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24 Best Adult Romance Novels to Read Right Now

The best adult romance novels are fun, exciting, and can be prestigious. Where else can you find sexy billionaires, rugged war heroes, masters who don’t mind giving you a “D” (jokes!), or on-screen actors just as hot as they are on screen? No place but NSFW Stories! 

If you’re a beginner, welcome to one of the most popular genres on the planet. Here are some of the best erotic novels that will make you blush and maybe, just maybe, need a cold bath afterward.  

Although good romance novels contain a variety of topics, at least one explosive sexual scene is necessary.

However, romance enthusiasts may be serious about finding their “happily ever after,” but we also want strong emotional and physical ties, sexual tension, and powerful climaxes. 

Ellie Mae MacGregor, a romance novel critic, tells SELF, “I want all of my literary orgasms to be over the top, mind-blowingly altering.” I’m not here for sex, ending with “and then she came.” 

However, a reviewer by the name of The Romance Loving Librarian, Martine R., claims that too many romances have purple prose, which gives the impression that “you don’t even grasp whether they’re coming or not before it’s finished.” 

the 24 choices below include hot, explicit sex scenes that won’t leave you wondering what’s happening.  

In these romance novels, you can read about kinky sex, threesomes, hate sex, passionate sex, and sex between witches, werewolves, aliens, and of course, humans. Enjoy! Below are some of the best adult Romance novels am sure you will be enthralled  

1. A Kingdoms Dream

In 1497, Scotsman Jennifer Merrick found herself agreeing to marry a much older man to please her father. But this never happened because the English Lord Royce Westmoreland (better known as the Black Wolf) took Jennifer and her sister Brianna as hostages.  

They must be enemies, but something keeps bringing them together. Judith McNaught wrote this novel.

2. Follow Me Darkly

Follow me darkly is also one of the best adult romance novels to read. This new series from Helen Hardt is as if Fifty Shades of Gray got a much-needed facelift. Social media influencer assistant Skye Manning meets billionaire Braden Black, and sparks fly!  

They both become infatuated with each other because they experience something they’ve never felt before, but not all good things last forever. Helen Hardt wrote this novel.

3. Bared To You

Bared to You” is a hugely popular romance book featuring the intensely sexy and tormented Gideon Cross. When Eva Hamill decides to make it her own in the world, she starts working for an advertising agency owned by Gideon.  

When the two meet, their complex and fast-moving romance are unstoppable. This novel was written by Sylvia Day.

4. The Duke Who Didn’t

Chloe Fong is a no-nonsense girl who wasn’t afraid to tell her obsessed childhood sweetheart when he was ready to get serious.

Three years later, Jeremy is still unable to shake off his evil ways but is determined to win over Chloe anyway and tell her the secret he’s kept from her for years: he’s the Duke of Lansing. Courtney Milan wrote this novel.

5. Twisted Love

Twisted love is next on our list of best adult romance novels to read. When Ava’s hard-hitting brother leaves for a year-long trip to South America, he asks his best friend, Alex, to keep an eye on her while he’s gone. In this figurative mix of “opposites attract” and “brother’s best friend,” 

Alex and Ava have known each other for years but soon become attracted to each other in more ways than one. Ana Huang wrote this novel.  

6. Deviant King

Deviant King” is a high school bully thriller romance that features a sinister main character named Aiden King.  

When the quiet new girl Elsa meets Aiden on her first day, he promises to make her life miserable until he decides to have her when she hits the end of the cliffhanger. Rina Kent wrote this novel.  

7. The Bromance Book Club

Discovering that his wife has been lying to him about their sexuality, a baseball player turns to a super-secret romance book club to try and figure out how to save his marriage before it’s too late. Lyssa Kay Adams wrote this novel.  

8. Get A Life, Chloe Brown

Next on our list of best adult romance novels is get a life by Chloe brown. If you’re looking for a fun new series, get ready for the Brown Sisters.

It all starts with Chloe, who decides to finally live life to the fullest and fulfill her to-do list with the help of her evil neighbor. Talia Hibbert wrote this novel.  

9. The Roughest Draff

Real-life couple Webberley and Sigmund Brocka continue to dominate the TBR roster with their first adult novel about Hassan, a couple who is writing books together.  

Two former writers who broke up for mysterious reasons return to try to write another big hit and find more than just words on the page when they work together again. Wibberley And Austin Broke wrote this novel.  

10. The King’s Maker

Maxim Kidd is the son of an oil tycoon and heir to an empire he neither wants nor approves of. Lennix Hunter, a member of the Apache Nation, was dedicated to keeping that empire from invading the Holy Land.  

When the two meet at a pipeline protest, the serendipitous encounter changes their lives – although they don’t realize it until years later. Kennedy Ryan wrote this novel.  

11. January.

January is also one of the must-watch and best adult romance novels. Mia Saunders’ father and her ruthless ex-boyfriend are drowning in gambling debt.

After being brutally attacked, Mia knows she has to pay it off over a year – so she takes a job as an expensive escort. 

January is the first in a series of 12 novels. Each one focuses on the new month, client, and location. Audrey Carla wrote this novel.  

12. Dirty Filthy Rich Men

Donovan, Weston, and Sabrina meet at Harvard. Weston and Sabrina are first-year students, Donovan is Tayeh — and Sabrina has a romantic history with both.  

Ten years later, Donovan, Weston, and I are best friends and business partners – and Sabrina is their new employee. Laurelin Paige wrote this novel.   

13. Grey

A man and woman, each carrying secrets and grief from their pasts, get their chance at a Los Angeles gas station – and then experience the craziest 12 hours of their lives. E.L James wrote this novel.  

14. One Night

Bis is a mechanic and a business owner. Penelope is a wealthy, sheltered girl whose controlling father has chosen a lawyer for her to marry.  

But when Penelope enters Pine’s garage, her allure is undeniable. Eric Jerome wrote this novel  

15. Mechanic

The mechanic is next on our list of best adult romance novels to read. Jackson Steele is a very successful and famous little architect that everyone wants. Sylvia Brooks hosted him for a great weekend getaway, but she ran away when it looked like it could become a real thing.  

Now she must confront him again in the hope that he can salvage a project that could make or break her career. Alexa Riley wrote this novel. 

16. Dirty Billionaire

Kreton Karas is a self-styled idiot and billionaire who gets what he wants. Holly Weeks is an up-and-coming country singer who gave him the best sex of his life — and now, uncharacteristically, he can’t stop thinking about her. Meghan wrote this novel March.  

17. Black Obsidian

The first time Roma meets Cal, she mistakes him for someone else and slaps him in the middle of a crowded bar. But he was not upset.  

Additionally, he’s interested in her – which is fantastic because he’s Dom. The two start dating, but both keep secrets. Victoria Quinn wrote this novel.  

18. Ruthless Creatures

Ruthless creatures are also on our list of best adult romance novels to read. Natalie’s heart is still broken five years after her fifiancé disappeared before their wedding. Natalie meets a very sexy and mysterious stranger named Kage.  

Kage buys the house next door, and Natalie finds herself wholly involved in a passionate and intense relationship in this erotic romance that is almost too hot. J.T Geissinger wrote this novel.  

19. Gabriel’s Rapture

Professor Gabriel Emerson embarks on a romantic and secret relationship with his former pupil Julia Mitchell. Secluded on a romantic vacation in Italy, he teaches her the sensual delights of the body and the ecstasy of sex.  

But when they return, their happiness is threatened by conspiratorial students, academic politics, and a jealous ex-lover.  

When the university administration confronts Gabriel, does he succumb to Dante’s fate? Or will he fight to keep Julia and Beatrice forever? Sylvia Reynard wrote this novel.  

20. Straight Talking

Meet Tasha – Single and Still Looking. Tash is a producer of Britain’s most popular morning show and works under a nightmare boss who is well-versed in the trials and tribulations of dating in the 21st century. 

Indeed, she and her three best friends didn’t live up to the fairy tale they thought they would: There’s Andy, the passion junkie but plenty of a tomboy, who has moved far beyond the beer-drinking contest stage. 

Mel is stuck in a steady but loveless relationship, And Emma, you wait endlessly for another half to propose. Their love life is complicated only by the kind of men who seem to drift in and out: Andrew – the sweet, the good-looking, the superior in love with himself.

Simon is allergic to commitment but has a lousy boy nature that is impossible to resist. And Adam – attractive but too sweet to be sexy.  

The first bestselling novel launched by Jane Green, one of the brightest stars in contemporary feminist fiction, Straight Talking sets the record straight. Jane Green wrote this novel.  

21. On Dublin Street

Dublin Street is next on our list of best adult romance novels to read right now. Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants and is determined to put Jocelyn in his bed.

He knows she has a past, making her fickle about getting into a relationship, so he suggests an arrangement that will satisfy her intense attraction without any strings attached.  

But after Jocelyn’s intriguing approval, Braden decided he wouldn’t be satisfied with just a great passion. The stubborn Scotsman is bent on really getting to know her… down to the soul. Samantha Young wrote this novel.  

22. Because You Are Mine

long after, Ian pursues Francesca again. She can’t resist him despite his secrecy. As their relationship deepens, Ian begins to enjoy teaching her his strengths while she seduces him with the beauty of spontaneity and the impulse to let go. And for a while, they left.  

It’s intoxicating and exhilarating as they indulge in the addictive sweet passion fruit. But as Francesca knows, quick exhaustion can be devastating when the fun gets too intense. Beth kery23 wrote this novel.  

Torn; Rock star River Wild has brought Dahlia London back from the brink of despair with his unwavering love and dedication. But their intertwined history is about to test the power of that love.  

Dalia was sure she had found true love and met her “once in a lifetime” when she reconnected with River. But Dalia’s world collapses when someone from her past fly floats by, and all of River’s carefully hidden secrets are revealed.  

River wants to show Dalia that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – dancing in the rain! But how often can a broken heart be fixed? Will River and Dahlia be able to face the turmoil together, or will they be torn apart? Kim Karr wrote this novel.  

24. Gabriel’s Inferno

Last on our list of best adult romance novels is Gabriel Inferno. Mysterious and exciting, Professor Gabriel Emerson is Dante’s highly respected specialist by day, but by Night he dedicated himself to a life unimpeded of pleasure.  

Furthermore, he uses his infamous looks and sophisticated charm to satisfy all his whims. Still, he is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of salvation.  

When sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as a graduate student, his attraction and mysterious connection to her jeopardizes his career and sends him on a journey where his past and present collide. 

An intriguing and sinister exploration of seduction, forbidden love, and redemption, Gabriel’s Inferno is a captivating and emotional story about a man’s escape from his hell while trying to gain the impossible – forgiveness and love.  

Conclusively, these best adult romance novels are very educative. Even the young ones can still read for more knowledge on how to go about in their adulthood when it comes to romance. Sylvia Reynard wrote this novel. 

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