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10 Best iPhone Widgets You Should Use (2022)

Best iPhone Widgets

Best iPhone Widgets

Apple has been a little late with the whole widget things on iPhones, but they are here now. Widgets are the best way to access useful and important stuff on your home screen and anything that Apple does has a fine finish. So the iPhone widgets are definitely some of the best in town. 

Whether you want to keep track of your fitness without going to the fitness app or see the battery of your connected devices at a glance, widgets on your iPhone have you covered in all of these areas. However, selecting the most useful iPhone widgets can become a little tricky. 

This guide has compiled a list of some of the best iPhone widgets you can use on your iPhone. These widgets will save time and increase productivity, so check them out. Without any further ado, here is the list of the most:

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Best and Useful iPhone Widgets 

1. Launcher

Two words that you will not hear very often are iPhone and customization. Well, this is where Launcher comes into play. It is one of the most customizable widgets you can find for iPhone. 

The widget is completely customizable and lets you quickly launch all your favorite apps from the home screen. Apart from settings calls, messages, and emails, you can even fine-tune your favorite websites with this widget. 

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2. Smart Stack

One of the best things about Smart Stack is that it allows you to see information on your iPhone, depending on your use. For example, it will show you podcasts when it is time for you to see podcasts. 

The widget combines other apps like Photos, Calendar, Reminders, Weather, etc. If you like to be organized and productive, this widget is definitely going to help you out.

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3. Weather 

The weather app on iPhone has improved, so the Weather widget is naturally great. This is also an important widget for daily commuters who travel a lot. It is always good to have a weather forecast before you leave. 

While people prefer to use third-party weather apps for accurate data, the current stock iPhone Weather app is more than good for most people. 

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4. Battery 

This has to be one of the best iPhone widgets on the list. The widget in its simple tile form shows you the battery levels of up to 4 devices, including your iPhone and 3 other connected devices. 

The widget comes in handy when you always have your AirPods and smartwatch connected to your iPhone. It shows you the battery level to know when to charge your connected devices. 

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5. Shazam 

Some of the most beautiful and unknown songs only play when we do not have any resources to search for them and at that time, the Shazam widget will be a lifesaver for you. 

With the Shazam widget, you can simply tap on the widget on your homescreen and identify the music playing. This provides quick access and can be a lifesaver. 

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6. Fitness

The Fitness widget is for all the people who are conscious about their fitness goals. Having the stats on the home screen itself allows you to keep track of them better.

The widget gives you all the necessary information regarding your fitness goals, so this is a must-have widget for every fitness freak. 

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7. Files 

There is always a moment when you need to quickly access some of your recent files and going through the traditional method is only time-consuming.

In that case, you can save some of your time by using the stock Files manager widget. The widget saves time by giving you quick access to your recent files. 

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8. Google Maps 

Most of you will agree that Google Maps is way better than Apple Maps because of many features that are simply missing and the fact that Apple Maps is non-existent in many regions. Many people prefer to use Google Maps; their widget is just a compact map version. 

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9. ScreenKit

ScreenKit is a perfect tool for people looking to revamp their home screen. With this app, you get over 5000 icons and over 500 themes that are absolutely stunning. The app allows you to design your home screen as per your preferences. 

Then the app also offers a wide range of beautiful widgets that add an extra charm to your iPhone. So, if you want to customize, try this one. 

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10. Fantastical

Many of you might already be familiar with the name as Fantastical is one of the most popular calendar and task manager apps. This is a good option for people who do not use the stock Apple calendar. 

The widget is also very well-thought and organized as it provides you with all the necessary information. The choice of widget designs also allows you to customize it even further.  

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