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10+ Best Free Movie Apps for Android in 2022


Watching movies on the go has become tricky for Android users. First off, they have to download movies and then store/convert them for optimal experience. Secondly, while streaming movies, the video quality gets compromised. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, video files are first converted to a supported format and then their gigantic size is reduced for freeing up space. But, all these painstaking methods are a thing of yore and you clearly need to move on to better alternatives. We are talking about some of the best free movie apps for Android that make short work of all these hassles.

best free movie apps for android

Nowadays, there are many on-demand video apps that are already optimized for streaming movies on Android. In a quick succession of time, they have become much sought after options for legions of Android lovers worldwide.

Whilst, you would normally have to pay a subscription fee for popular apps such as Netflix, Flixster, Hulu Plus, etc. these movie streaming services are absolutely free of cost. So, are you ready to find out the best free movie apps for Android? Let’s dive right in.

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10 of the Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2022

1) Sony Crackle

watch series online free

Wanna catch the latest movies for free on your Android mobile? Look no further than Sony Crackle which has established itself as a top-tier destination for streaming movies.

Not only is Crackle immensely popular for watching movies online, it also hosts a gamut of TV series that are constantly updated.

Thanks to an immersive interface, Android users can simply sift through their favourite movies or TV shows including Creed 2, Homes & Watson, Vice, Once Upon A Deadpool, et al. The site is updated periodically so you can be sure to revel in some cinematic goodness.

2) Showbox

best free movie apps for android

Over the years, Showbox Apk has become synonymous with free movie streaming on Android devices. It is without a doubt one of the best free streaming apps for Android that one can get their hands on.

Not to mention, ShowBox’s intuitive UI that hooks you in from the get go. Users can easily watch movies, TV series and reality shows hosted on this app from third-party websites as well as download all the videos for seamless offline streaming.

Of course, HD playback is incorporated with full HD(1080P) being the highest standard.  All in all, without shelling out a dime ShowBox can take care of cine lovers’ needs.

3) MegaBox

best movie apps for android

A new entrant on our list of best free movie apps for Android, MegaBox is eerily similar to movie-streaming behemoth, Showbox. With a minuscule file size of 1.8 MB, MegaBox ensures that your storage space is not affected.

But, don’t be beguiled by its size, you can still stream movies in 720p HD apart from the usual 360p streaming option.

Furthermore, you can even download movie titles from the Mega Box HD app for offline streaming purposes.

4) Viewster

best free movie apps for android

A massively popular Android app for watching documentaries and latest Hollywood flicks, Viewster also has a website variant that is just as good. The novelty factor for Viewster is that you don’t have to sign up nor do any registration.

Simply open the app, browse through genres, category, choose your preferred video content stream and voila, you have set yourself up for unhindered cine richness. What’s more, the navigation is ridiculously easy and the app is compatible with Chromecast.

5) Cinema Box

best free movie apps for android

With some exceptional features such as inbuilt Chromecast support, Kid’s mode, Offline Mode, and Subtitle support, Cinema Box is a powerhouse by itself.

You can watch all the latest Hollywood flicks, TV series episodes with reckless abandon on this app and download your favourite videos any time.

Simply download the APK file on your Android smartphone via PlayStore and indulge in some serious movie marathons.

6) Popcornflix

watch tv shows online

Thanks to a steady update rate and a rich library of over 700 movies from eclectic genres, Popcornflix has risen through the ranks of the best free movie apps for Android in a short span of time.

Remember, Popcornflix is a relatively new app where one can check out the latest movies and download them for free without any restrictions.

The navigation on the app is super easy and movies are categorized according to themes, genres, release date and other credentials. Worth a snag!

7) Tubi TV

watch series online

Perhaps the second biggest app on our list apart from Showbox courtesy a huge movie database, Tubi TV is also ridiculously popular for its fast updates. You can easily snag this gem off of the Play Store and revel in some rich cine action on your Android mobile.

What’s more, Tubi TV’s homepage sports different categories such as Action, Drama, Stand-up comedy, martial Arts Movies, etc. that make navigation a cinch for new users.

Of course, you can also watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters on the app or even download them for free! All in all, Tubi TV is one of the best free movie apps for Android owners.

8) Big Star Movies

best free movie apps for android

Renowned as one of the best free movie apps for Android fans who are strictly into documentaries, offbeat films, and critically acclaimed foreign movies, Big Star Movies ensures that you can also download movies from the app.

Of course, you can stream movies on the app as well. All together, if you don’t want to spend money on an interesting documentary right now, Big Star Movies is your go-to destination.

9) Yidio

best free movie apps for android

Consistently ranked amongst the best free movie apps for Android, Yidio is a unique app that emulates a search engine for finding online video content or movies.

With a robust navigation menu, Yidio ensures that users can watch movies for free online with ease and grace.

Also, Yidio’s advanced search box and some decent filters such as genre, producer, et al. ensure that you can instantly find your favourite movies.

Furthermore, Yidio also has a provision for requesting movies at the ready. Users are notified once their requested movie is available on the app.

10) Bobby Movie Box

best free movie apps for android

Boasting a clutter-free, pleasant and simplified UI, Bobby Movie Box is an absolute delight for movie lovers who don’t want intermittent ads disrupting their streaming experience.

With a no ads policy, Bobby Movie Box ensures users don’t go astray or lookout for other other free Android movie streaming apps.

Moreover, the app is updated constantly with the latest movie releases in full HD display. On a side note, you could be spoiled for choice since the app boasts an extensive movie library.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best free movie apps for Android in 2022? Sound off in the comments. Let’s stir it up.

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