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5 Best Apps like Field Agent [A Detailed Guide]

5 Best Apps like Field Agent [A Detailed Guide]

Field Agent is a great way to make money on the side. However, you might be looking for an alternative as you may not like the idea of shopping online to make cash.

There are several other apps that you could use, and this article runs through 5 of the best. To cover all bases, we also discussed some tips and tricks that you will find useful.

What are the Best Field Agent Alternatives?

Discussed below are 5 excellent choices.

1.      EasyShift

EasyShift is an ‘easy’ way to make cash. All you have to do is go to nearby stores, check their prices, and take pictures of their displays.

One of the things we enjoy about it is that it regularly updates the tasksthat you have to do. Also, payments will be added to accounts within 48 hours.

You can download EasyShifton both iOS and Android devices. Once you download it, creating an account will only take a few minutes.

2.      App Trailer

App Trailer is one of our favorite Field Agent alternatives. You’ll have to watch trailers for apps, films, and games to collect points, which you can then exchange for money. To give you an idea, 500 points would equal about 50 cents.

Just like EasyShift, you won’t feel bored using it. Trailers are diverse and constantly updated.

Cashing out via PayPalis possible. So, how long will this take? Around 48 hours. This is on par with industry standards.

  1. IconZoomer

You can use IconZoomer to snap photos and make cash. Know that you won’t be able to take pictures of just anything. You’ll be assigned what you need to take pictures of. It can be your handbag or even some books around the house.

You can then deposit the money you made into your PayPal account. Now, instead of cashing out, you can exchange your rewards for merchandise or even donate it to charities like UNICEF.

Like itscounterparts above, you won’t find it boring. IconZoomer constantly refreshes the assignments that you have to do.

4.      Pact

You can use Pact to earn money while staying fit. Configure the app and set a time, then turn it on everyday while you work out until this period is up. You’ll earn money for each workout recorded.

However, keep in mind that you’ll be penalized and have to pay out of pocket if you skip a day.

Pact is a personal favorite because it encourages people to stay healthy. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

5.      Bookscouter

Do you have any books that you want to get rid of? Bookscouter might be the option for you. Simplyscan their ISBNs, and sit back and relax. They’ll be registered on retail sites to help you find buyers.

A feature we enjoy about Bookscouter is that it compares your listings with multiple sellers to help you charge the best rates.

Select which buyer you want to work with and plan the payment. Just remember that you will have to arrange the delivery yourself. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about spending too much. The app has a prepaid shipping plan that you can use.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it is available on both iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t take much space either.


Answered below are some popular questions.

If you’re strapped for cash, you’ll find the below list useful.

1.      Become a Ridesharer

Register on a ridesharing service if you own a vehicle. You’ll be able to make hires and earn good money.  Of all the ridesharing apps, the best would be Uber. Although signing up for it won’t be difficult, you will need adequate vehicle insurance first. This would also be true with its counterparts.

While on the topic, you can make money delivering food. You’ll earn more tips doing this, which can make it more lucrative than driving for Uber or its counterparts.

2.      Offer Your Skills

Do you have a secret skill? You may be able to make money from it. Some of the most popular skills to sell would be copywriting, graphic design, and web development.

Websites like Upwork and Freelancer can be used to find clients. Having an excellent portfolio and not overcharging will get you more work. Look at competitors to figure out the best rates.

3.      Be a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is popular with stay-at-home moms. Most of the work that you’ll have to do would be coordinating people’s schedules. Along with the easy work, having a flexible schedule and getting good pay make being a virtual assistant tempting.

4.      Pet Sitting

Why not watch pets for friends and family and get paid for it? Hopefully, they will be able to recommend you to others and get you more clients. You can eventually start advertising your services online once you’re experienced enough.

5.      Focus Groups

If you join a focus group, you can get paid for your opinion. Look through bulletin boards and newspapers to find any focus groups near you.

6.      Use Apps

Lastly, you can use the apps in our guide to make some extra money. You could use Field Agent, or one of its many counterparts that we discussed. Some of our personal favorites are EasyShift and Pact.

Final Thoughts

There are several Field Agent alternatives that you could use. One of the best alternatives would be EasyShift. You will be able to take pictures of store displays and make cash. The more pictures you take, the more money you will make.

Pact is also fun to use. You’ll have to turn it on every day while you work out. However, if you skip a day, there is a penalty. It’s a great excuse to use if you’re looking for ways to stay motivated and be healthy.

Not only did we discuss alternatives, but also ways to make money like pet sitting and registering on ridesharing services.

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