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Apple won a commercial court case involving wireless patents

On Wednesday, a U.S. appeals court upheld Apple’s victory over claims that imports of its products violate wireless technology patents. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit determined that INVT SPE LLC’s rights in two patents that were formerly owned by Panasonic are not violated by the company’s iPhones, Apple Watches, or iPads. HTC Corp. and ZTE Corp. were also exempt, in addition to Apple.

The device manufacturers won the commission’s ruling in 2020. On Wednesday, a Federal Circuit panel of three judges upheld the judgement. The gadgets did not violate one of INVT’s patents, according to U.S. Circuit Judge Raymond Chen, because they operated differently from what is specified in the patent. The appeals court determined that the gadgets could not handle data signals in the same way as INVT’s patented technology. Due to the expiration of INVT’s other patent, the court determined that the remainder of the appeal was moot.

A subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. and a patent-holding corporation, Fortress Investment Group LLC (INVT) manages investment funds. In 2018, INVT filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission alleging that Apple, HTC, and ZTE’s LTE-compliant products violated INVT’s patents. It demanded a prohibition on the importation of the purportedly illegal equipment.

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  • Apple won a commercial court case involving wireless patents
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