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At the local level, it is necessary to combat domestic terrorism

Help is needed to combat and curtail domestic terrorism on the local level in New York, and Gov. Kathy Hochul indicated on Tuesday money will be put behind the effort to do so.

Hochul spoke briefly to the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services threat assessment and management summit as her administration has sought ways to counter crimes motivated by hate in New York following a mass shooting this summer at a supermarket in Buffalo that killed 10 people.

Law enforcement officials have said the alleged shooter had traveled to Buffalo in order to target Black people.

“New Yorkers have been victimized,” she said. “These are our fellow residents; these are our neighbors.”

“We have to say ‘not in New York’ and when it starts here, we’ll eradicate it,” she said.

Hochul pointed to statistics showing a rise in incidents over the last decade and wants to strengthen efforts at the local level as well as put “money behind it” in the process, she said.

Hochul previously announced a statewide program to monitor social media accounts and develop threat assessment teams that are composed of law enforcement, mental health experts and school officials. The governor also acknowledged, meanwhile, the difficulty facing communities that have been subjected to violence.

“This has affected them to the core — not just the victims’ families who will take a lifetime to heal, but the community as a whole,” Hochul said.

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  • At the local level, it is necessary to combat domestic terrorism
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