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Top 15 Chris Evans Comic Book Movies

Chris Evans Comic Book Movies

Have you seen all of Chris Evans comic book movies in which he has appeared? In today’s world, Chris Evans‘ portrayal of Captain America has become so recognizable that it’s difficult to see him in any other superhero role.

However, before he became Captain America, Evans was no novice regarding roles in comic books! This article serves as a guide to the comic book movies starring Chris Evans, beginning with Fantastic Four and ending with Spider-Man: Home Coming.

1. Fantastic Four (2005)

Everything started with the film Fantastic Four in 2005 when Chris Evans was cast in the role of the Human Torch!

Fantastic Four, the first in the list of Chris Evans comic book movies, portrayed the narrative of a crew of explorers who were irradiated with cosmic radiation.

It was closer to the comic books than the 2015 version that Fox produced. Evans effortlessly portrayed Johnny Storm and unquestionably demonstrated that he was, as they say, “hot stuff” in the process.

2. TMNT (2007)

The next comic book role that Chris will play is perhaps the least known. In 2007, he voiced a character in the animated version of the TMNT movie! Casey Jones is the boyfriend of April O’Neil, portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Evans provided the voice for this character. The movie was a huge financial success, pitting the Turtles against ancient villains that were more formidable than anything they had fought in the comics or films they had appeared in previously.

Even though it was a movie about the Turtles, Casey Jones, played by Evans, and April O’Neil, played by Gellar, were the ones that stole the show. TMNT is still one of Chris Evans comic book movies.

3. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Fantastic Four, released in 2005, was followed by Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2010, which continued the adventures of the cosmic crew.

The Fantastic Four faced out against the danger posed by Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, in this series installment.

It was a goofy, campy superhero movie and received a lot of criticism for it. Fans of the comic books were incredibly dissatisfied with the movie’s new interpretation of Galactus.

Fox decided to end the series after Rise of the Silver Surfer since it did so poorly at the box office, despite the fact that a second installment had been planned.

They were only going to return to the series for the revival of Fantastic Four in 2015. However, despite not doing well at the box office, it remains one of Chris Evans comic book movies that was brought to the limelight.

4. Push (2009)

The film Push, one of Chris Evans comic book movies, was only a minor hit at the box office, and told the tale of a group of superhumans who banded together to fight a sinister government plot.

Nick Grant, a psychic who worked to stop the government from using the heroes’ talents, was portrayed by Chris Evans, who also had the leading role in the film.

Despite the fact that Push was not initially conceived as a comic book movie, I have decided to include it on this list since Wildstorm produced a comic that served as a tie-in (an imprint of DC Comics).

5. The Losers (2010)

The Losers is an action movie and one of Chris Evans comic book movies. It takes place in the same universe as the Vertigo comic book series and has a tone reminiscent of the original A-Team television show.

It presented the narrative of an elite black operations squad who faked their deaths in order to discover a secret government plot. In the end, they succeeded in their mission.

In case it wasn’t evident from the picture above, Chris Evans portrayed Captain Jake Jensen, who was the comedic relief. Chris Evans played Jensen.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Chris Evans was allowed to play a member of the League of Evil Exes in the film adaptation of the famous Scott Pilgrim vs. The World graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The League of Evil Exes is comprised of a group of guys (and one girl) who band together to defeat the partners of their mutual ex, Ramona Flwoes. Evans portrayed the role of Lucas Lee, a former skateboarder who became a movie star.

Even though Evans had a good time working on the movie, he revealed to Collider that the role he played required him to be on set for no more than three weeks and that he did not play a very significant role.

7. Captain America

It may come as a surprise to us today, but the choice that Marvel made to cast Chris Evans as Captain America was one that was first met with quite a bit of opposition, although it is now listed as one of the greatest Chris Evans comic book movies.

Fans of comic books were mystified by his ability to transition from one Marvel product (Fantastic Four) to another.

This was especially the case because, back in 2010, there were rumors that Fox was about to give Marvel the Fantastic Four property back.

Some fans hoped that Marvel would absorb the earlier films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), with Chris Evans reprising his role as the Human Torch.

Instead, Evans was selected to fill the role of Captain America, and he soon began to show his promise.

8. The Mighty Avenger (2012)

The subsequent appearance of Chris Evans’ Captain America was in the box office smash The Avengers, which had an epic narrative that united Marvel’s heroes against the danger posed by Loki.

Again, Evans was given top billing, along with Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor and Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Iron Man.

Fans of superheroes overwhelmingly praised the movie, and it maintains its position at the top of the box office ranking for superhero movies, as well as one of the famous and successful Chris Evans comic book movies.

9. Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer is a science fiction thriller and one of Chris Evans comic book movies. It tracks a dystopian ice-age future. It is based on the definitive book Le Transperceneige, written in French.

The response from critics was overwhelmingly positive, and Chris Evans received particular acclaim for his performance as the principal character, Curtis Everett, an astute revolutionary leader.

The casting directors first thought of Chris Evans as nothing more than “American muscle,” but he has a history of performances in which he does not play a superhero, so they decided to cast him in this role.

An unexpected cameo appearance by Chris Evans can be found in Thor: The Dark World. In this scene, Loki takes the guise of Captain America and makes fun of the legendary hero.

11. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

To this point, the Winter Soldier, one of Marvel’s most successful films, put Chris Evans’ version of Captain America against a sinister governmental plot. As a result, winter Soldier is also on the list of Chris Evans comic book movies.

Winter Soldier is, without a doubt, one of the most intellectual superhero movies ever produced. It references topical themes (such as the NSA hacking uncovered by Edward Snowden).

In addition, the grace with which Evans plays Steve Rogers has made him a fan favorite in the role.

12. The Avengers l: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron was a smashing success despite the fact that it did not earn the same level of critical acclaim as the first film in the series, which was released in 2012.

Age of Ultron, one of Chris Evans comic book movies, offered the same fun character beats as the first film and brought together the original squad to battle a lethal android.

13. Ant-Man (2015)

After the credits roll in Ant-Man, there was a sequence that included an unannounced appearance by Chris Evans, which set the stage for Captain America: Civil War. The Ant-Man (2015) happens to be one of many Chris Evans comic book movies.

14. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Civil War is the third and final installment in the Captain America trilogy, yet it seems more like Avengers than anything else.

The superhuman world is torn apart by the contentious Sokovia Accords, while at the same time, a personal vengeance puts Captain America and Tony Stark between each other.

Chris Evans plays Captain America, while Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark. It’s an exciting movie, and it nearly hits every note just right, thanks to some terrific character beats.

15. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Chris Evans’ portrayal of Captain America made many funny cameo appearances in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming. The hero offered wise counsel in school videos that were played at pivotal times in the film.

It would seem that some of these sequences were cut from the final part of the movie; nevertheless, they will be included as bonus material on the Blu-ray release. This is also included in the list of Chris Evans comic book movies.

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