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Best Kodi Boxes in 2022

Best Kodi Boxes in 2022

This article will provide you with a list of the best Kodi Boxes that you can use to enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite movies and shows.


Kodi has become a popular streaming service due to its ability to give its users a wealth of functional Builds and add-ons. These builds and addons include thousands of streaming possibilities for whatever streaming content you’re looking for. Whether you want to watch a movie, TV series, live TV, or VOD, Kodi has an addon for you. Furthermore, it enables you to stream music through music add-ons for the most popular audio streaming and media providers.

Consequently, given Kodi’s popularity, there are a variety of streaming devices that you may use to access it. So the question is: Which Kodi Boxes are ideal for Kodi streaming? We’ll now be presenting the best Kodi boxes that are currently on the market.


Best Kodi Boxes

Amazon Firestick

Best Kodi Boxes - Firestick

The most widely used media device on the market right now is the Firestick. This is because it enables access to and viewing from a variety of streaming providers, both free and paid. It includes several features, such as the ability to sideload apps by jailbreaking your Firestick.


Aside from that, you can easily download Kodi for free on this device. Kodi is extremely straightforward to set up on Firestick, so if you’re new to Kodi, this device can serve as a solid starter for your Kodi streaming needs.



Nvidia Shield

Best Kodi Boxes - Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield is another popular streaming device that works with Kodi and other applications. It is one of the most competitive streaming devices on the market today because it provides streaming in 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, Atmos, and AI-enhanced upscaling. As a result, you may enjoy the best quality possible when watching your favorite films, television programs, sporting events, and live TV.

Aside from that, this is the best option for gamers due to the video resolution it offers in a variety of gaming software selections.

Additionally, Nvidia Shield utilizes the latest Android TV software. This explains why it has a sleek interface and easy navigation. Furthermore, it boasts a built-in Google Assistant as well as 4K Chromecast functionality, which distinguishes the Nvidia Shield from other competitors. Aside from Kodi, you can also access the Google Playstore and choose from over 5,000 apps for all of your streaming, gaming, and music needs.



MECOOL Android TV Box

Best Kodi Boxes - MECOOL

MECOOL boxes are officially certified Google products that include Google Assistant, Google Movies, Google Play, and Chromecast built-in. The ability to cast videos, music, images and anything else you want from your device to the big screen is made possible by the Chromecast’s built-in functionality.

You may enjoy your favorite streaming services like Kodi while using MECOOL because it allows you to watch movies, TV episodes, news, and sports in 4k HDR quality. Additionally, there are a variety of Kodi boxes available, so you may select the one that best suits your streaming requirements and your budget.

However, the pricing is slightly higher than the Firestick, which is the closest device to MECOOL boxes.



Onn Android TV

Onn Android

The Onn Android TV box is a product that is available at Walmart. It appears to be convenient because you may easily purchase it on your next visit to Walmart or if you just go there to buy this TV box.

You may enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on an Android TV with 4K Ultra HD compatibility and Dolby Audio as well. With just one device, you can access thousands of movies and TV shows, including those from streaming services like Kodi.

In addition, it includes Google Assistant and Chromecast exactly like the other gadgets we are highlighting in this article. Consequently, you can utilize its voice command to navigate between apps or other features effortlessly. At the same time, it allows you to cast movies or TV shows from your device to your television.


Google Chromecast

Best Kodi Boxes - Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is another famous streaming device that is commonly used nowadays. This is also fairly simple to set up because it includes a Google TV that allows you to access the Google Playstore and download apps to your device. All you need to do to start streaming is plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, choose your favorite application, and launch it.

Furthermore, it, like the Firestick, has the option to jailbreak to install third-party apps. This includes major streaming software like Kodi. You can then make use of several entertainment options, including live TV, sports, music, and gaming.

Also, you may mirror your screen using your phone, laptop, or tablet to watch your favorite movies or shows on the big screen. Google Chromecast offers numerous features that will allow you to have a better streaming experience on any device you own.


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What is a Kodi Box?

A Kodi Box is a device that allows you to successfully install and utilize Kodi to watch your favorite movies, TV series, live TV, news, and other content.


What is the Best Kodi Box?

In this article, we’ve highlighted all of the best Kodi boxes available today. These include the Firestick, Nvidia Shield, MECOOL Android TV, Onn Android TV, and Google Chromecast.


Are Kodi Boxes Safe?

Yes, Kodi Boxes are safe. However, it is still preferable to use Kodi Boxes that support VPN apps such as IPVanish. That way, you may activate the service to avoid data breaches while using Kodi on your preferred streaming device.


Are Kodi Boxes Legal?

Yes, using Kodi boxes is legal. However, since Kodi has a ton of add-ons and builds available that use sources from third parties, we can never guarantee the legality of the streams you can obtain from these boxes.



There are numerous boxes available that will enable you to install and stream Kodi. But in my opinion, the Firestick is still the best choice for streaming. This is because Firestick’s software has virtually limitless potential. Aside from Kodi, you may sideload or install a ton of other apps on your device, including ones for streaming movies, music, games, and much more.

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