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Chainsaw Man: List of All Opening and Ending Songs

All Opening and Ending Songs of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has been one of the most anticipated anime to release in Fall 2022. The first episode has already left a mark on the fandom, but there are a lot of plot twists, unique characters, and gory action scenes lined up. And this wouldn’t be complete without some excellent music to fit the mood. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here. We will include all the opening and ending songs in the Chainsaw Man anime in this article, with the first season making up a 13-track album. And well, each song is bound to be better than the other in its own right. You don’t have to take our word for it. Continue reading and discover Chainsaw Man anime soundtracks!

Chainsaw Man Opening and Ending Soundtracks (2022)

Chainsaw Man’s opening theme and the first ending song have already been released. Find details for those below. Further, each episode will have a new ending song, and we will update the list with more information and streaming links every week. So bookmark this page to learn about all Chainsaw Man songs.

Chainsaw Man Opening Theme Song

Crunchyroll, one of the main streaming platforms for Chainsaw Man anime, has confirmed the first season will only have a single opening theme song titled KICK BACK. This track will play at the beginning of all 12 episodes.

KICK BACK is performed by Kenshi Yonezu, a popular Japanese music artist who has composed music for other popular anime, including My Hero Academia. This song is composed by Yonezu in collaboration with Daiki Tsuneta of rock band King Gnu (known for JJK 0 movie, Banana Fish, etc.).

In an official statement discussing the song, Yonezu said, “I wrote KICK BACK for the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man. This is such an honor, as I love the original manga series. Finding the right sounds for this immensely powerful series was challenging, but I created this song by patiently building it up, one piece at a time. I hope you enjoy listening to it. Thank you very much.

Interestingly, the opening video of CSM anime features a dozen of references to several famous media pieces. Even if we get the same track and video with each episode, it has everything to stop you from skipping ahead. You can find a list of all the references in the Chainsaw Man opening in our linked guide.

Stream Kick Back by Kenshi Yonezu (Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon Music)

Chainsaw Man: List of Ending Songs

Unlike the opening, Chainsaw Man’s first season is supposed to feature 12 unique ending tracks. Each of the tracks is composed by some of the most talented names in the industry. The complete list of ending soundtracks is as follows:

  • Hawatari Niku Centi by Maximum the Hormone
  • Chu, Tayousei by Ano
  • Fight Song by Eve
  • Deep Down by Aimer
  • Rendezvous by Kanaria
  • In the Back Room by Syudou
  • Violence by Queen Bee
  • Time Left by Zutomayo
  • First Death by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
  • Tablet by Tooboe
  • Chainsaw Blood by Vaundy
  • Dogland by People 1

Note: MAPPA Studios hasn’t confirmed which track will be used as the ending for which episode. The sequence in the above list doesn’t correspond with the episodes that feature the song. We will update this guide as the ending song order gets revealed with each episode’s release.

Episode 1 Ending – Chainsaw Blood

Featured at the end of the Chainsaw Man pilot episode, this song is performed by Vaundy, a young Japanese music producer, composer, songwriter, and designer.

Talking about the track on the anime’s official website, Vaundy said (translated from Japanese to English), “In making the song, I re-read the original many times, biting and swallowing the taste of Chainsaw Man that I got from that, and I think I was able to make the music that I thought was appropriate for this work.

Stream Chainsaw Blood by Vaundy (Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon Music)

Chainsaw Man Insert Songs

The term “insert songs” refers to the tracks that are in the storyline of an anime. Most of the time, these songs act as background music, but they can also act as narrative music in some scenes in the anime series.

Chainsaw Man anime only features one insert song, which is Hawatari Niku Centi by Maximum the Hormone. It will also be used as the ending song in one episode.

Chainsaw Man: List of All Opening and Ending Songs
Maximum the Hormone | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man official website

Moreover, the track’s Japanese name translates to “two hundred million centimeter long blades”. Commenting on the track, the band said, “The pace of making new songs for the band is unusually slow for me, but if it’s for my favorite manga work, I’ll be happy to make songs as fast as a dog wags its tail in the heat. It’s always been my dream to have a song used in the Chainsaw Man anime.” (translated from Japanese to English)

Complete List of Chainsaw Man Anime OST

With that, you now have the complete list of songs featured in Chainsaw Man. Since the anime series has just commenced, we are awaiting the release of most of these songs. So, bookmark this page and be the first one to read about every opening and ending song in CSM as soon as it’s released. Having said that, which is your favorite anime opening song of all time? Tell us in the comments below!

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