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Best Mac Tools for Productive Work

According to research, the first three hours at work are the most productive. That’s why you should avoid all distractions during your pick hours. Your energy gets drained as you continue working, but your focus should be on doing productive work. To maximize your productivity, know the issues that often distract you and manage them. 

Mac users can leverage a wide array of productivity apps useful for all occasions. Amid the wide range of tools with similar features, it is important to find the best and most approved software that will save you time and boost your productivity. Here are the best tools you can choose. 

UPDF for Mac

PDF files are popular file formats used daily in every work environment. However, most users get challenged when working on PDFs. It is crucial to know how to combine PDF files, edit, or annotate to produce better results. UPDF for Mac is one of the important apps for maximizing productivity. It provides you with powerful features that are compatible across every platform or device. 

You can use the app to streamline the process of working with multiple PDF files. Use it to edit your PDF files, read, annotate, convert, organize, or share your PDF files with other teams. Its advanced editing features help you edit text, and photos, add links, and pages, change color and fonts, and many more. 


Keeping focus and staying organized are some of the challenges you can face while working. Todoist was created to help you keep your work and life organized. You can use it to add tasks such as to-do lists, time to read emails, and reminders. The app filters your lists automatically and displays the most important things for the day. It alerts you on upcoming events so that you can get ready to handle them. 

It has an array of features that make your work life enjoyable. It is one of the apps for maximizing productivity that helps you break your tasks into subtasks, share them with your teams, and move them into projects. It connects you with your teams, where you can share comments and give feedback. Once a task is complete, the app marks it as complete to avoid confusion. It links with other tools such as calendar, voice assistant, and many others. 

Spark Mail

Spark Mail is a cross-platform email organizer that filters out emails leaving you to focus on what is important. It is one of the top productivity apps for Mac that reorganizes your inbox to give you better control of your emails. It cuts out distractions by filtering out what you don’t need at the moment. It first displays your priority emails and sends non-priority ones into another folder. It uses AI features to help you smartly search your emails. 

Its unifying feature brings multiple inboxes into one platform so that you save time login into each account. It has a push notification feature that helps you manage all your emails from one home screen. It is one of the apps for maximizing productivity that reminds you when there is a priority email that needs to be sent fast. You can use it to block incoming emails from specific addresses and to mute email threads that are no longer relevant. 


Pixelmator is the best photo editing software for Mac that helps you create stunning images. You can choose to use the pro or classic package, but they all come with excellent features. It gives you access to more than 200 AI-powered templates and 16 highly customizable mockups. You can use them to create any design you want and edit your photos to add color, brightness, or size. 

You can use this best photo editing software for mac to smart replace images. The software uses AI to remove photo backgrounds, add resolution, or combine colors. If you have raw photos that are pixelated, you can use the tool to enhance the photo appearance automatically. Its vector tools allow you to draw and illustrate images making them look stunning. 


CloudApp is one of the pro tools for Mac used for recording screens. It records your activities on the screen as a video and includes your face and voice. After recording, you annotate the image or convert it to GIF and then share it with your team as a link. It is good when organizing virtual meetings where you don’t have to be present during the meeting. 

The software is in the list of top pro tools for Mac because of its multiple uses. It is good when you want to explain something, such as training, and you want the recipient to view you doing it. You can use it to create customized sales videos, screenshots, and GIFs, which means you increase your sales opportunities and minimize meetings. 


Slack is one of the apps for maximizing productivity used by both big and small companies. It brings your team communication into one place, making it easier to chat, send messages, and organize everyone. It can connect people within departments, offices, or remote teams located across the world. You can use it to send audio and video clips or simply chat live. 

By bringing your entire team on one page, it is easier to brainstorm on project needs and get things moving fast. The app can be integrated with more than 2,500 other applications and plugins. When your process is complicated, Slack helps you streamline the process by bringing everyone on board. 


Productivity is crucial in business because it leads to efficiency, satisfied customers, and more revenue. When you are productive, you can work on more relevant tasks, assign new ones, and track progress. Mac users can leverage a wide range of tools to improve their productivity. There are many other productivity apps available online for Mac, but these are especially effective and time-tested. 

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