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Caymen Finance appoints a new CEO

The board of directors of Cayman Finance has nominated Steve McIntosh as CEO, beginning September 1, 2022.

“Thanks to strong leadership, consistent investment from members, and ongoing support from the Cayman Islands Government, Cayman Finance has made tremendous progress to become a highly effective advocate for our financial services industry at home and around the world,” said Conor O’Dea, chair of the Cayman Finance board of directors. “The Board picked Steve as CEO to build on that momentum, supporting membership as a major stakeholder, because of his extensive industry expertise and great track record of managing organisations and developing people to generate value and achieve success.”

McIntosh’s nomination follows a ‘comprehensive and competitive’ vetting procedure, according to Cayman Finance. He took over for Jude Scott, who announced his resignation at the end of 2021.

McIntosh, who is originally from Scotland, is now a Caymanian citizen with a long career in financial services and human resources. McIntosh began his career in the UK with multinational accounting company KPMG, where he qualified as a chartered accountant before moving to the Cayman Islands in September 2001.

McIntosh, a strong supporter of talent development in the Cayman Islands, created CareerPoint in 2020 to provide virtual coaching to early- and mid-career workers. Prior to this, he formed the CML group, which specialised in financial services recruiting and career growth.

The Right Honourable “Cayman Finance is a vital partner, supporting the Ministry to promote the Cayman Islands as a global financial services and innovation centre of excellence,” said André Ebanks, Minister of Financial Services and Commerce. As a result, it is critical that Cayman Finance is led and managed on a daily basis by a creative, competent, and collaborative chief executive. I am glad that the Cayman Finance board has nominated Steve McIntosh after a thorough and competitive selection process. With a solid background in financial services and as a successful entrepreneur who has made the Cayman Islands his home for almost 20 years, I am certain that Steve has the skills and expertise to propel Cayman Finance to new heights.

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  • Caymen Finance appoints a new CEO
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