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15 BEST Offline Games for Android and iOS

Are you tired of grinding for materials and defeating world bosses? Or getting stressed over competitive online games? Sometimes, all you may need is a break from high-maintenance games that can somewhat get more exhausting than enjoyable. Truly, entertainment doesn’t have to be demanding. It doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet. And offline games readily available on mobile can attest to that.

The best offline games on mobile are often paired with marvelous graphics. If you’re into calm and relaxing aesthetics and gameplay, you came to the right place! We at WhatIfGaming know that mobile games shouldn’t be limited to complicated and time-consuming applications, especially if you’re just trying to unwind after a hard day’s work. 

With that, we compiled 15 of the best offline games for Android and iOS with soothing aesthetics. From country-side farming to collectible cats and everything laid-back in between! 

The indie game Stardew Valley is a reinvention of the classic Harvest Moon. Released in 2016 by ConcernedApe and Chucklefish, this simulation RPG gives life to our countryside dreams. Here, you take over your deceased grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley, where you grow crops, raise livestock, and socialize with townspeople. Your character can even marry and have children. Moreover, a multiplayer mode is available if you play this game online.

The pixelated 2D graphics of Stardew Valley resonates well with those of old-school video games. But don’t judge the offline game by its appearance alone. It can be just as immersive as modern-looking RPGs with its customisability, similar to designing teapots in Genshin Impact.

This offline game follows you, an immigration inspector, as you control the flow of people passing through the border. After a 6-year war between Arstotzka and Kolechia, both countries have claimed half of a board town called Grestin. It’s up to you to root out the smugglers, spies, and terrorists from the crowd.

By inspecting travelers’ papers using a primitive system, you must choose who enters Arstotzka and who will be denied entry or arrested. The game progresses through 31 days and has 20 endings. There are also an enhanced inspection mode, leaderboards, and Game Center achievements. Papers, Please is an award-winning dystopia thriller you won’t want to skip.

Florence from Annapurna Interactive is much more interactive storytelling rather than a game. However, its beautiful background music, fascinating plot, and interactive mini-games won’t bore you. This single-player game follows the story of Florence Yeoh, a 25-year-old female, who meets Krish, a male cellist. Then, your task as a player is to accomplish short mini-games that piece together Florence’s thoughts, brush her teeth, and cook their food as a couple, among many others.

This short yet relaxing game is recommended for those who want to witness a wholesome first-love romance unfold. The minimalist yet colorful art style adds flair to its actual story. Spoiler alert: Florence has a definite and somewhat controversial ending.

Tsuki Adventure is an RPG made by HyperBeard. Although the name itself, it highlights the adventure of a rabbit named Tsuki. This stressed city worker transfers to the countryside after receiving a letter from his deceased grandfather. While the plot might seem similar to Stardew Valley’s, this game focuses on cute talking animals in a Japanese country setting.

This passive game will allow you to interact with other animals. Wait and come back from time to time so you can see Tsuki using the items in his backpack. Be sure to collect carrots regularly, as this serves as the in-game currency.

Filled with secret rooms, combat, hidden passages, and nonlinear progression, this Castlevania-esque action game is one of the best. The game requires you to explore and fight through an ever-evolving castle. The catch? If you die, you start over. Also, the game has no checkpoints, forcing you to learn and repeat after each death. Finally, the permadeath feature will either cause you to love the game or smash your device from frustration.

Dead Cells is an intense action game filled with pattern-based thrills, bosses, minions, weapons, and other unique gameplay. Unlock new levels and take a new path after each death – the game offers nonlinear progression.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is an idle game from Hit-Point for those who find cats adorable stress-relievers. You only need to buy goodies like playthings and snacks for cats and set them in your yard. Once you’re back in the game after a while, you’ll find random stray cats using your items. They also give back silver or goldfish as a thank-you, which you can use to buy more goodies. It’s definitely a cat lover’s dream!

This kitty-collecting game displays cute cats with a range of breeds and rarity. If you like passive games and just want to feast your eyes on these adorable furbabies, then this game is for you! Remember to take snapshots and increase your friendship with the cats by interacting.

The casual simulation game Adorable Home is another wholesome masterpiece from HyperBeard. You move in with your romantic partner to a new house you will decorate here. There are also adorable pet cats to take care of by bathing them and clipping their nails, among many other mini games. You can also prepare tasty and attractive bento meals for your partner to get love, the in-game currency, after his/her work. 

Adorable Home is recommended for players who want a mix of low-key romance, cute cats, and home decoration. It’s also an idle game, so you might catch your cats and characters enjoying different furniture. The game’s hand-drawn aesthetic, similar to Neko Atsume’s, also makes the graphics more therapeutic to look at.

Looking for a classic arcade racing game that’s offline? Horizon Chase is a retro game that’s addictive with unbound speed. The game is inspired by ’80s and 90’s games and offers retro gameplay that will hit you with nostalgia. In addition, the game has 16-bit graphic content, which creates a unique style that seamlessly blends retro and contemporary graphics.

The game takes you around the world, driving around great race tracks and through changing weather conditions. Of course, we can’t ignore how beautiful this game is, yet it offers gameplay that would make arcade gamers feel at Home.

The simulation game Desertopia by Gamtropy uniquely incorporates the role of humans in shaping the ecosystem. The game gives you a desert island to cultivate, plant trees, and become a habitat for various animal species. Weather, water levels, terrain, and even pollution change here. In the game, we also have options to prioritize wildlife over human interests or vice versa. Although painfully realistic, the game anchors on that all our choices have consequences. Especially with the “you reap what you sow” tagline. 

Desertopia’s ideology aside, the graphics’ aesthetic is straight from a children’s picture book. It features a vibrant or pastel palette and adorable elements like clouds and animals. With its picturesque environment, you definitely won’t want garbage lurking around. Luckily, the game also makes you care for your surroundings by asking you to pick up trash.


Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS

Running a pizzeria becomes easy with the game Good Pizza, Great Pizza by TapBlaze. Aside from making inherently enjoyable pizzas, this game has an interesting plot where you compete against Alicante, a haughty ovenist across the street. To emerge victorious, fulfill your unique customers’ simple and sometimes complicated orders as accurately as possible. Then, upgrade your oven, add more pizza toppings, and put some ornaments in your pizzeria to make your business succeed.

This pizza game’s clean-cut aesthetic hits the spot with various colorful toppings and pizza boxes. You might even come across famous special characters like Elon Musk and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as customers. Or just a group of gangsters trying to test your pizza-making skills.

With no surprise, Dadish 3 revolves around a storyline where you’ll need to help him save his kids again. This time, his kids board a suspicious bus, and you’ll need to find them before they’re turned into soup. This quirky game takes you through different adventures, like riding dolphins and getting lost in the desert. It’s the most action-packed Dadish adventure yet.

The game is a retro platformer with 50 levels to complete before finally rescuing his radish children. Explore a world with murderous cupcake snakes, ice creams, and other junk food. Oh, and not to mention that the soundtrack is excellent!

The indie puzzle game Monument Valley by Ustwo will squeeze out your mind’s creative juices while being visually therapeutic. You guide Princess Ida through mazes and optical illusions to reach her destination. While the game levels may somewhat confuse you with illusions, each provides a unique and clean architecture with geometric shapes and soothing colors, seen from an isometric view. Overall, it’s a creative and entertaining game for those who want a slight challenge while relaxing.

Like Florence, Monument Valley is a digital masterpiece by Ken Wong under a different company. With this puzzle game’s success, the developers also released a sequel entitled Monument Valley 2, which features a mother named Ro and her child walking through a maze.

Crossy Road is an arcade game from Hipster Whale. Interestingly, the game was inspired by the classic joke of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” with the default chicken protagonist. It is an endless runner game as you try to guide the character in crossing busy roads, train tracks, and rivers against obstacles. The game’s environment also changes depending on the character you’ve equipped.

Its gameplay is so straightforward that all you have to do is cross the road without dying. Despite being virtually endless, its pixel art, vibrant flat colors, and isometric view will keep you focused. It would be harder not to lose first than to get bored with it, though.


My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS

Another food-themed offline game is My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge. This journey takes you through a story as you try and find your wife and kids who’ve been kidnapped. After a near-death experience, you’ll need to navigate through a bullet-filled game to save his family.

The game consists of weird combinations of blood, bananas, and guns to create a gaming experience you won’t forget. Jump and shoot through 37 levels on foot or while racing on a motorcycle and skateboard. There’s also a blood rush mood that tests your ultimate skills.


Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure

Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS

Welcome to your next favorite open-world skiing and snowboarding adventure. Explore entire mountains, ski down the most significant cliff drops, and free ride down steep chutes. Hit the mountains or explore the various ski resorts; it’s all up to you. Grand Mountain Adventure is a paid adventure game that you won’t want to put down.

After downloading the game, you’ll be presented with a demo where you can explore your first mountain for free. Once purchased, 7 other stunning mountains are open to exploring. There are hundreds of challenges to master and online leaderboard options to compete in. The game is also controller friendly and offers cross-device multiplayer over WiFi. With over 20 hours of gameplay and a zen mode, it’s definitely worth the purchase.


Which aesthetic or offline game did pique your interest the most? If you’re finding ways to chill or unwind, or just something to do while you have no internet connection available, then be sure to try the best offline games for Android and iOS we listed!

If you’d observe the list, we didn’t include Minecraft as we believe it deserves to take separate limelight. However, aesthetic-wise, it doesn’t disappoint, especially with the best building ideas you can do. We even have a separate list of unique treehouses!

We hope you got great ideas from this article on the best offline games with soothing aesthetics available on mobile! Thank you so much for reading!

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