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Beginner’s Guide to NBA 2K23- Learn the Best Tips and Tricks

NBA 2K23

An NBA 2K23 guide is required because there are many new techniques to try out in the game this year. This is one of the most distinctive 2Ks we’ve ever encountered compared to other games. Numerous aspects, like the buildings, the badges, and even the gameplay with the adrenaline surges, are entirely different.

As a result, if you’ve played 2K before and are switching to 2K23, you could be a little perplexed or be terrible at the game since this year, fewer players are shooting well, winning less often, having trouble dribbling, and generally doing poorly. You can even buy cheap packs at Now let’s take a look at this NBA 2K23 beginner’s tutorial. 

  • Get The Cheapest Attributes First

Get The Cheapest Attributes First

Saving up $50,000 to raise your block rating from 98 to 99 might be alluring. Consider, however, that for the same cost, each of passing, shooting, finishing, interior defence, etc., may be improved by 10 points. It eventually becomes inefficient to use virtual currency in this manner.

Purchase the least expensive items first. The player’s OVR will reach the next level, which means they will start more quickly. Additionally, it will provide new dimensions for the player to display in the park. 

Workouts used to be something you did between each game, but a year or two ago, they were only necessary once a week during the non-game time. This exercise benefits the players with a significant increase in several physical characteristics.

There will always be a slight difference in speed and height between people who exercise and those who don’t. That amounts to several fastbreak scores and rebounds over the course of an entire game.

While it’s amusing to create your MyPlayer the strangest and friendliest person on the block, don’t discount their qualities. The attributes you choose while creating your MyPlayer greatly influence the kind of player you are.

Naturally, your position will be important, but so will your handedness. Depending on whether you are right- or left-handed will determine how your player shoots and attempts layups. As a result, your player’s maximum qualities are directly affected by your Height, Weight, and Wingspan. Therefore, while considering your MyPlayers conception, pick them carefully.

You must first understand how significant badges are in NBA 2K23. You won’t be able to win any games until you get completely carried if you’re playing 2K23 for the first time and just jumping into the game, especially if you’re on a 60 overall build. Before playing at the park, you must improve your characteristics and reach an 85 as you can.

Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 badges are available this year for next-generation consoles; they are not available for current-generation consoles. Therefore, if you’re using current-generation hardware, you can wear any badges whenever you like. Still, if you want to wear tier 3 badges, you first need to spend ten badge points on tiers 1 and 2, after which you may even access tier 3 content. 

You must log in to MyCareer to adjust the game difficulty. By changing this, you may alter how much VC and My Points you receive based on the difficulty you are playing at. Therefore, it is advised to throw lobs on Hall of Fame so that you may gain a lot of turnovers and a lot of My Points when they connect.

Play in Pro or All-Star if you want to earn shooting badges. Get your credentials as quickly as possible; do not enter the park immediately since it will not finish. Additionally, this year, we have free core badges. Try to collect 2k23 MT coins as much as possible.

  • Best Dribble Move Settings

Examining your choices and quitting here should be one of your top priorities. Into the controller settings, you go. You will need to make some extremely crucial changes at this point, with vibration being one of them. If you want the vibration, leave it on; if not, you may turn it off. 

The shot metre doesn’t take that dribble into account, but we still advise turning it off. The pro stick function and pro stick orientation are the two crucial elements. Set the default so you may use the right stick to dunk and perform other actions. Start by solely using drill moves with this.

It will prevent you from doing anything foolish with your right stick and make it simpler for you to learn your dribbling manoeuvres. There are two types of orientation: absolute and camera relative. The camera relative is quite difficult to dribble on. Thus, we strongly advise using absolute. It is default set to absolute; do not modify it to camera relative.

Although you might be tempted to go right into NBA2K23’s most crucial game modes, we advise learning the fundamentals first. You can also buy MT NBA 2k23 coins easily for building your MyTeam. You may perform plays, become comfortable with the controls, and go through sequences in training mode to better understand how the basketball simulation works. You might enhance your gaming experience by picking the ideal camera angle and support equipment.

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