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(PDFs Available) CLAT Latest Previous Years Question Papers

(PDFs Available) CLAT Latest Previous Years Question Papers – Free PDF Download: CLAT previous years’ question papers for the last few years are available on this page. CLAT 2023 aspirants should consider attempting the previous years’ question papers as it is a significant step in their 

CLAT exam preparation, and it would help them in numerous ways. Most importantly, it will help them work on their speed and accuracy. Candidates can download them in PDF format and solve them for practice.

(PDFs Available) CLAT Latest Previous Years Question Papers - Free PDF Download
(PDFs Available) CLAT Latest Previous Years Question Papers – Free PDF Download

Latest Updates on CLAT

  • Aug 8, 2022: CLAT 2023 application form has been released on the official website on Aug 8, 2022
  • Jul 26, 2022: CLAT 2023 official website has been updated, and the official notification will be released soon, along with the dates for the important events related to the exam.

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CLAT Previous Years’ Question Papers Download

The downloadable PDF files containing the CLAT question papers for the last six years are given below.

Advantages of Solving CLAT Previous Years’ Question Papers

S. No. CLAT Previous Year Question Papers Links to Download
1 CLAT 2021 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2021 Question Paper
2 CLAT 2020 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2020 Question Paper
3 CLAT 2019 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2019 Question Paper
4 CLAT 2018 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2018 Question Paper
5 CLAT 2017 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2017 Question Paper
6 CLAT 2016 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2016 Question Paper
7 CLAT 2015 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2015 Question Paper
8 CLAT 2014 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2014 Question Paper
9 CLAT 2013 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2013 Question Paper
10 CLAT 2012 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2012 Question Paper
11 CLAT 2011 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2011 Question Paper
12 CLAT 2010 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2010 Question Paper
13 CLAT 2009 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2009 Question Paper
14 CLAT 2008 Previous Year Question Paper CLAT 2008 Question Paper

Solving as many question papers from the previous years in preparation for the CLAT 2023 exam has many benefits. The various benefits of solving the CLAT previous year’s question papers are as follows.

  • Firstly, the CLAT previous years’ question papers will give candidates an exact idea of the exam pattern of the paper. They will be able to familiarize themselves with the marking scheme and the structure of the paper. At the actual test, they will feel more comfortable and confident. 
  • Candidates can use the previous year’s question papers and sample papers and recreate the exam conditions while attempting them. This means that the candidate can use a timer and try to finish each paper within the official exam duration. This practice will drastically improve the candidate’s speed and time management.
  • By solving the CLAT previous year’s question papers, candidates will get an account of the type of questions being asked. This way, the candidate can account for their weakness and work on them.
  • The candidates will understand the overall difficulty level of the question paper and prepare for the exam accordingly. 
  • Adequate practice will help the candidates answer the questions with more accuracy.

Types of Question Asked in CLAT Question Papers

Candidates will have to attempt five sections while writing the CLAT 2023 exam. The syllabus will be notified, and the official notifications and candidates can check the same to aid their preparation process.

The conducting body will test candidates on their English language skills and knowledge of current affairs, including general knowledge, legal and logical reasoning skills, and quantitative techniques. Various books for preparation are available for the entrance exam. Candidates can use the CLAT previous year’s question papers and sample papers to get an idea of the questions that can be asked.

The section-wise weightage of sections, the number of questions that can be asked, and the percentage weightage of each section in the paper are detailed in the table below.

Section No. of Questions Percentage Weightage
English Language 28 – 32 20%
Current Affairs (including GK) 35 – 39 25%
Legal Reasoning 35 – 39 25%
Logical Reasoning 28 – 32 20%
Quantitative Ability 13 – 17 10%

CLAT Sample Papers PDF Download

Sample Papers are model tests of the actual exam that follows the same exact exam pattern and the time limit. 

It will help analyze your preparation levels and focus on improving your weak areas. 

Practicing sample papers will help you build your confidence levels and perform better in the upcoming exam.

NSD Entrance Exam Sample Papers 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, etc available Here

We are providing a model paper for NSD 2023 exam. This model paper contains the previous year’s questions with a solution. NSD model paper will be helpful for upcoming NSD entrance examination. Download this Model papers from the links provided below.

National School of Drama Old Question Paper PDF file contains multiple-choice questions. The solution provided at the end of the sample paper will be. You can download the NSD solution paper from the link given on this page. All the links are active and you can access the NSD entrance exam previous year papers with just one click.

How to download NSD Entrance Question Paper with Answers

The candidates must download the NSD previous year’s question papers with answers PDF to prepare for the exam. Below are some steps to follow to download the National School of Drama previous year’s question papers.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of National School of Drama.
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Examinations’ tab.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘NSD Old Question Papers.’
  • Step 4: A list of the previous year’s question papers will be displayed.
  • Step 5: Click on the NSD Old Question Papers
  • Step 6: Then click on the course link.
  • Step 7: Now download the paper.

CLAT LLM Questions Papers PDFs

Like the UG pattern, this exam also has questions based on reading comprehension. This means you will be provided extracts from primary legal materials such as important court decisions in various fields of law, statutes, or regulations which will be followed by a series of objective-type questions.

According to the CLAT PG Exam Pattern, the question paper will have 120 objective-type questions and each question carries one mark.

Download the LLM CLAT Question Papers from the table below and enhance your preparation levels for the upcoming exam. Check out the CLAT question paper 2019 pdf and answer keys below:

CLAT Question Paper Pattern 2023

Preparing the CLAT exam syllabus is indeed essential to crack the exam successfully. However, students often neglect the exam pattern while preparing for the exam. Being well acquainted with the CLAT exam pattern is equally important to ensure that candidates attempt the exam confidently. The students can find some of the highlights of the CLAT exam pattern below.

Mode of Exam Offline
Medium English
Duration of Exam 2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Type of Paper Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) from Given Passages
Number of Question 150
Number of Sections 5
Marking Scheme +1 mark for Every Right Answer-0.25 for Every Wrong Answer

How to download CLAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers / Solutions PDF?

You can easily download the CLAT previous year question papers here. Take the following steps to accomplish that.

  • On computer or mobile, search CLAT Previous Year Question Papers aglasem.
  • The previous year question papers of Common Law Admission Test published at aglasem will open.
  • Now click the CLAT Question Papers link of relevant year.
  • The year wise question paper with answer key, solution of Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) will open.
  • Download the CLAT question papers.

Significance of CLAT Question Papers

The following are key uses of question papers of CLAT.

  • CLAT Question Bank – PYQPs have the exact questions of CLAT. Hence this is the most authentic question bank.
  • CLAT Exam Preparation – Students should solve the past year question paper of CLAT within the time limit. This is the best way to prepare for this National Law exam.
  • Gaining knowledge – Besides exam preparation, the question papers of CLAT exam are useful for increasing your learning.
  • Increase chances of admission to UG Law, PG Law – If you prepare the CLAT solved papers diligently, you will get better rank. Therefore you have higher chances of admission to your UG Law, PG Law college of choice.


Is CLAT Paper tough?

Ans. The CLAT paper is set by experts of organizing body Consortium of NLUs. CLAT difficulty level varies every year. However those who prepare well, may not find CLAT question paper too difficult.

What are the papers for CLAT?

Ans. The papers in CLAT exam are as per the exam pattern.

Are questions repeated from CLAT previous year question papers?

Ans. Although there are slim chances of exact question to be repeated in Common Law Admission Test. However, Consortium of NLUs repeats question types. For example you may find a similar question in upcoming CLAT exam, as you saw in a CLAT past year paper, but with different values.

How to solve CLAT paper?

Ans. Start by reading the first question in CLAT question paper. Then decide how to approach it. Finally solve and answer it. Likewise tackle all questions in Common Law Admission Test question paper.

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