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14 Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives in 2022 – 100% WORKING

Cartoon shows are a subject of entertainment for a versatile age group nowadays. Be it the US or Japanese releases, subtitled or para-dubbed, the popularity and pleasure from these cartoons are incomparable to standard forms of cinema or theatre. 

It is all about the concept of imagination, a breakaway from realism to make entertainment more appealing to young people. Cartoon Crazy used to be at the top spot once upon a time because of its unending list of anime-based content. But, most of its content was illegally obtained, forcing the site to shut down officially. It, however, operates based on some mirror sites but has exceedingly lost popularity in recent years. 

With cable services largely on a decline due to the internet revolution, cartoons are slowly fading out from TV screens. Instead, people are opting to stream their favorite cartoon shows online. Sites like CartoonCrazy let you binge through thousands of episodes from the leisure of your couch, absolutely free. 

The variety and assortments of the shows on the website will leave anyone awestruck. Often, some cartoon shows are pulled out of broadcasting in some countries due to legal issues, and its fans grow upset over it. However, with sites like CartoonCrazy or its alternative sites, this is a thing of the past. There are some excellent alternatives to Cartoon Crazy, and they are discussed along with their features below: 

1. Kiss Anime: The Best Anime-Streaming Platform

Yes, this site is one of the most surfed sites for Anime-based fans across the world. With different servers of this site, Kiss Anime is one of the biggest providers of Anime shows (subtitled, para-dubbed and original) under one roof. 

You can even surf the content directly from their site without paying a single penny. From Infinite Dendrogram to God Eater, they have it all in store for you. Even virtually extinct contents of One Piece and Naruto Shippuden are also available, much to the delight of all anime fans. 

The site interface operates in average-level connectivity environments as well, but you may need to login through VPN in some countries due to legal restrictions. All the latest and old anime episodes are available at premium quality for your benefit with a secure site-environment. 

Keep your firewalls and ad-blockers updated, however, before you surf these sites. The list of binge-watch content is so vast that there is just one question: What do I watch from this never-ending list? 

2. Gogo Anime: Embedded With Nothing But The Best

Well, if you are rummaging for cartoon streaming options that offer you premium services without any charge, Gogo Anime will be the perfect place. With thousands of shows and series in store, it is one of the biggest online cartoon streaming platforms in the world. 

Minimum advertisements, secure and faster streaming service and latest and updated episodes are just small things that make Gogo Anime so popular amongst the cartoon-watching community. 

Redefine your experience through different releases of international shows from the US, Europe, Japan, China, and so on. Not only do they boast of an infinite series of cartoon shows, but the latest anime movies too. Critics have a great appreciation for this site, especially the streaming speed which consumes minimum internet resources and gives you great services. 

3. Anime Heaven: The Third World For Cartoon Lovers

If you want to delve into an imaginary and pleasurable world of anime and cartoons, Anime Heaven has in store for you a vast list of comics and anime shows from around the globe. Specializing in Anime-based content, it boasts of releasing all the latest episodes in high resolution before anyone can lay their hands on them. 

With a secure and premium streaming service, Anime Heaven ranks amongst the best of cartoon-streaming sites, satisfying viewers over the years now. 

The European version of the site, which was the primitive version, is now updated to a Russian interface and network. The new website has more site space and updates of all the subtitled and latest para-dubbed episodes. You cannot download these episodes but stream them with a stable internet connection at your leisure. 

Well, these streaming services are excellent alternatives to Torrent magnets, which are being banned in the majority of countries. The quality of the videos at Anime Heaven is unique, and there is no speck of doubt with their services as a whole. 

4. Anime Land: A Wonderland for Anime Lovers? 

If Disney has Wonderland to its name, Anime fans can boast of this site as their home to the most significant series of dubbed and high-quality anime content available yet. The USP of Anime Land is its vast list of dubbed TV shows. Choose from scores of Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball episodes, stream them on your weekends and relish your regained childhood.

Web source quality has a good range, with a resolution of 480p to 1080p available, allowing you to stream content even when your internet connectivity is average. You can download these anime episodes from the downloads list after some small advertisements-based tasks. Some of the most popular episodes available are My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and so on. 

5. Hulu: A One-Stop Solution For All Your Cartoon Needs

This streaming service application lets you binge content from across the world in different genres. Well, much to everyone’s delight, it also has all the latest US, Europe and Japanese cartoons/anime in its systems. 

A Hulu subscription will give you the power to watch all TV series, cartoons, and sports under one roof. Delightful, isn’t it? You may want to break through the monotonous schedule of streaming TV series all day long, and an anime episode can be an excellent alternative to hook on. 

It is considered the biggest library of TV shows, content, and news, allowing you to watch and appreciate content not only restricted to your country but the entire world. If a parallel universe did exist, Hulu might have their streaming content too! Hulu is currently offering combo-subscription offers, in association with Disney+ and ESPN, at very affordable rates. You may want to buy their subscriptions to enter the world of unlimited streaming content. 

6. Netflix: Unleash Its True Potential 

The most-known streaming app in the world of binge-watch content, Netflix is the leading service provider of streaming services in the world. What most people do not know is that Netflix has, in its library, the most significant assortment of US-based cartoons for the younger generation. It is also expanding its reach to anime and para-dubbed cartoons from across the world. 

The Netflix Kids section contains the best assortment of cartoon shows available in streaming applications yet. You can now redeem gift cards and other amazing deals on Netflix while you pay. Remember that this application runs worldwide, and you get an assorted list of content at your disposal, waiting to stream. You can unlock Netflix’s true potential by surfing through its content guide, rummaging for anime, or shows of your choice. 

Movies like Boss Baby or Cartoons like Kid V/s Kat are just a few examples of Netflix’s vast collection of younger generation-based content. It had joined hands with Disney and claimed streaming rights for most of Disney’s cartoon films, which they have already released in their application. 

Though their subscription rates are relatively higher than most of the streaming apps in their category, the quality and performance of the app are beyond question. It boasts of the most secure and interactive interface and declared the top streaming app for the last two years. 

7. JustDubs: Just For The Not-So Japanese People

People who are natives of places other than Japan are not comfortable with the actual anime episodes. Some of the anime episodes feel very foreign even when they have subtitles embedded in them. This is where JustDubs has the edge over all other streaming apps. 

It is built exclusively for users outside the Japanese region to stream dubbed content. The dubbed contents are in different languages, and users can choose the language they understand or are comfortable in. 

You can even join their exclusive Discord community and discuss your favorite TV episodes. Exchange greetings with your fellow Anime fans and understand some unexplored realities and plots that escaped your eyes while watching the shows.  

Share the adventures with your friends through their RSS feeds, social networking sites and spread the word about Just Dubs so that more fans like you can effortlessly stream through the contents of their choice. 

8. WatchCartoonOnline: The Oldest and Reliable

If you talk of the firsts of the anime streaming content sites, WatchCartoonOnline (WCO) is the name that comes to mind. With a never-ending list of anime content, it speaks of the largest database of cartoons ever. 

It has some unique features in the site like “Anime of The Day,” where they discuss the most-watched and increasingly popular anime over the past few weeks. They also have exclusive rankings for all anime content, and you can choose to watch those in the top 50s list. 

Other features include a perfectly functioning streaming interface, the minimum amount of advertisements, and download options. You can stream the site from anywhere in the world, even without a VPN. Remember to keep your internet security services upgraded before surfing the site due to malware mishaps. 

9. Vudu: A No-Subscription Wonder For All Streaming Fans 

Vudu is all about a no-subscription and a no-contract policy. You can rent your favorite movies, cartoons and TV series for a stipulated amount of time and enjoy it. With thousands of movie collections, you can even pre-order them before they are officially uploaded on the site. 

It has a hoard of free content to stream, and you can also redeem gift cards, vouchers, and unimaginable Vudu offers during subscription, billing, and checkout. Just sign up and download the application for all the wonders! 

Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Di Caprio, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece are all a part of Vudu, and you just need to hop into their site, rent your favorites and stream them through their secure platforms. The early access rentals are a bit expensive, but you can wait for them to drop out of the list and then rent it. 

10. Anime Rhino: The Patriot of The Anime Legacy

The majority of the anime streaming sites are getting banned because of copyright or legal issues. However, with Anime Rhino, you have a legitimate, secure, and safe cartoon site in store for you. Download a bunch of content from their websites, which have an unimagined list of episodes that date back up to the 2000s. 

Earlier, this site used to rate amongst the top of the anime-streaming sites. However, some technical issues forced down the site, but now it has shifted to a new domain with all the pre-loaded contents available at your disposal. 

This site has Beyblade’s unreleased and sequential episodes that have massive relevance for Beyblade fans. The same is the case for the Fire Force (Japanese name differs). This site is not only for commercialization but has a shade of patriotism for anime and its fans, giving content like no other streaming sites.

11. Crunchyroll: Hours of Anime Content With A Snazz

If you talk of an exclusive streaming app, mostly focused on thousands of hours of anime-based content, Crunchy Roll is undoubtedly the best of the lot. This streaming service is one of the best-launched anime apps where news, discussions, and 25,000 hours’ worth of content is stored for people who want to dive into the depths of the anime world! 

You can even go for the premium version of the site or app with a nominal fee charged. Opt for a two-week trial, and if you like it, you can actually go for the premium service with exclusive offers and content just for you. The blogs and news about the latest trends of the anime world will keep you updated with all the happenings even when you are not watching it. 

This site is available in many languages other than English, and the contents are also dubbed/subtitled according to the choice of the users. Just choose the style and episode of your choice, pop a pack of chips, and start your streaming journey. 

12. Anime Planet: A Premium Anime-Streaming Site

Anime Planet is yet another premium site giving you quality anime-based content ranging from episodes like Detective Conan to Attack on Titans. The language dubs, subtitles, and other features are all available at Watch Dub, and you can view the episodes at quality streaming speed with unmatched viewing resolution. 

This is one of the oldest and most legitimate working sites that has consistently served all Anime Fans with their favorite episodes, providing unmatched services, as compared to the other streaming sites. It has recently launched some updates to the site under a different name (Anime-Planet) but has all the previous episodes and season launches. It also contains all the latest anime episodes telecasting on cable services right now. 

13. YouTube: The Solution 

Doesn’t this app the first that comes to your mind whenever you wish to surf a video? Google has created this masterpiece, ready for all purposes, be it sports, movies, informatics, or anime. 

YouTube is a place where anime channels actually launch freeware content for their fans, launch discussions and news about the upcoming episodes, etc. If you search in-depth, often individual users drop downloaded anime content on YouTube, and you can watch them at the top of the screen. 

However, Youtube based anime lacks assortment, and you will not be able to maintain accordance amongst thousands of episodes. Another problem with YouTube is clarity, subtitling, and paradubbing, which you may not easily find. However, this is one app you can securely and effortlessly use from anywhere in the world to surf your favorite content (if it is available). Sometimes, anime/manga industries get episodes removed from YouTube because of legality issues as well. 

YouTube users and reviewers release informative videos, news, and information about the happenings of the Anime world. Some even release a ranking and informatics list every week, rating these cartoons based on popularity, plots, and comment reviews. 

14. Movie4U: The Ultimate Combo of Cartoons And Movie-Based Site

Another site that grabs attention is Movies4U because of its library of latest and trending cartoon movies and series. It is entirely advertisement-free and, thus, is very popular with users. 

When the film is initially released, a CamRip or DVDRip quality content is up on the site. This is followed soon enough with a high-definition and subtitled video. The entire process is free; you just need to sit back and enjoy the movies in-store at Movie4U. 

Choose from the various genres of cartoons. They can be US releases, Anime, VFX, etc. You can even download from this site and watch these movies offline or cast it on your home theatre system. Well, this can indeed make a fun family weekend! 


We know that Cartoon Crazy was at the pivotal point of success and popularity. However, an illegal practice was bound to die out soon, which has indeed posed a massive problem for anime fans. But, the above alternatives and more anime-based sites are excellent options to choose from. If you do not find your favorite content or episode on a website, you can quickly go for the other. 

Remember to search the basic backgrounds on the sites before you proceed to download data. Otherwise, you may be a potential target to hacking or malware as downloadable posing as harmless anime movies can hack into your servers and steal valuable information. 

Keep certain factors like clarity, streaming speed, interface, and ad frequency in mind when you are choosing to stream content. Do away with any site which interrupts the stream with continuous ads. Also, keep your adblockers on at all times. Only if there is any necessity or request from the interface to switch off your adblockers, you may choose to do it. 


1. What Is Cartoon Crazy?

Cartoon Crazy was one of the best anime streaming sites until it was pulled down following some legal copyright issues, stirring a huge problem for anime fans around the world. 

2. Why Was Cartoon Crazy popular?

It was one of the biggest providers of anime series and episodes, more than any other site in the world. It also had a great site outlook and an interesting user interface, toppling all competitors in its category. 

3. What Are The Best Alternative Sites To Cartoon Crazy? 

Kiss Anime, Crunchy Roll, Movies4U and many other sites are alternatives of Cartoon Crazy. 

4. What Are The Necessary Things To Keep In Mind When Opening These Sites?

Always remember to turn on your VPN application to avoid any legal issues in your country or local area. Firewalls and Internet security are a must too. If you do not have premium antivirus installed, try the default Microsoft Defender which is also very helpful in preventing malware attacks. 

5. How Do You Choose Which Site Is The Best For You? 

Look into the site quality, user interface and compatibility with your device. If each of these basic features meets your expectations, do not waste time and hop onto watching your favorite anime episodes. 

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