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Download AROMA file manager – Manage Files In Recovery Mode

Aroma File Manager Latest Version 2020 [Full Download Guide]

Aroma File Manager is a must have for those who struggle to find a something on their phone more often. It is no secret that even the most orderly and organized person might get into such a case where they would recover lost files. Indeed it can be quite frustrating when you burst a gut to get your hands on something that is lost, especially when that something is an important file on your device. It may be an important legal document or a crucial academic file or simply a treasured photo. 

It is a common tendency to delete numerous on your device to make more space. Often we tend to lose out on important files and folders in the process. But recovering these files is not a cake walk. Sometimes it is just impossible.

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What is Aroma File Manager?

What is Aroma File Manager

Aroma File Manager is a recovery app that makes life easier can actually recover your deleted files for you. Since it is impossible to keep track of every little file that inhabits the gigantic memory space of your device, you can do yourself a huge favor by installing this app which runs smooth on any device.

This is however not the first or the only recovery app. The app store is flooded with such apps but they are either too complicated to manage or designed by incompetents which do not successfully recover your files and hence failing. It is not available on Google play or App Store but it is unlike any other hoax or false apps that we find online.

Aroma stands for ‘Amarullz Android ROM Manifestation’. It was conceived originally in Indonesia. For those of you who are still not clear about it let me put it this way – it is an app that runs when a device is put in recovery mode and has a Graphical User Interface. 

It is very easy to use and besides recovering it comes accompanied with many other features that you may find useful.

How to Use Aroma File Manager on Android?

The user interface that the app comes with enables even the amateur users to use it on Android. Android itself has a user friendly feature so combined with that, handling becomes easier.

One ultimate reason why Android is loved by more people than iOS is for its nature of flexibility. iOS is very rigid and hardly allows you to use apps not home designed. However you must be aware of the following criteria that allows the function of the app on an Android device:

  1. The operating system of your android must be updated to version. Download the file on your device.
  2. Either work with your battery plugged in or ensure you have 50% of battery or more than that.
  3. Download the latest version of the app or update it.
  4. To load the program, you need to flash it using TWRP or Philz. Sometimes even CWM works with this program.

How to Use Aroma File Manager on Android

These are the basics that you have to keep in mind while working with Aroma File Manager recovery tool. After the file manager apk is launched in your device you are good to go and choose from a great variety of options it offers.

The app generally does not have virus even though does not come from the app stores. If you do not download it from a wrong or suspicious site, it will work fine.

You can change or remove lock patterns, recover files that you had previously deleted and manage your back-up. We shall discuss this in more detail in the next segment.

Download Aroma File Manager Apk

Why Should You Install Aroma File Manager on Android?

The Aroma apk is extensively known primarily for recovering files but it has many other features as well. 

Recovering files

This is the elementary purpose of the app. It helps you to recover any file that you had lost or deleted. It also helps in editing and cutting documents.

Backup files

It locates the backup files in your device by itself and restarts your phone to recover the files.

Convenient to use

The Aroma File Manager is very easy to use. Although it does not come easily from the app store nonetheless finding it online and downloading it. After launching the application your device the use becomes further self-explanatory and one finds his way into the functions of the app.

Pattern lock removal 

We often install app locks to secure our privacy and sometimes we forget the password and that causes a great difficulty. It either requires a complete reboot of the phone which in any case will erase all the files or will require a great effort to unlock. This problem can finally be solved by Aroma File Manager. It helps you to remove the pattern lock even without an access to the device. 

Overall modifications

The app helps to customize the screen of your phone. You can change themes, font size and style and default language as per your choice. 

You might also be interested to know more about the CQATest App. 

How to Use Aroma File Application?

Using this application is no rocket science. You can follow the most basic steps to install and then use it afterwards. Recovering files, the primary function of the app can be achieved by simply following the simple instructions that is self-explanatory

It can be used on any android model of company like Samsung, Asus, Sony, Mi or Oppo. It also enhances the performance of the device. Whether KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo it is available for every version. However it is recommendable to use it paired with the latest version. This gives you the best result.

It rectifies your human error and restores your data. To restore the file you must store the application directly on your internal memory or the SD card. And when it has to be used, you have to access the Recovery mode. To do this simultaneously hold and press power key and volume down key. 

Once you have used it for a couple times it becomes really easy to operate and it is a boon for everyone who has important files on their phones and are scared of losing them or have lost them. 


How to use aroma file manager to remove password?

You can follow the steps below to remove password using Aroma File manager

1. Download “Aroma File Manager” and save on your external memory card ( sd card ) and now Insert that card into your locked android device.

2. Now, Choose Stock Recovery Mode by re-booting your android device and pressing Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. Check with your phones as it may have different methods to open stock recovery mode.

3. After entering into recovery mode,  press volume + and volume – buttons to scroll up and down. To select those use power button or home button.

4. Now, click on “Install zip from SD Card” and navigate to the source where you placed “Aroma File Manager” . Once you located , please click and install it.

5. After installing it will open in recovery mode automatically like in CUI ( Command line User Interface ) mode

6. From the “Aroma File Manager” navigate to settings and go to bottom and click on “Auto mount All Devices On Start” and then exit.

7. Repeat step 4 & step 5 again to check whether its done properly

8. After this you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened again.

9. Now navigate to Data Folder -> System Folder and search for ” gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.

10. Once if you find those please delete it  and then exit “Aroma File Manager” and to make it work , please  reboot your device.

11. After rebooting you will notice that password or pattern will not be removed yet. But don’t worry now you are free to draw any random pattern your device will unlock but remember that pattern.


Now you know every detail about Aroma File Manager. Go ahead and download the latest version of the Aroma file manager apk and check out all the file recovery options you get through the file manager.

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