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Autodesk Revit 2022 | Voddler

Even though electronic design has long replaced paper drawings made in pencil, over the past 3 decades, the intellectual products of engineering software developers have made great strides forward. Autodesk Revit 2022 is such a feature-rich tool. This allows you to synchronize the work of design engineers, professionals in related specialties, as well as architects involved in space-planning solutions. Thus, this program is an innovative development in the design industry, which no longer involves making mistakes in the development of drawings due to poor coordination of decisions between different specialists in the team.

What are the main benefits of Autodesk Revit 2022?

Universal synchronous design software Autodesk Revit 2022 is rapidly gaining popularity among individuals and representatives of large companies, as it has many of the following advantages over similar programs, but less advanced versions:

  • Regular updating and release of new releases of this program.
  • The design takes place to current regulations.
  • The ability to develop a complete project for the construction of a building or structure from scratch to the last engineering network, without changing the software.
  • The full version of this Autodesk Revit 2022 software allows you to use numerous tools and libraries for computer-aided design, which saves time and money on the development of a construction project.

  • Possibility of communication between all members of the team developing project documentation online over the network.
  • Synchronization of all changes at each stage or in a section of the drawing, which almost eliminates gross design errors and the human factor.
  • The ability to send files in an adaptable format for architects, designers, and engineers of related specialties, which allows them to be used as a substrate for overlaying specific structural elements or communications with automatic adjustment of building structures.

Thus, users who have purchased this intellectual product just need to install it along with license keys on each computer in the network, and then start developing the project in a team. This guarantees the highest quality result than working with a simple version of AutoCAD, as well as reducing costs and conflict situations when interacting with an investor, customer, contractor, and other participants in a development project.

What new features does Revit 2022 offer?

All the advantages of Revit 2022 described above, which have already been appreciated by all users of this software, are achieved due to the presence in the application algorithm of the following updated and additional functions that were not previously included in any AutoDesk product:

  1.  Architectural, building design and design, development of facades, decoration, and interior styling:

  • Visualization and preparation of the concept for the presentation. Creation of a general view of the structure, overlaying textures, elements of filling openings, assigning color solutions most realistically.
  • Creation of working design, space-planning, and engineering drawings, checking the insolation of premises and meeting architectural requirements.
  • Separation of the frame, the designed object into load-bearing and non-bearing structures, the formation of a calculation model for subsequent transfer to the required file formats for static calculation for the design of the main elements, the assignment of their stiffness, and geometric parameters. The introduction of additional reinforcements, changing the sections of the main parts of the structure and adding new span elements, beams, capitals, and consoles.
  • Sequential overlay of layers for the possibility of creating design solutions from different sections.
  • Render drawings to increase image quality.
  • Correction of design decisions during multi-stage verification.
  • Changes of details, sections, nodes, and specifications online.
  1. Teamwork:

  • The possibility of using the program by all members of the team of architects, designers, constructors, engineers, and estimators. Thus, if an electrical engineer installs a socket, or a plumber lays a cold water riser, an alarm marking automatically appears on the design drawings for making a hole in the ceiling or the wall. This reduces the risk of errors, which previously often led to costs on the construction site when the drawings were put into practice.
  • Labeling and annotation of design decisions.
  • Transformation and transfer of files, opening drawings from other compatible formats and file extensions.
  • Systematized vision of created documents on an external server with the possibility of opening them by other team members.

  1.  Working design:

  • Creation of drawings at all stages of project development for approval in the examination or for transfer to the construction site.
  • Identification of errors, conflict situations, and non-compliance of the developed design solutions with the requirements of regulatory documents.
  • The use of libraries and ready-made previously saved blocks to simplify the design, save time and reduce the cost of conducting the operational activities of the design company at all stages of creating drawings.
  • Ability to switch views between 3D and 2D projections on each side of the selected view or cutting plane.

All of the above features speak of the complete versatility of Revit 2022. Thus, the developer company has released a perfect product that completely changes the idea of ​​​​design without the need for manual checks, which significantly increases the profits of all participants in this work.

Why buy Revit 2022 from our company?

If a potential buyer, the owner of a design company or a freelancer, visits the official website of AutoDesk, he will see that it is no longer possible to purchase a product of a custom category for pure use. All that the developer offers today is the lease of a license with a limited validity period, after which the user loses the opportunity to continue working with the intellectual product, without concluding a new contract and paying a certain amount for it.

The cost of such products can also be very high, and it is not uncommon for a user to pay thousands of dollars a year, but still not be able to purchase a product with a license that does not have any restrictions.

In our company, the consumer can buy Revit 2022 at a significant discount, much cheaper than in other competitive organizations. At the same time, the product is fully certified, and its operation is legal, without any violations. Our company guarantees quick and prompt intervention in case of problems at the stage of software installation and configuration. If there are any system issues with Revit 2022, the company’s claims department is always available to replace or refund money previously paid for the software.

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