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Celebrating 27 years in business, Cucina Paradiso

Celebrating 27 years in business, Cucina Paradiso

Cucina Paradiso in Oak Park will mark its 27th birthday this October, which is an accomplishment in the restaurant industry. What makes Cucina so successful? Great community and delicious food.

Gambino attributes a lot of his restaurant’s success to Oak Park. He values his location and enjoys being known as a genuine local eatery. He has witnessed the maturation of his clientele over time. When parents brought their young children to eat at Cucina Paradiso, those kids are now grownups who now bring their own children.

The anniversary, according to the owner Anthony Gambino, is truly something to be proud of. We feel a genuine sense of satisfaction and gratitude toward our consumers for helping our restaurant survive for this long.

They are more than just clients, according to Gambino: “They are family.” The regulars are recognised by our personnel. We are aware of their preferred dining location as well as their beverage preferences.

By creating a balance between time-tested favourites and fresh, creative dishes, Cucina Paradiso manages to keep its tables full.

From the beginning, Gambino made sure that his restaurant was a vital part of the Oak Park neighbourhood. by sponsoring local charity for events and benefits and providing the type of food that attracts repeat business. Gambino points out that the focus at Cucina Paradiso has always been on creative, fresh cuisine. Every few weeks, the menu changes a little bit, and the food options change to reflect the season.

Since the beginning, the menu has included staples like the Chicken Pistachio and the beloved Rigatoni Bolognese by diners, and Gambino continues to add fresh, modern dishes to match the changing seasons and tastes of their patrons. The Chef’s Specials menu is likely to include items like orecchiette Calabrese with chiles, sausage, and pesto as well as pumpkin ravioli with brown butter white wine sauce and crisp sage. These delicious specials are a welcome addition to Cucina Paradiso’s timeless menu of traditional dishes including San Gennaro pizza, chicken pistachio, and country-style shells.

At Cucina Paradiso, it’s simple to raise a glass in honour of a birthday.

The well-stocked bar has an extensive cocktail menu that includes concoctions like the Hemingway District Daiquiri, Sazerac, and a blackberry old fashioned. There are many different martinis, including traditional options prepared with gin and vodka as well as cutting-edge concoctions like the Firefly, which is made with sweet tea vodka, lemonade, black tea, and fresh lemon juice. Gambino says that Cucina will continue to develop in the future as he considers menu upgrades and restaurant updates, but one thing will never change: Cucina Paradiso will always be the neighbourhood favourite for real Italian food.

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  • Celebrating 27 years in business, Cucina Paradiso
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