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15 Autistic Video Game Characters

Have you ever thought about autistic video game characters? I have seen a couple of them, you probably have seen some yourself, but some people find it hard to identify video game characters with that behavioral trait.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, autism is a variable developmental disorder that appears by age three and is characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships, impairment of the ability to communicate with others, and repetitive behavior patterns. 

So, if observed in video game characters, a combo of behavioral and mental problems can be suggestive of autism.

Let’s, without much ado, delve into knowing a few popular video game characters with autism.

1. Cassandra Murata ( Rage of the Dragons)

Cassandra Murata is a video game character in Rage of the Dragons. Cassandra is an unassuming and conservative vagrant that can regulate her inward energies.

Being one of the autistic video game characters, she lives a reclusive life in order not to disturb or make her sibling envious.

She can fuel her assaults with blue energy, translocate herself, and detect the presence of others. She is (5′ 7″) in height and weighs 106 lbs. She has violet hair and blood type O.

2. Jade (Fahrenheit)

This female, 8-year-old video game character was brought into the world in the mid-2000s in New York, yet kicked the bucket on February 28, 2009.

She is a little kid whose arrival has been forecasted for millennia and was expected by the Orange Clan, Purple Clan, and The Invisibles.

As the Indigo Child, Jade is an unadulterated soul who has never been resurrected. For Jade to effectively satisfy the Indigo Prophecy, she should be set inside a Chroma Source, and a while later, she will promptly kick the bucket. Contingent upon the individual she offers the powers, the world will go on in peace or pieces. 

As one of the autistic video game characters whose guardians are obscure, they probably deserted her as a small kid as she wound up in the St. Thomas Orphanage.

3. Murky (Pathologic)

A vagrant, one of the autistic video game characters, Murky protests, murmurs, dodges eye-to-eye connections, and battles to offer her viewpoints. Poke her a little bit, and she shuts down communication. 

Her folks passed on during the First Outbreak, and murky is a living observer of Isidor’s wrongdoing in killing her parents. She fosters an unconstrained and dismal connection to the Haruspex.

Murky is a tiny young lady mostly shrouded in soil. She has short, messy, earthy-colored hair and light dark eyes.

She wears a pale green sweater with a blue scarf wrapped under her shoulders. Underneath her sweater is an inconsistent cloth on top of a dress (or a skirt) of blanket patches.

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Being one of the autistic video game characters, she is shoeless and has exceptionally grimy hands.

4. Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum (BioShock)

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum is an expert on genetics who found ADAM and formed it into items for business deals. She is likewise the “mother” of the Little Sisters.

She made them and ultimately came to implement an extraordinary arrangement about their security, referring to them here as “little ones,” going about as a mother to them, and lamenting her part in making them. 

The player can win the faithfulness of this character, being one of the autistic video game characters, saving the Little Sisters as opposed to collecting them for ADAM.

5. Simone Cole (Clive Barker’s Jericho )

Simone Cole was determined to have a gentle form of autism at 4. Declining to acknowledge their little girl was unique, her folks (Silicon Valley developers) chose to have Cole self-taught.

She showed an incredible inclination for science, rationale, and physical science. MIT got Cole under their tutelage at 14 years old. 

She wrote and published a book on turmoil math at 19 and was recruited as a code breaker for the NSA before becoming an adult.

In the wake of joining her relegated NSA unit, her superior started seeing bizarre paranormal peculiarities, for example, “missing time,” hallucinations, and the random instant teleportation of staff and gear. 

This confused them with the activities for quite a long time before she was viewed as the wellspring of all the difficulty. The Department of Occult Warfare paid heed and quickly had her deployed with Jericho.

Being one of the autistic video game characters, Cole presently fills in as Jericho’s programmer to modify time and space to their advantage by utilizing chaos theory and Cabalistic math standards.

6. David Archer (Mass Effect 2)

David Archer is the sibling of Cerberus senior researcher Dr. Gavin Archer. David was conceived as an autistic numerical intellectual with uncommonly solid capacities, including quick computation and eidetic memory. Being one of the autistic video game characters, he is exceptionally delicate to a noisy commotion.

7. River Wyles (To the Moon)

Waterway E. Wyles is a protagonist in the game To the Moon. She has green eyes and orange hair. She is Johnny’s better half, who died before the game’s events. The play portrays her as having an inescapable formative issue, being that she is one of the autistic video game characters with Asperger’s condition.

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8. Amy (Amy)

Amy is one of the autistic video game characters in the game, and her defender is Lana. In a city ravaged by a disease borne by zombies, which Amy is resistant to (she can also heal Lana from it), Amy steps up to responsibility, to continuously recuperate Lana while at the same time shielding her from the contaminated and the Phoenix Foundation. The latter desires to take advantage of her.

9. Patricia Tannis (Borderlands)

Patricia Tannis is a researcher and paleontologist who works in Eridian curios and innovation. The Dahl organization once utilized her to uncover the secret Vault in the world of Pandora.

After some time, Dahl lost interest in Pandora and speedily shut down all endeavors to find the Vault concealed in the world. 

Tennis had become fixated on tracking down the fantastic Vault and remained behind, utilizing the various outlaw families to help her explore.

Sooner or later, she was double-crossed by the outlaws working with her, after which she isolated herself to her dig site thanks to an unreasonable fear of the world outside.

This was when she conveyed signals requiring the assistance of Vault Hunters to help with her examination to help her with her quest. This is one of the autistic video game characters.

10. Cole (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Being one of the autistic video game characters, Cole has all the earmarks of being a human male who lives in the White Spire, the Circle of Magi situated in Val Royeaux, the capital of Orlais. 

He is a phantom in the shadows, strolling inconspicuously through swarms of people. He can cut a foe’s throat before they even understand he’s there and get away, gone forever.

Those rare sorts of people who genuinely do see him before long fail to remember he at any point existed, and even Cole isn’t sure that he lives.

11. Symmetra ( Overwatch)

Symmetra, whose real name is Satya Vaswani, is an Indian video game character in Overwatch. She uses her light-bowing Photon Projector to dispatch foes, safeguard her partners, build instant teleportation cushions and utilize particle-shooting Sentry Turrets.

12. Josh Sauchak (Watch Dogs 2)

This gray hat programmer and hacktivist were brought into the world in San Francisco, California, on August 17, 1995. Josh can generally be seen with a dark beanie, green hoodie, grayish button-up shirt, and pants. 

He wears a yellow key around his neck (what it opens is obscure) with his greenish-yellow shoes to coordinate. Josh has short dark hair and eyebrows and is one of the autistic video game characters. 

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13. Gin Ibushi (Your Time to Die)

Gin is a 12-year-old kid with earthy-colored hair and green eyes. He wears blue jean shorts, a dark shirt, a dark clinical veil, and a cape with a hood on it made to seem to be feline ears.

He likewise wears feline paw gloves and hauls around a feline pad, which he warmly calls ‘Mew-chan.’ He likewise wears socks and a couple of orange shoes with paws on the top.

Gin attempts to stay positive and hopeful despite his circumstance, as he is one of the autistic video game characters. Gin is seldom despairing.

He gets appended to those he meets without any problem. He closes a ton of sentences with “howl” and “woof” and will, generally, nonchalantly moniker everyone around him.

14. Wattson (Apex Legends)

Watson, whose real name is Natalie Paquette, is a French female human who is 5’4″ tall and has blue eyes and fair hair. The name Wattson mostly comes from watt, an electrical estimation of force.

Being the little girl of the Games’ lead electrical specialist, she concentrated on his manuals to remain nearby and found her calling early on.

She presently battles close by her companions in the field she helped construct, annihilating approaching rockets, re-energizing safeguards, making walls, and utilizing her arch to quiet battles that get excessively clear. 

No one understands the field better than Wattson, one of the autistic video game characters – any individual who underrates her is in for a shock.

15. Boyfriend (Friday Night Funkin’.)

On the other hand, alluded to as The Boyfriend, this video game character is the hero of Friday Night Funkin’. My boyfriend is a youthful, fair-looking man with spiky cyan hair.

He wears a white T-shirt, loose blue jeans, red shoes with white shoestrings and soles, and a regressive red cap with a dull blue edge. 

Boyfriend, one of the autistic video game characters, is depicted as a youthful, overeager rapper with an affection for music, doughnuts, and his better half, Girlfriend. He loves to sing and flaunt his abilities, bringing about his sure and arrogant personality. 

He persistently and tirelessly strives to arrive at his objectives and won’t allow anybody to hinder his prosperity, in any event, when undermined by death.


I hope the above list has given you concise and clear answers if you ever wondered about the autistic Video Game Characters that feature in games we play in our day-to-day gaming experience. Have an excellent time reading this article, and let us know how helpful it was. 

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