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12 Tips For Strengthening Your Clash Of Clans Bases Without Spending A Dime – Appamatix

What is the point of playing Clash of Clans if you can’t actually win? Everyone hates logging into Clash of Clans just to see their war base demolished. But once you understand the basic principles behind building Clash of Clans bases, and know what other players are doing wrong, it’s easier to see flaws which allows you to get more 3 star raids.

Unfortunately, building a strong Clash of Clans base isn’t easy. If it was, we wouldn’t see bases like this:

Clash of Clans Bases

Or this:

Clash of Clans Base

So, to protect your loot, trophies, town hall, and ego from logging in just to see your war base in ruins, here are 12 design tips to keep in mind whenever you’re redesigning your war base. These strategies will upgrade your clash of clans bases and clan resources.

Let’s dive in!

1. Centralize Your Clan Castle

Your Clash of Clans castle is one of the most flexible and powerful defenses in the game. It has a massive radius and holds a fair amount of troops. And if you use it correctly, it’s by far the most annoying defense to deal with. But most clan players don’t know how to position their castle properly.

There are lots of advanced players that still leave the sitting outside their war base next to the collectors. This makes it easy for your enemies to kill your clan castle troops since all they have to do is drop a barbarian, lure your troops to one corner of the war base, and kill them.

Clan Castle

Instead, try positioning your castle in the middle of your war base. This way your enemies have to fight an initial battle before your clan castle troops are released and it forces them to fight your defenses and troops at once. This strategy greatly enhances your defense base design and fortifies your clash of clans bases.

Clash of Clans Bases Clan Castle Troops

By simply implementing this simple rule, you can drastically reduce the amount of damage done to your base during every raid and somewhat control ground attacks. This will help you in later engagements as your protect your clash of clans bases.

2. Protect Your Queen

Just like your clan castle, you want your Queen to be as central as possible when designing your clash of clans bases. Normally, players position their Queen on the outside of their war base and when an enemy attacks, they’ll trade their Queen for yours any day of the week.

But if she’s central, she can destroy almost any raid you put her up against.

Preferably, you’d want your enemies to go through at least one wall and a few defenses before your Queen is activated. This allows her to enter the fight when the opponent’s troops are tired, and it increases your likelihood of a successful defense.

Clash of Clans Queen

3. Never Double Stack Your Walls

This trend isn’t as popular as it used to be a few years ago, but it’s still common to see people double-decking their walls.

Clash of Clans Walls

Double decking your walls is one of the most pointless and stupid things you can do since all it takes is one wall breaker and your base is breached. Double stacked walls don’t equal double the protection, and your clash of clans bases will still be exposed.

So instead of wasting your walls by stacking them, maze them around important parts of your base. For the same amount of walls you use to double stack your war base, you could create compartments so it takes longer for enemies to reach your loot, town hall, and important defenses, thereby limiting attack strategies from your enemies. Remember that your town hall and storages are the most important structures.

4. Don’t Mix Weak Walls And Strong Walls

Although this isn’t as pointless as double stacking your walls, it’s a common mistake most Clash of Clans players make.

When you alternate between weaker and stronger walls and an enemy attacks your war base with wall breakers, they’ll break through your weaker walls anyway, so those stronger walls are pointless. You don’t want your clash of clans bases exposed.

Clash of Clans War Base Strategy

Instead, use your strongest walls to protect the core of your war base where all the important stuff is like the town hall and loot. Next, use your weaker walls on the outside of your base since wall breakers will break through those anyway.

So when an enemy attacks, after they’ve gotten through your outside walls, they might run out of wall breakers and their troops would be forced to break through these stronger walls themselves. This gives you more time to defend your base and prevent a 3-star raid. This base layout will help you in the long run.

Clash of Clans Defend Your Base

5. Don’t Group Anything

Even heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” This saying translates perfectly to Clash of Clans bases.

Whenever I see a base with all its mortars and loot in one compartment, I know it’ll be an easy raid.

And when I first started playing Clash of Clans, I thought that if I put all my loot and mortars in the middle of my base, it would be more secure and easier to defend. Boy was I wrong. My base got wrecked all the time and I couldn’t understand why.

The problem with this base layout is that if your enemy gets into the middle compartment where your loot is, they’ll take all of it. And if your mortars are also grouped together, attackers will destroy it without much effort, leaving your base defenseless.

Instead, put your loot and mortars in different compartments spread around your base. It’ll take your opponent more time to destroy each one since they’ll need to break through more walls. And this increases your likelihood of a successful defense.

6. Pretty Clash of Clans Bases Doesn’t Equal Good Bases

Although your war base will look a lot cooler if everything is perfectly symmetrical, it allows your enemies to easily predict where your spring traps, air bombs, and giant bombs are.

In this situation, you’ll need to consider if you want your base to look cool or you want it to enhance your defense base and defend against attackers.

I’m not saying all clash of clans bases that look cool are bad. But if you decide to raid the base below and there’s a giant bomb hidden in one of those red circles, there’s a high probability there’s another one in the other circle.

Clash of Clans Defend Against Attackers

But you can use this to your advantage when designing your base layout. If your base is perfectly symmetrical, you can trick your enemies into thinking that there are bombs where there aren’t. Maybe you can put a bomb in an obvious place and instead of putting another one on the exact opposite side of the base, put it between two defenses.

7. Never Protect Your Collectors With Walls

Protecting your collectors with walls is pointless since there are not many resources in them unless you’re inactive. So instead of protecting your collectors with walls, leave them outside since those walls can protect parts of your base that are far more valuable (like your town hall).

But you also don’t want your enemies to take all the loot in your collectors and that’s why it’s important to space them apart. For example, you can pair up each elixir and gold collector and spread them across your base accordingly. Base layouts spread out this way will make it a little harder for enemies to take the resources in your collectors.

8. Position Traps Between Defenses

When positioning traps, place them in a pattern in which troops are likely to move. And my favorite place to position them is between defenses like Tesla towers and Infernos. This way, if your enemies are using attacks like Giants or Hogs, when they move from one defense to another, the traps would take out a few of them.

Here’s a perfect example of using spring traps to take out enemies while moving from two Tesla towers.

Clash of Clans Bases Position Traps Between Bases

Another helpful tip is to put giant bombs between bomb towers and splash defenses because if your enemy waits to heal around one of these towers, you’ll lower their health even more.

Note that spring traps won’t take out a battle machine, however, in builder hall 5, as this structure is immune.

9. Protect Your X-Bow

Your X-Bow is a powerful, high hit point structure and you want to keep your X-Bows as close to the center of your base as possible. Your X-Bow should only start firing after your enemy’s troops have proceeded through some of your slower defenses like cannons and archer towers, since their health will be lower and this puts your attacker under more pressure.

But it should never be your perimeter defense. Rather, put a less powerful defense on the outside so it distracts the enemy troops. And while they’re distracted, your X-Bow can do some serious damage. This is Clash of Clans bases strategy at it’s best!

10. Protect Yourself Against Queen Walks

Queen walks are quite popular in Clash of Clans and for good reason. It can get rid of a good chunk of a base with only two characters – the Queen and a few healers. But there’s a simple way of defending your base against this strategy.

Put your key defensive buildings at least four tiles away from the wall since an attacking Queen can’t shoot that far. Four tiles is the magic number since your defenses can shoot the enemy Queen from this distance and this deters players from using this strategy on your base.

11. Place Air Defenses Carefully

One of the best ways to defend your village and resources in your Clash of Clans bases is by strategically placing air defenses. Consider putting them near the edges of your base, not in the middle. This will maximize your range in defending high value targets like your town hall.

If you place your defenses in a bad spot, they will be destroyed before the enemy even attacks. You may need to place them near buildings that are being attacked or around areas where enemies can attack from above.

12. Alternate Strategy for Town Hall

We know the town hall is important to defend. Some players, however, utilize a strategy of putting the town hall outside the war base to serve as a distraction, and put more defenses in the center. This will minimize the chance of getting 3-starred.

The town hall will take more hit points to demolish, so you’re basically wearing your enemy down. Not defending the town hall provides more options to build a stronger defense for other targets, thereby reinforcing your clash of clans bases.


Having the ability to build quality Clash of Clans Bases will not only protect your base from being 3 starred, but it will also make you a better attacker since you’ll be able to spot weaknesses in other players’ base layouts.

A good Clash of Clans Bases strategy is carefully planned to allow for maximum protection against attacks from other players. The best way to improve your Clash of Clans Bases is to use a mixture of different layout methods. This will make it harder for raiders to predict where you will place defensive buildings and troops.

And by using the tips above, you’ll have an easier time defending against attacks while wrecking other Clash of Clans bases.

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