video quality you get here ranges from 240p to 1080p. The good part is if any new anime content is published on this website, you can directly get it on the website homepage.

3. 9Anime


9Anime features dubbed anime contents on its website. This online portal offers high resolution anime videos. If you want, you can even sign up to create an account and revel in enjoying your desired cartoon shows or other anime videos, without any ad interruption. 

4. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is all about when it comes to checking out a streaming portal that has all the most recent telecast shows and everything organized under classifications. AnimeFreak allows you to apply many filters to narrow down and expedite your search. All you have to do is sign-up on the portal and you are good to go. However, it is not mandatory to register on the website to enjoy the anime stuff here. The good thing about this AniMixPlay alternative is you can follow your favorite series so that you don’t miss out on any of its episodes. 

5. Anime-Planet



Anime-Planet features a simple user-interface and quick to search categories so that you can find your desired cartoon show or video in no time. Added to that, you can create a personalized list of anime contents in the order which you want to watch and start streaming when you are all set to go. You can filter out the searches to get exactly what you were looking for. The good thing about this anime streaming platform is the review section for every anime show you stream. These reviews help the website admin to evaluate the pros and cons and work on those points accordingly. 

6. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is one of the most preferred and fan-loved AniMixPlay alternatives worldwide. Here, you not only get to watch high quality anime contents of 720p video resolution but it also supports English dubbed episodes embedded in subtitles, thereby diminishing the international language barriers. Therefore, you can enjoy all your favorite series and shows without any limitation.  

7. AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy updates its site contents on a daily basis and also features the most recent telecast shows on the portal. The interesting part of this website is that it lists all the American anime shows, which attracts a wider strength of user-base to keep returning to this portal. AnimeFrenzy, too, has the FastMenu that lets you find out your desired content as per your command. However, if you are absolutely new to the anime world and don’t know about the anime shows or so, then simply hit the Random button and start streaming whichever show pops up on the screen. With every hit on the Random button, you get a new cartoon show or series everytime.

8. AnimeLab



AnimeLab houses a library of almost everything that includes anime contents of varied genres classified under different categories. This website gives a little knowledge about the anime series you are planning or are about to watch. How? Simply hovering on the thumbnail will give you enough details regarding whether the content has subtitles or is dubbed. All you have to do is sign up for this website and you are all set to go streaming. 

9. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime offers varied up to date anime series alongside the anime movies, to stream for free, that too, in your desired video resolution. To ensure better user experience, the website has a separate section, where it contains all the fast access anime shows organized in alphabetical order. This platform also lets you download your favorite to watch later.

10. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is globally renowned amongst anime enthusiasts. The only catch here is that the site displays frequent ad pop-ups in the middle of the stream. Other than that, if you are a hardcore Manga and anime fanatic, then you should check out this portal. To search for a specific anime show, you can set filters accordingly and get the desired search result in no time. What more? Well, you can even download your favorite anime contents to watch later. 

11. Masterani


Masterani is another simple yet value-added anime streaming portal filled with various anime series and movies. This AniMixPlay alternative was developed by considering the fact that there can be visitors coming from different parts of the globe. Hence, the contents should be featured in such a way that language doesn’t become a barrier here. To settle that, Masterani features all its anime contents in English dubbed versions. All you have to do is simply filter and search for the one that you want to watch and you are all ready to binge! 

12. Anime Karma

Anime Karma

Anime Karma gives you equal access and enjoyment to visit the site via your smartphone or pc.  The platform shows everything starting from the top-rated anime contents to ending with the recent anime telecast for the viewers to get quick access. You can search for the contents, sorting by the year of release, categories. All in all, this website is amazingly easy to filter out any of your desired shows. It is actually a perfect contrast of the American cartoon shows in the world of anime. You can readily view anything on this platform effortlessly. 

13. AnimeLand


AnimeLand is yet another AniMixPlay alternative that doesn’t need an introduction. This anime streaming site lets you both download as well as watch your favorite anime content without requiring to register. You can simply visit the site to enjoy the wide collection of anime series, movies, and shows here, in English  so that you can understand the storyline while enjoying the outstanding graphics at the same time. This website is absolutely free to use which is a reason in itself why people should check out this alternative. 

14. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy allows you to access an unlimited collection of cartoon shows, without requiring to sign-up. The platform features anime contents dubbed in English and has an excellent user-interface that in turn promises good user experience. The good thing about this AniMixPlay alternative is that it is easily operable and straightforward in its functioning. The only hitch is you might get frequent ad pop-ups which will automatically open in new tabs of the browser you are using. Otherwise, this website has a monthly visitor strength of around 13 million, with most visitors from the UK, Canada, and US.

15. AnimeNova


Anime Nova features a good number of anime movies and it is a text-based website, typically meant for the anime fans. The homepage of this website displays the anime titles readily so that the visitors can easily get a quick view of some of the trending anime contents. Also, you are free from getting those annoying ad pop-ups. Moreover, the website has a clear UI and an entertaining user experience. What more? Well, you even get a search dialog there to search for any specific content quickly. AnimeNova has a monthly user-base of around 3 million with most users using from the United States and Japan.  

16. KissCartoon

KissCartoon offers a wide collection of anime shows and cartoons to watch for free. The cartoon series displayed on this platform are regularly updated and are categorized accordingly for the users’ ease. You can become a member of KissCartoon by registering on their website. This membership will help you get notified whenever any latest anime or cartoon show is published on this platform. The sidebars on either side of the screen contain ads. Other than that, you also get the pop-ups once you start streaming a video. KissCartoon is no doubt another AniMixPlay alternative, quite popular amongst the anime fans and has a monthly traffic strength of around 15 million with most users from the UK and US.

17. AnimeShow


AnimeShow is another anime streaming website that houses a plethora of anime contents globally. You can easily search and find out the content you are looking for by using the search box. The big library of content is its main attraction which earns this website a monthly traffic of around 11 million with this platform being quite popular in the UK and US. 

18. OtakuStream


OtakuStream offers online streaming anime content for free. You also get to see the freshly released anime contents on this portal, all arranged in a section-wise format. There is a mode that lets you use the Light/Dark mode as per the daytime or the night time. The website has an excellent UI and hence, good user experience, where you do not get any annoying ad pop-ups on the homepage. Apart from that, users can even sign-up on this website with Twitter or Facebook. Furthermore, there is a search bar that lets you quickly search for your desired anime content at a go. OtakuStream has a monthly user volume of around 15 million with most visitors from the UK, Canada, US, and Germany.

19. AnimeFLV


AnimeFLV is typically fit for those anime fanatics, who are just as easy with Spanish as most of us are with the English language. Here you can stream all sorts of Anime Heros online, but in  Spanish language. Other than that, the website has up-to-the-mark UI and UX. The left sidebar of this platform features a collection of anime contents arranged in a list. THe search bar helps you to explore and find your favorite Anime Heros in minutes. 

20. AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima comes with several sections on the homepage, where you can find a dedicated category containing the newest episodes, popular shows of the year, all-time favorite, and the recently added anime materials. Plus, you get to see several TV shows as well. The excellent UI with a clean and ads-free homepage followed by a prominent search dialog to readily search for any show directly are some of the reasons why this website has a monthly traffic of around 3 million with most users from Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  

21. AnimeHeros


AnimeHeros is a cost-free website to watch and enjoy all your favorite anime shows which come with subtitles and are dubbed in English. You can easily access this platform from your mobile device as well by simply installing the mobile app of AnimeHeros. The anime shows are featured in high definition resolution ranging from 720p HD and 1080p HD on AnimeHeros.

22. VIZ


Viz is one of the oldest existing anime streaming portals and a very good alternative to AniMixPlay. This website has successfully brought countless top anime series to the US and it also owns Shonen Jump magazine in American edition. Here you can watch almost all the classic anime episodes like Sailor Moon. Although you only get a limited library of contents to binge watch, nevertheless, that acts as the creators’ source of living. Added to that, you can do free streaming, plus, you get amazing discounts to obtain your favorite anime series, or seasons as the platform mostly runs sales, and it doesn’t even make any extra revenue out of it. 



HIDIVE is yet another streaming service provider based in Houston. On this platform, you get access to the top-class anime titles and a catalog of other anime series, dating back to the middle of the 20th century. The latest simulcasts of Japan are transmitted in HD resolution of 1080p. What makes this platform one of the preferred by the anime enthusiasts is the assortment of OVAs(Original Video Animations). Other than that, you can enable the viewing experience to uncensored mode, change the subtitle color, and finally get the best search engine to find any of your favorite anime content at a go. 

24. MyAnimeList


MyAnimeList’s diverse collection of anime contents makes it a popular one-stop platform to check out news, promotional films, forum discussions, and anime reviews. Moreover, you can get the complete coverage of all the series or films. If you are skeptical about whether or not to watch any particular series that is completely new to you, then you can easily access the description, star cast, characters, voice actors, background, closing tunes, statistics, and reviews to determine the popularity, ranking, etc. before streaming. To enjoy ad-free streaming experience, you can avail its monthly subscription plan of $2.99 only and get access to the extended section of Favorites and earn a profile badge alongside many other perks. However, note that if you have directly visited the website without logging in, then there are high chances of getting frequent advertisements while you stream. 

25. AnimePahe


AnimePahe is the last but not the least popular AniMixPlay alternative on this list. Here you get access to numerous anime materials from various genres including History, Drama, and more, for free. Animepahe is sure that it can stand out from all the other anime websites that people can watch online. The attractive user-interface and super fun collection of anime contents subbed and dubbed in English makes it stand out from many of the other blooming sites. 


That’s all for the day. Hope that the above list gives you several options to stream your favorite anime series/episodes/cartoon shows online other than AniMixPlay, that too, for free and in high definition resolution. Most of the above mentioned AniMixPlay alternatives including both their websites and respective apps are weekly updated. 


1. Is it illegal to watch KissAnime?

Since you are not violating the copyright infringement law, streaming or downloading your favorite anime contents on kissAnime is legal. 

2. What happens if you watch anime illegally?

Since most of the anime streaming portals display the cartoon shows/movies/series without the legal consent of the content owner, it is illegal to watch anime on those particular online platforms. However, if the website comes with some proper subscription plans, where the revenue-generated out of the contents is shared with the owner of the contents, then it is completely legal to watch.  

3. What can I use instead of AniMixPlay?

You can select any of the above given AniMixPlay alternatives of your choice that meets your anime streaming preferences, video quality, categories, genres, etc. Most of these alternatives including both their websites and respective apps are weekly updated. So, you always get to see something new.

4. Is Aniwatch ever coming back?

As of now Aniwatch is offline as its website stated that the portal has reached its limit and hence, will no longer offer service. However, there are chances that this website will come back in the near future. 

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