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Learning piano can be a daunting task when there is a smorgasbord of chords, music theories and complex techniques to be learned. You can take expensive piano lessons or hire teachers but they may not be feasible due to time and economic constraints for many people. Luckily, there’s a treasure trove of free piano apps on the internet. However, finding them is quite tedious. Worry not, we did the graft and did a rundown of some of the best piano learning apps for Android and iOS that will immensely help in your journey to learn piano. 

Not only do these comprehensive piano apps help you learn to play the instrument but also track your progress in real time. You can learn everything to become a virtuoso: from reading sheet music, playing by ear to learning music theory, scales and the rest of it.

So are you ready to find out the best piano learning apps for Android and iOS devices? Without further ado, let’s get started.

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12 of the Best Piano Learning Apps in 2022

1) SimplyPiano by JoyTunes (Android and iOS)

best piano learning apps

Just started learning piano? Look no further than SimplyPiano, a nifty piano teaching app that walks you through all the basics such as rhythm, note reading, and scales. SimplyPiano displays some notes and guides you to play them accurately on your MIDI/acoustic piano or keyboard. 

Not to mention, it even lets you play the latest tunes like Ed Sheeran’s Photograph to classics such as Imagine by John Lennon, and Bach.

Hence, rather than learning just one aspect of piano or learning to play theoretically, you get real hands on piano playing guidance. 

Beginners would surely find this app useful as it offers tremendous learning both music theory wise as well as practically. What’s more, the available courses on SimplyPiano are worth 2 years of piano learning with new courses added frequently.

2) FlowKey (Android & iOS)

best piano learning apps

Touted as one of the best piano learning apps for Android and iOS, Flowkey is a combination of both sheet music and video tutorials. With on screen guidance, you can seamlessly position your hands and learn to play in realtime note by note.

FlowKey is essentially a notch up from learning to play piano via music sheets. It boasts an extensive catalogue of 1000+ songs from genres such as classical, rock, jazz and pop which will be immensely useful for beginners. 

What’s more, FlowKey provides interactive step-by-step courses about chords, tempo, scales and notes and makes learning piano a smooth experience.

3) The Metronome by SoundBrenner (Android and iOS)

best piano learning apps

A metronome is a must have for all musicians for keeping track of the beat. The Metronome is a nifty app that does exactly what its name implies.

A very flexible app at your disposal, The Metronome  helps you play piano in perfect unison with time wherein you can tap your own tempo

What’s more, the app is totally ad free and lets you jam with up to 5 fellow musicians or band members thanks to its multiplayer sync feature. All together, it is one of the best piano learning apps on Android that is absolutely free to download. 

4) Perfect Ear (Android & iOS)

best piano learning apps

Developing a good ear is a must for all aspiring musicians, let alone pianists. Perfect Ear is a formidable app that develops your aural skills to identify notes and play an instrument along with music just by hearing it. 

Perfect Ear is your best companion if you want to practice learning scales, intervals, as well as chords.

Not to mention, you can even customize your own rhythm training or ear training regimen. It also boasts a full fledged music scales dictionary that helps you learn the ropes of playing piano efficiently. Perfect Ear is available on both Android and iOS.

5) MuseScore (Android & iOS)

best piano learning apps

Reading sheet music is quite difficult and expensive for a beginner learning piano. With MuseScore at the helm, you get access to a huge catalog of free piano music sheets ranging from Flight of the Bumblebee to Mozart’s Symphony 40 .

Moreover, MuseScore is a great community driven platform where experts and beginners alike help each other by sharing new ideas and piano learning tips. 

Because there are a lot of people on MuseScore, you’ll see piano scores, tutorials from the most basic hand exercises, to the most advanced like Mozart’s Turkish March or the Flight of the Bumblebee. And all of this content is available to you for free.

6) Piano Companion

best piano learning apps

If you are looking for an app that’s a wholesome repository of piano chords, Piano Companion should definitely be on your radar.

It will get you from novice to advanced level in no time. Piano Companion displays chord names, fingering exercises, chord progressions and more. 

Ever wondered what Cadd9 or Csus4 chord looks like on a piano? You can find it right on this app. If you prefer a more streamlined approach to learning piano chords or scales, be it Major, minor, 7th, diminished, or augmented, then Piano Companion will be your best mate.

7) Yousician (Android & iOS)

best piano learning apps

Finding it hard to translate cryptic sheet notes to your piano accurately? Yousician is a nifty piano learning app that helps in sight reading so that musicians can play music just by having the sheet in front of them in real time, note by note.

Which is why, it is one of the best piano learning apps for beginners and intermediate level musicians alike.

What’s more, Yousician emulates Guitar Hero except on Piano and tells you whether you hit the correct note at the right time or not. If you are finding it hard to read sheet music, then Yousician is a great learning software with accurate feedback.

8) Synthesia (Android & iOS)

best piano learning apps

A massively popular piano learning app for PC, Synthesia is now available for Android users. It functions on the lines of Guitar Hero where there are falling notes and you have to press the accurate key on your piano to get high scores. 

You can even connect a MIDI keyboard to your mobile and sync Synthesia for real time playing if you are a budding music producer. 

The only downside is that Synthesia sometimes bothers you to sign up to the Pro version, but you can avoid it nonetheless. All together, Synthesia is a handy app to learn piano songs if you’re already familiar with chords and chord progressions.

9) Piano Maestro

best piano learning apps

An incredibly engaging and practical app, Piano Maestro was chosen as the best educational app on the App store according to its makers.

No matter what your skill level is, you will notice remarkable progress in your piano playing endeavour once you start using Piano Maestro. 

Moreover, Piano Maestro boasts over 2800 songs, lesson books and is used as a resource tool by many accomplished pianists, hobbyists and piano teachers worldwide. All together, it is one of the best piano learning apps for iPhone and iPad users.

10) Note Quest

best piano learning apps

Note Quest is an assortment of beautiful piano flashcards that will invariably ease the life of pianists. For starters, the first few notes are systematically arranged for beginner pianists. So much so, Note Quest guarantees anyone can learn to play piano within 30 days by using the app. 

What’s more, it also doubles up as a sight reading app besides assisting in the usual note reading fare. All in all, NoteQuest offers plenty of drills and lessons that can transform you from a beginner to a professional. 

11) The DoReMi Trainer

best piano learning apps

Symbolic of its name, DoReMi trainer is a splendid app based on the DoReMi or Solfege system of learning musical scales. Besides teaching music, the app comes in handy for rehearsing the solfeggio or letter notation. 

DoReMi Trainer comes loaded with three practice modes mainly: Treble, Contras, and Mixed mode wherein each mode has its own significance.

Which is why, Doremi Trainer is one of the best piano learning apps that will help you answer letter notations accurately and make you independent for reading sheet music. 

12) Pianist HD

piano learning app

Want to learn to play piano at your own speed and tempo with minimal external support? Pianist HD will be a useful companion as it teaches you the ins and outs of piano on an 88-key virtual keyboard.

Furthermore, Pianist HD emulates a real piano with over 128 MIDI models and 12+ piano models including Grand Piano, Upright Piano and Digital Piano.

You can tweak around the virtual keyboard and turn on its realistic key vibration feature to make it feel like you’re playing on a real piano or MIDI keyboard.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best piano learning apps? Sound off in the comments.

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