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Best Minimalist Watches 2022: 12+ Affordable Smartwatches


If you are seeking a top-tier watch with sophistication and great functionality but don’t want the unnecessary bells and whistles that tag along with modern smartwatches, then a minimalist watch will suffice. Featuring simple and clean-cut designs, minimalist watches are devoid of complications of sub-dial clusters and over-the-top tech fandangle. However, finding minimalist timepieces online is actually quite painstaking, hence we reviewed the best minimalist watches on the market right now for you to choose from.

Comfy to the hilt, these modern clockworks with classic design ethos can be paired with both your business and casual attire. In fact, they can also be used as diver’s watches and run the gamut from super cheap, affordable to high-end luxurious timepieces. Without further ado, let’s get started.

12 Best Minimalist Watches of 2022 (Reviewed)

1) Hamilton Intra-Matic H38455751 Leather Watch

best minimalist watches

If you want to keep up with minimalist aesthetics, Hamilton’s Intra-Matic H38455751 is a formidable timepiece strictly meant for pure minimalists.

Simply adorning a silver dial with sleek black hourly markers, date display and a thin black 2-hand automatic movement, this timepiece is functional to the brim and can be worn for any occasion.

Its 38mm stainless steel case displays part of the jewels movement and a rugged black leather strap further lend it the gravitas of a minimalist wrist-watch. What’s more, this timepiece boasts a sapphire mineral crystal that is not only scratch-resistant but also water-resistant up to 50 meters.

2) Tsovet JPT-CC38 Watch

best minimalist watches

Seeking an elegant timepiece suitable for all kinds of events? Look no further than the JPT-CC38 by Tsovet which is one of the best minimalist watches on the market.

For starters, it boasts a distinct white dial with elongated black Roman numerals, two sub-dials at the 12 and 6’oclock marks, and a 3-hand movement.

It also sports a 38mm and brushed silver stainless steel case that pairs with a sleek tan leather strap which will comfortably fit any wrist. What’s more, this clockwork is water resistant up to 50 meters. Go for it if you want to make a bold style statement and yet stay true to your minimalist credentials.

3) Komono Winston Regal Watch

best minimalist watches

A no-frills attached watch with Japanese quartz movement, the Komono Winston Regal features a jet-black dial, genuine tanned leather strap, and a 41mm black brushed metal casing with stainless steel back that redefines style via a minimalist touch-up.

Nothing really fancy here but the stunning black and silver numerals, and a 3-hand movement accentuate its simplistic ethos and lend this beautiful clockwork a timeless and fashion-forward appeal. And, oh it is also water resistant and comes under $100!

4) Skagen Klassik Watch

best minimalist watches

Founded on minimalist Danish design ethos, the Skagen Klassik watch is the epitome of simplicity and comfort. Its stunning white dial sports black numerals with sharp hourly and minute markers, as well as 2 black hands and one red seconds hand.

You would be in awe of its lightweight 40mm stainless steel case and sleek bracelet that are suitable for the daily grind. Furthermore, this timepiece is also water resistant for up to 30m.

5) Braun Classic BN0211 Watch

This stunning timepiece by Braun comprises a black dial, 3-hand movement, muted silver markers, and a unique gold yellow seconds hand.

What makes the Braun Classic BN0211 one of the best minimalist watches is an incredibly lightweight build courtesy its smooth 38mm black stainless steel casing and slim black stainless steel band.

This remarkable wrist-wear boasts Japanese quartz movement and is water-resistant up to 30 meters, hence an apt accessory for all outdoor excursions.

6) Daniel Wellington Reading Watch

best minimalist watches

An established brand in the clockworks game, Daniel Wellington’s Reading watch is a nifty minimalist clockwork that consolidates its supremacy. The Reading watch sports a black crocodile emblazoned genuine Italian leather band that perfectly holds onto a 40mm rose-gold case. Its marvellous black dial displays rose gold hour and minute markers that look every bit elegant.

Not to mention, its lightweight and scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass that is water resistant up to 30 meters so that water sports enthusiasts don’t feel left out.

7) Mondaine Classic

best minimalist watches

A through-and-through eye catching timepiece, the Mondaine Classic is by all means a minimalist’s dream come true. For starters, the Swedish watch’s distinct minute/hour hands gel well with its sapphire crystal and unadorned case shape.

You can also choose from tons of different colour combinations that are incredibly versatile, hence pairing this watch with your outfit becomes a breeze. Quite apt for casual wear, this nifty timepiece is an ode to the glorious nineties.

8) Junghans Max Bill Quartz

best minimalist watches

Renowned German brand Junghans keeps things simple yet stylish with the slick Max Bill Quartz that boasts convex hard Plexiglass display with Sicralan coating. Hence, this minimalist watch has more to it than only being splash or water-proof.

The watch face comes in sunray brush dark grey colour, wherein the minute track and hands are built with environment-friendly luminous substance.

If you are looking for modern and contemporary timepieces for corporate and casual wear, the Max Bill Quartz is one of the best minimalist watches on the market.

9) Shinola Runwell Green Dial

A perfect companion for complementing colourful outfits, this Shinola model comes loaded with a battery that runs on EOL technology. It also sports a double curve sapphire crystal, 41mm case, and is quite the looker despite being robust on the functionality front.

All together, a must have timepiece for men who prefer a minimalistic watch design with a twist.

10) Uniform Wares M35

The instantly recognisable modern case design of Uniform Wares M35 isn’t the only novelty factor that makes it one of the best minimalist watches out there. This beautiful Swiss-made clockwork boasts an adjustable buffed cordovan black leather strap, mirror-polished aluminium hands, and is also water resistant up to 50m.

A decent recommendation for men always on the go, its intricately crafted markers in gunmetal-tone further lend it the gentlemanly charm.

11) Skagen Holst

While popular smartwatch maker Skagen describes its Holst Ancher watch as a subtle and sophisticated timepiece, that would merely be an understatement. Despite a slim profile and soft black leather strap, this timepiece makes a bold style statement keeping in line with minimalistic aesthetics.

Furthermore, a stunning cobalt dial, date keeper, chronograph 60 and 30-second timer, and slick silver finishes lend this timepiece the versatility and eternal charm seldom visible in contemporary wristwear.

12) Rogart Classic Automatic

Rossling and Co’s Rogart Classic automatic watch is equipped with Japanese automatic movement and comprises a 40mm lightweight case, comfy black leather strap as well as a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window that ensures maximal protection.

This modern clockwork comes with a decent 2 year warranty should you face any problems. On the design front, it has everything simplified – from three blue watch hands, to black markings beneath a white dial, keeping track of time has never been so easy.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our review of the best minimalist watches of 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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