Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak classes – peak performance

We’re always on the lookout for great new games, and naturally, we want to be good at them, so today we’ve got an Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak classes guide to help you in your first steps in this fresh fantasy MMORPG. With a dark, gothic art style and enemies like brooding orcs and wild wolves, we can’t wait to get exploring this world and whacking some wildlife for exp.

This Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak classes guide is here to break down each of the unique classes, letting you know exactly which of the many characters do what, and what attack style suits your preferred play method. If you like your distance maybe the gunner is best, but if you want to get up-close-and-personal, consider the paladin and their brutal attacks.

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Let’s dive into our guide to Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak classes

Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak classes


Ideal for DPS attacks and keeping your distance, the gunner class allows you to use ranged weapons and set traps. Gunners are known for using bombs to toy with their prey. They also have a deep knowledge of mechanics and are the only class that can use a turret. A great starting class if you want to experience the world without getting into too much trouble.


Your classic healer, you’re going to need a priest on your team to award buffs and healing spells to allies. It’s not glamorous, but someone has to do it. The game describes the priest as having the “blessings of the holy moon”, so we hope to learn more about their role in this fantasy world as we further explore the game.


It’s not a fantasy MMORPG without some sorcery right? The mage is another ranged unit, but this time you’re more focused on high attack damage, with little else in your arsenal. They can make use of the many different elements and a wealth of spells, but are not quite as active as a class like a gunner. Absolutely essential for dealing high damage, the mage is an important class once you have got to grips with the game.


A physical attacker who uses a melee weapon and a shield, the paladin straddles the line between offence and defence, while also having the ability to utilise healing magic. Imbue your allies with powerful protection spells, while still using your weapons to deal physical damage. Another great choice for experienced players, the paladin is a great all-rounder if a bit more complicated to understand.


Possibly the best way to start, the warrior is all about brute strength and wields two-handed weapons for maximum damage. They specialise in swords and axes, but can still use a shield if needed. Build up your attacks and eventually, the warrior can use a powerful special move. With fewer skills to master and the promise of dealing massive amounts of damage, this class could be the perfect way to start, or just a great choice for anyone happy to play as the tank and get to felling foes right away.

If any more classes arrive in Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak we’ll be sure to update this guide, but for now, this should help you in your first steps through this exciting fantasy MMORPG. If you’re looking for other great games to start on mobile, you should check out our guide covering the Tower of Fantasy characters.

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