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My Singing Monsters breeding | Pocket Tactics

My Singing Monsters is a smash-hit mobile game where you can gather a small army of different monsters, you can even get some of the rare ones with a few tricky techniques. If you’re playing, you’ll want to check out our My Singing Monsters breeding guide to learn how to get the best of the bunch, and finally, grab yourself those elusive special monsters.

While it’s pretty easy to grab your first monsters with cash, you’ll need to get experimenting if you want to build up your collection and unlock those rarer dual or triple-element monsters. luckily, our My Singing monsters guide is here to help, and break down everything you need to know. For even more great mobile game guides, check out our articles covering Genshin Impact codes, and our Genshin Impact events guide.

Let’s get into our My Singing Monsters breeding guide.

My Singing Monsters breeding

My Singing Monsters breeding: ley at for the game My Singing Monsters shows many of the monsters all hanging out in one area

My Singing Monsters breeding – naturals

Monster  Element  Class Cost Breeding combination  Breeding time 
Noggin  Earth Natural 300 coins  N/A 5 seconds
Mammott Cold Natural 300 coins  N/A 2 minutes
Toe Jammer  Water  Natural  250 coins  N/A 1m
Potbelly  Plant  Natural  250 coins  N/A  2h 
Tweedle  Air  Natural  300 coins  N/A 4h
Kayna  Fire Natural 10 relics N/A 7h
Drumpler  Earth/Cold Natural 30 diamonds Noggin & Mammott 30m
Fwog Earth/Water Natural 30 diamonds Noggin & Toe Jammer  30m
Maw Cold/Water Natural 30 diamonds Toe Jammer & Mammott 30m
Shrubb Earth/Plant Natural 30 diamonds Potbelly & Noggin 8h
Furcorn Cold/Plant Natural 30 diamonds Potbelly & Mammott 8h
Oaktopus Water/Plant Natural 30 diamonds Potbelly & Toe Jammer 8h
Dandidoo Air/Plant Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Potbelly 8h
Pango Air/Cold Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Mammott 8h
Quibble Air/Water Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Toe Jammer 8h
Cybop Air/Earth Natural 30 diamonds Tweedle & Noggin 8h
Stogg Earth/Fire Natural 50 relics Noggin & Kayna 10h
Flowah Plant/Fire Natural 50 relics Potbelly & Kayna 10h
Glowl Air/Fire Natural 50 relics Tweedle & Kayna 10h
Phangler Water/Fire Natural 50 relics Toe Jammer & Kayna 10h
Boskus Cold/Fire Natural 50 relics Mammott & Kayna 10h
T-Rox Rock/Water/Cold Natural 50 diamonds Noggin & Maw/Toe Jammer & Drumpler/Mammott & Fwog 8h
Pummel Plant/Earth/Water Natural 50 diamonds Potbelly & Fwog/Noggin & Oaktopus/Toe Jammer & Shrubb 12h
Clamble Plant/Earth/Cold Natural 50 diamonds Potbelly & Drumpler/Noggin & Furcorn/Mammott & Shrubb 1h
Bowgart Plant/Water/Cold Natural  50 diamonds Potbelly & Maw/Toe Jammer & Furcorn/Mammott & Oaktopus 12h
Spunge Air/Plant/Water Natural 50 diamonds Toe Jammer & Dandidoo/Potbelly & Quibble/Tweedle & Oaktopus 12h
Thumpies Air/Plant/Cold Natural 50 diamonds Mammot & Dandidoo/Potbelly & Pango/Tweedle & Furcorn 12h
Congle Air/Water/Cold Natural 50 diamonds Tweedle & Maw/Toe Jammer & Pango/Mammott & Quibble 12h
PomPom Air/Earth/Cold Natural 50 diamonds Noggin & Pango/Mammott & Cybop/Tweedle & Drumpler 12h
Scups Air/Earth/Water Natural 50 diamonds Tweedle & Fwog/Noggin & Quibble/Toe Jammer & Cybop 12h
Reedling Air/Earth/Plant Natural 50 diamonds Noggin & Dandidoo/Potbelly & Cybop/Tweedle & Shrubb 12h
Repatillo Plant/Earth/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Shrubb/Noggin & Flowah/Potbelly & Stogg 20h
Floogull Air/Earth/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Cybop/Noggin & Glowl/Tweedle & Stogg 20h
Barrb Air/Plant/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Dandidoo/Potbelly & Glowl/Tweedle & Flowah 20h
Whaddle Air/Water/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Quibble/Toe Jammer & Glowl/Tweedle & Phangler 20h
Woolabee Air/Cold/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Pango/Mammott & Glowl/Tweedle & Boskus 20h
Wynq Water/Cold/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & maw/Toe Jammer & Boskus/Mammott & Phangler 20h
Sooza Plant/Cold/Fire Natural 100 relics Mammott & Flowah/Potbelly & Boskus/Kayna & Furcorn 20h
Rootitoot Plant/Water/Fire Natural 100 relics Kayna & Oaktopus/Toe Jammer & Flowah/Potbelly & Phangler 20h
Ziggarub Earth/Cold/Fire Natural 100 relics Drumpler & Kayna/Mammott & Stogg/Noggin & Boskus 20h
Thrumble Earth/Water/Fire Natural 100 relics Fwog & Kayna/Stogg & Toe Jammer/Phangler & Noggin 20h
Entbrat Plant/Earth/Water/Cold Natural 150 diamonds Potbelly & T-Rox/Noggin & Bowgart/Toe Jammer & Clamble/Mammott & Pummel 1d
Deedge Air/Plant/Water/Cold Natural 150 diamonds Toe Jammer & thumpies/Mammot & Spunge/Potbelly & Congle/Tweedle & Bowgart 1d
Riff Air/Earth/Water/Cold Natural 150 diamonds Noggin & Congle/Toe Jammer & Pompom/Mammott & Scups/Tweedle & T-Rox 1d
Shellbeat Air/Plant/Earth/Water Natural 150 diamonds Noggin & Spunge/Toe Jammer & Reedling/Potbelly & Scups/Tweedle & Pummel 1d
Quarrister Air/Plant/Earth/Cold Natural 150 diamonds Noggin & Thumpies/Mammott & Reedling/Potbelly & Pompom/Tweedle & Clamble 1d
Tring Air/Plant/Earth/Fire Natural 200 relics Noggin & Barrb/Potbelly & Floogull/Tweedle & Repatillo/kayna & Reedling 1d,16h
Sneyser Air/Water/Cold.Fire Natural 200 relics Toe jammer & Woolabee/Mammott & Whaddle/Tweedle & Wynq/Kayna & Congle 1d, 16h
Yelmut Air/Plant/Cold/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Flum Ox Air/Earth/Water/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Krillby Air/Earth/Cold/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Edamimi Plant/Earth/Water/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
PongPing Plant/Earth/Cold/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Tiawa Earth/Water/Cold/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Bisonorus Air/Plant/Water/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Incisaur Plant/Water/Cold/Fire Natural 30 relics N/A 1d, 16h
Candelavra Air/Plant/Earth/Water/Fire Natural 40 relics N/A 3d, 8h

My Singing Monster breeding – rares

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – epics

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – magicals

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – seasonals

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – ethereals

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – legendary

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – mythicals

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – dipsters

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – wublins

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – celestials

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding – Wubbox

Coming soon.

My Singing Monster breeding

Breeding in my singing monster can be overwhelming, with so many different possibilities and you have a lot of work to do if you want to unlock the monsters in each area. You start with monsters of a single element, and as you breed these together they create monsters with two elements, which can then create monsters with three elements or more. Experimenting with the different monsters is a great way to get some of them, but if you want to collect every single one, then our guide to the breeding combinations will help you to see all of those lovable little creatures.

Once you have unlocked a monster you can then buy it, making it much easier to grab more for further breeding. Eggs take a certain amount of time to hatch, increasing with the monster’s rarity, but you can also decrease the egg hatching time as you level up and find different ways to enhance it.

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Alright, monster collectors, that’s all we have for now and we hope our extensive breeding guide helps you to get the results you need. For even more great guides, be sure to also check out our My Singing Monsters gems guide next.

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