13 Best Hunting Games for Nintendo Switch in 2022

Readers, get ready to check out the best hunting video games for the Nintendo Switch! The Nintendo Switch enables users to pursue creatures and terrifying monsters from the comfort of their sofa or bed, whether in beautiful forest landscapes or fantastical worlds.

Then there won’t be any rolling around in actual feces, huh? The best hunting games for the Nintendo Switch have something for everyone, whether you want to kill a Gloomharrow or bag a bass.

In the prehistoric era, hunting was an essential means of subsistence; later, it developed into a pastime enjoyed by kings and emperors.

Hunting has always been a crucial part of human existence, regardless of the time. Even though hunting is currently illegal, you can still play fantastic hunting games on the Nintendo Switch.

Hunting games are among the wide variety of games available on the Nintendo Switch. However, not all games are worthwhile to play, so it is necessary to filter out the best ones.

We have already completed and made this task easy for you, saving you the time it would take you to find playable hunting games.

Without further ado, here are some of the best hunting games for Nintendo switch that you should try as a game lover.

1. Hunting Simulator 2

The best hunting game for the Nintendo Switch is Hunting Simulator 2 Switch. It features beautiful natural settings where you can select from the best officially available weapons and accessories before using your dog to search for various animal species.

You have the opportunity to travel to the Texan desert, European forests, and Colorado plains. With the aid of various hunting methods, you can locate 33 different animal species in their natural habitats.

Furthermore, you can equip yourself with more than 160 weapons, clothing, and other accessories while using your hunting dog to track your prey.

2. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike- Championship Edition

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition video game combines sports and hunting into one game with a more competitive approach to hunting. The fishing simulator game emphasizes friendly competition and team sports.

You can build a career in this game and advance to become one of the competition’s top anglers. However, to participate in tournaments in the game, you must start the game in career mode.

The grind in this game makes it fun because it requires you to accumulate reputation points to participate in tournaments. The main gameplay loop of the game is where you must focus your efforts each time you play it.

Additionally, winning a tournament or just fishing will earn you reputation points. Also, you can advance to a higher tier in the game based on your reputation points, which act as experience points.

Additionally, you can access the Quick Fish mode if you want to casually hunt and fish for basses. To get the best fishing results and the most points, use this method of testing your dexterity and accuracy.

Speaking of the best outcomes, the game also shows how well each bait works for each fishing species. For instance, a plastic worm is the best lure for catfish, large- and smallmouth bass, and striped bass.

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For players who enjoy the challenge of competitive fishing and grinding, Bass Pro Shops is a must-play. This is among the best hunting games available for the Nintendo Switch, thanks to its addictive and rewarding formula.

3. Cabela’s: The Hunt Championship Edition Bundle

This game offers a variety of gaming options, including a multiplayer mode where you can compete against friends. The Quick Hunt mode, Season Hunt mode, and Cabela’s challenges are some specific modes created for casual and devoted players.

Along with finding your target, you must also be aware of scent, attack range, stalking prowess, and numerous other aspects that add to the game’s realism.

Hunting can be done with various weapons, including shotguns, rifles, bows, and side arms. The hunters explore ten distinct environments in states like Georgia, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, Florida, Minnesota, Alaska, and many others, each with a sizable selection of dangerous creatures to hunt.

4. Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Big Buck Hunter Arcade is the game for you if you enjoy hunting but prefer an arcade-style experience. In this first-person arcade shooter, you can test your eye coordination and accuracy while hunting animals in the wild.

Reality television programs that highlight the wild hunting sector are the inspiration for Big Buck Hunter. The game also includes background music featuring rural areas to make the hunt more relaxing.

You can select modes and locations in the game’s gameplay, which is straightforward. For instance, you can choose between three species to hunt in each of the five stages, each with a different level structure.

You can also hunt small animals to earn more points in the area. You can get a spot on the leaderboards for each species you successfully take out by earning points.

Additionally, the stages you choose to set off a perilous trophy mode where a predator can attack you before the round is over. Depending on the stage you chose for the trophy, the predators may be bears, lionesses, or wolves.

Big Buck Hunter is a great way to enjoy a hunting game with an arcade twist overall. This game is undoubtedly among the best hunting games available for the Nintendo Switch.

5. Monster Hunter Rise

This game has made many innovations since it is the most recent entry in the Monster Hunter series. The game’s best feature is the WIREBUG mechanic, which enables grappling actions so you can scale cliffs and access other areas that are inaccessible otherwise.

Areal attacks are possible in this game’s version. There are many single-player and multiplayer quests, which gives the game more variety.

Playing the game is significantly more exciting, thanks to the story mode. On Amazon, you can get the newest hunting game for the Switch for just $35.99.

6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

It’s time to make a deal with the huge monsters because there is only so long that you can keep hunting those animals. The Colossal roster, the most extensive monster roster ever, is present in this game of the series.

This game’s cooperative multiplayer mode supports up to three players. From selecting game styles to super moves, the gameplay is very customizable.

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7. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is the perfect game for you if you enjoy going dinosaur hunting. The stakes in this game are raised because hunting is riskier than ever.

The game allows you to hunt down dinosaurs of all different sizes and shapes from the first-person perspective.

However, in this game, you take on the role of a dinosaur hunter tasked with finding dinosaurs in a setting that makes you feel like you’re in Jurassic Park. You’ll kill famous dinosaurs like the T-REX and the enormous Triceratops with the aid of your tools and weapons.

The first-person perspective enhances the gameplay by fully immersing yourself in the hunt. Additionally, its gameplay loop enables you to eliminate a large number of dinosaurs using a specific neutralization method.

Furthermore, The game also includes a revolver, an x-bow, and a rifle. These weapons are the most critical component of your hunt because you use them to harvest your trophies.

You can also upgrade each weapon to increase its utility. For instance, you can increase your weapons’ range, damage, and weight to improve the player significantly.

Also, you can upgrade the players for more excellent cover and mobility in addition to boosting their weapons. For instance, purchasing upgrades like lighter clothing and a higher camouflage rate will help you sneak up on your prey much more quickly.

8. Deer Drive Legends

Deer Drive Legends, a hunting game with a different vibe, is another to add to this list. A challenging and entertaining first-person arcade hunting game, it is both.

Compared to other hunting games, Deer Drive Legends has a much more straightforward tone and adopts the concept of an arcade game with multiplayer functionality.

You can go hunting with your friends and kill many Moose, Bears, and Bucks. Playing this Switch game with a friend is also enjoyable.

You point the cursor at those swift and ferocious creatures on the planet to begin hunting in this game. The game is special in and of itself, though, because animals you encounter can attack you and rapidly deplete your health with each hit. This is one of the best hunting games for Nintendo switch.

9. Duck Hunting Challenge

Duck Hunting Challenge is a test of patience and observation simultaneously; as the name implies, it’s a challenging game. You can go duck hunting across the country in this first-person shooter game.

Although the gameplay is undoubtedly straightforward, it is safe to say that players who prefer a more passive playing style are still drawn to its playability.

You have to wait for your opportunity to hunt; the game is not just about going to a location and killing ducks immediately.

Moreover, the game is a little more realistic than you initially thought; to have an opening, you must use your whistle to entice the animals outside. However, using this item will reward you over time as you become an expert at duck hunting.

If you begin a Career Mode, you can further alter your character’s appearance by altering their face, skin tone, and hair. Additionally, if you want a more relaxed game experience, you can always go on a quick hunt to practice your hunting techniques.

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In general, Duck Hunting Challenge embraces a realistic hunting feel. This would be one of the best hunting games for the Nintendo Switch if you enjoyed the original Duck Hunt on the NES.

10. Sniper Elite 4

It’s time to find the Nazi scum right now. In Sniper Elite 4, you play as a top-tier sniper who has been given a lot of responsibility during the Second World War. In addition to your hunting prowess, strategy is a key component of this game.

You can use weapons from World War 2, such as sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols, grenades, traps, etc., to add authenticity to the game.

11. Pokemon Go: Let’s Go Pikachu

Perhaps you’re unsure if this is a hunting game though it is! In this game, all you have to do is seek out and gather various rarest of rare monsters. This hunting game will be a fantastic choice if you love Pokemon.

Numerous Pokemon series characters can be seen in the game in excellent visual detail. Also, the game also has a multiplayer option that supports two players. Not only that, but the game also supports split-screen play.

12. Hunt

Hunt initially appears to be a typical hunting game, but as you play it, you’ll discover that it has a good deal of personality. First-person shooting is a semi-open-world game that forces you to stray off to find animals nearby.

The simple visual design is complemented by captivating background music while hunting. The gameplay in the game is fantastic as well. You can embrace the lifestyle of a hunter here, from day to night.

You can choose between daytime and nighttime as the time to start your hunting. Certain animals may or may not show up, depending on your preferred time.

The animals in the game are quick and challenging to shoot at, so the game also challenges your aim. Additionally, if there’s a chance you’ll miss your shot, they might attack you, which would result in the game ending if time ran out.

However, after you kill an animal, you can claim it; when you approach the target, the contents of the animal you killed will be visible.

The amount of money you receive when you claim an animal depends on the animal’s description, including its weight, color, value, and type. This is one of the best hunting games for Nintendo switch.

13. Hunter Shooting Camp

In this hunting boot camp simulation, Hunter Shooting Camp takes hunting gameplay to a new level by having the player learn how to be a successful hunter. A first-person shooter hunting game called Hunter Shooting Camp teaches all the basics of hunting.

As you must complete all training to become a hunter, the game allows you to experience the complexity of being a hunter. This includes shooting exercises that help you improve your aim.

This is one of the best hunting games on the Nintendo Switch because of the strict commitment to teaching the hunter.

Furthermore, you can play the game in three modes: Bullet, Hunting, or Battle mode. The game also features over 150 levels, each uniquely designed for a particular play style. This is one of the best hunting games for Nintendo Switch.

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