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10 BEST Games Like Roblox

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With over 1.4 million concurrent players today, Roblox is one of the “big cheese” in the video gaming industry. Roblox proves its dominance with simple graphics and, most importantly, its tantalizing number of community-made game modes. Whether you’re itching to play more games like Roblox or you’re sick of it already, here are ten games like Roblox!

Lego Worlds is an open-sandbox game set in the world of the Lego Universe. You are free to shape, craft, and customize the procedurally generated world in all ways possible. You can either choose to build everything brick by brick or copy your surroundings and “paste” them, sort of like a preset.

There is also combat involved in this game, albeit a bad iteration, especially if you’re using a mouse and keyboard. This aspect is important to note if you’ll be playing on your high-end PC. You’ll mostly be aiming at enemies with your mouse and hoping you’ll hit your enemies at some point.

There are multiple biomes present in this procedurally generated world of blocks, which is something to admire. Sometimes you’ll be doused in flames in a fiery area, and at other times, you’ll find yourself leisurely strolling in the streets of a well-built city, filled with cars, other people, and houses.

Terraria is an open-world sandbox, survival, and RPG game where your goal is to fight your way through several bosses to reach and defeat the “Moon Lord.” There are multiple fun mechanics in Terraria, such as building, classes, and NPC recruitment. In order to progress in Terraria, you must craft weapons and armors in conjunction with your game progression.

Bosses get increasingly difficult; hence you should find ways to find materials to craft and upgrade your equipment. Your class depends on the equipment that you put on, similar to how Skyrim’s equipment system works. Four unique classes are available as of August 2022: Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Summoners.

There are a few caveats to Terraria, such as more content on the PC version than the console versions and surprisingly tough boss fights, especially when you’re a melee user. Bosses also spawn randomly once conditions are met, regardless of where you are on the map. There are four difficulties available: Journey, Normal, Expert, and Master.

Terraria is an excellent game with seasonal content, multiple ways to customize your experience within the world, and extensive content for such a small game.

Minecraft is a sandbox game like Roblox. The world is procedurally generated, players have nothing in possession upon beginning a new game, and mechanics such as mining, building structures, and crafting weapons and armor are the core selling points for this worldwide phenomenon.

With over 250+ blocks to work with in Minecraft, the possibilities of structures are endless. From a simple house to gigantic castles and even a city, building is one of Minecraft’s most fun core mechanics. If you are a great “builder,” then chances are people will be willing to pay you for your services on their servers.

Minecraft also has a survival mode, similar to other games such as Rust. You must “mine” almost every block to craft your house, weapons, and armors. Mobs attack you wherever you are, and food is essential to keep yourself alive. Minecraft’s survival mode truly is a must-try mode for all players.

If you’re bored of playing alone, you can easily play with your friends. There are so many different servers to play in with your friends. Other servers have multiple mini-games, activities, guilds, and much more. This aspect makes the game very similar to Roblox’s community-made games.

Trove describes itself as the “Ultimate Action MMO” based on its Steam description. Well, Trove is a Voxel Adventure MMO, Voxel meaning that it’s made of boxes, a game like Roblox’s terrain. Trove also features procedurally generated content, classes, armors, multiple biomes, and masteries.

Trove primarily focuses on combat and adventure rather than building like Minecraft. There’s also a generic story involving the Sun and Moon Goddess. The Sun Goddess lights up the world, which everybody loves, and the Moon Goddess gets envious and proceeds to generate a pale moonlight that produces monsters. That’s it, nothing much to it.

Regardless of the hollow story, you play Trove for the gameplay itself, not its story. There are multiple starting classes in Trove, such as Candy Barbarian, Boomerang, Tomb Raiser, Pirate Captain, Knight, Gunslinger, Dracolyte, and Shadow Hunter. You can further upgrade these to “advanced classes,” totaling at least 17 different classes for your entire adventure.

The game employs a more open-ended system rather than a role-playing one, such as having you as the tank or support for the team. Gameplay consists of collecting pets, hat styles, fishing, combat, gear, and more. Your contribution to the fights depends solely on your equipment and power ranks.

Creativerse is another sandbox adventure game seemingly ripping off Minecraft as many fans would describe. The game is also a voxel sandbox, like Trove, which has much more updated graphics, lighting, and model quality than Minecraft. There are also multiple biomes to discover as you press forward on your journey in the procedurally generated world.

Creativerse focuses more on completing quests rather than surviving. Quests vary from killing and taming specific monsters to cooking and exploring. Also, mining is a bit different here in Creativerse; unlike Minecraft, in which you have different tools to chop wood, break blocks, etc., Creativerse has only one universal tool you can use to do all these.

There are also only three tools that you need to finish the game. Those would be the Extractor, Cooking Station, Forge, and Processor. All of these will allow you to strengthen yourselves to fight different monsters in multiple biomes. There are also multiple armors and weapons which you can craft by obtaining the necessary materials and using your forge.

Although Creativerse is a free-to-play game like Roblox, there are still multiple pay-to-win systems present in the game. It still is a good survival game to try if you’re tired of the thousands of game modes you have tried in Roblox.

Garry’s Mod is one of the earliest open-ended sandbox games available on the market. Gary Newman established Facepunk Studios, developers of Rust after he dropped out of college. Garry’s Mod started as, you guessed it, a mod for the game Half-Life 2’s engine. Valve then offered Facepunk Studios to create a standalone version of the game.

Up until this day, Valve and Facepunk Studios still constantly support this game, even after nearly 20 years of its release date. Well, what is with Garry’s Mod, and why is it so popular? Garry’s Mod is basically a sandbox game with limitless possibilities and what’s best about it is it has no objectives.

The player can casually spawn multiple assets from Valve’s Source Engine, control them, alter their facial expressions, create your own world, gameplay, and so much more. There are tons of multiplayer servers, each with its own identity, such as role-playing servers, hide-and-seek servers, trouble in terrorist town servers, etc.

There’s still the Steam Workshop with many available maps, and other downloadable stuff. Taking that into account, you have a game like Roblox, but much more open and offers players vast creative freedom.

Valheim is an early-access survival game with similar mechanics to Roblox’s survival games and Minecraft’s survival mode. The game offers a building, crafting, food, and water system. The game’s primary goal is to find and defeat bosses in the world around you. Each boss is tied to different biomes, which makes for unique fights and mechanics.

Valheim has a low-polygon look, unlike Roblox or Minecraft, making it easy to run on old laptops or PCs. Regardless of the low-polygon count in Valheim, the world looks absolutely gorgeous. The biomes look alive and distinct from each other, and the combat effects are generally “okay” for today’s standards.

With the food system, you can eat and cook food to add specific buffs to help make combat easier by empowering your character beforehand. Speaking of combat, it’s one of those games wherein it’s “easy-to-learn, yet hard to master.” You have to learn how to manage your limited stamina for your actions such as attacks, blocks, and dodges.

Trust me, Valheim is a fun-to-play survival game whether you’re a solo player or want to play co-op with your friends.

You might be asking yourself, what’s a battle-royale game doing in this list? Well, contrary to many beliefs, Fortnite started as a cooperative tower-defense survival game. Still, why is it here? Fortnite has a specific mode that players can freely access, creative mode. What is Creative Mode in Fortnite, you might ask?

Creative mode in Fortnite is a sandbox game wherein players can build and play fun and community-driven game modes in the game’s engine. From battling with your ships, team deathmatch surfboards, a free-for-all car arena, and even basketball! This mode is reminiscent of Roblox’s community game modes in much better graphics.

Not only are you limited to community game modes, but you can also build and structure your island the way you want to. If you have the artistic touch, then you are free to do so, as this mode allows you to design and construct buildings that will surely embody your personality as a gamer!

Again, you might be wondering, what the heck is Grand Theft Auto V doing on this list? To be clear, all Grand Theft Auto games are sandbox games, a genre that Roblox falls into. This triple-A game might be almost ten years old; however, there are still a lot of concurrent players, especially on Grand Theft Auto Online.

There are still almost 150k players active on Steam’s database as of April this year, and this doesn’t include other consoles. So what makes GTA V and GTA Online similar to Roblox? It’s mainly the freedom to do things at your will, in which progression is not a primary concern for players.

In Grand Theft Auto V, there is a main story mission available for you to play which has you controlling three characters, each with different backgrounds and personalities. The story missions are not mandatory, and you can freely roam around and do your thing like make money, go to casinos, bars, etc.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a game mode much more similar to Roblox. It is basically a platform for multiple game modes such as heists, deathmatch, racing, and many more mini-games. Yes, there is a progression system in Grand Theft Auto Online; however, if you look at the game from a macro perspective, it’s the same as what Roblox offers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is similar to Grand Theft Auto V. A sandbox and narrative-driven game in a fictionalized version of a western-era of the United States. Think of playing Grand Theft Auto as a horse-riding, gun-wielding cowboy. Although the game primarily focuses on its story, you can find various fun activities and side missions in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Like GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption also has its online multiplayer mode; however, it’s a less polished version of its highly successful brother. A good thing to note is that Red Dead Online will most likely die out soon, so make sure to grab the opportunity to play with your friends while the servers are still up.

There are multiple game modes in Red Dead Online with varying degrees of fun and excitement. From a player versus player setting to co-op bank heists, you’ll surely be enjoying your experience in this fantastic and mostly realistic western world.

Those are all of the top 10 games like Roblox, which are available today. Surely, no one will be able to take the trope of the “all-in-one” platform for multiple game modes and lobbies from Roblox, but if you’re sick of playing the game, then try out some of these!

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