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Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes – mine all mine

If you love Roblox but wish it had a touch more Minecraft in it, or you just want to build a monolithic mineral empire, then Stone Miner Simulator 2 could be just the thing. Get shifting rocks with heavy machinery, and bury deep down into the earth to find piles of geodes and make a ton of cash. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

If you really dig this fun Roblox game, then our Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes are here to help, offering you some great bonuses that allow you to expand your stone rock empire and become the envy of all your friends. It was fun to collect rocks as a kid, and it’s still cool now. Plus, in the virtual world, there’s no limit to the depths you can dive into in your pursuit of masses of minerals.

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Let’s dive into our guide to Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes.

Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes

Active codes:

  • 74yhim – five minutes of luck boost
  • 2wxxgf – three rare crystals
  • yhikol – two epic crystals
  • huyujk – one legendary crystal
  • aoiysh – two rare crystals and one epic crystal
  • hujikj – twenty minutes of luck boost
  • uqhdjs – 1,48k gold and 25 gems
  • hotpot_old – 30 gems
  • hotpot – 700 gold

Expired codes:

  • stoneminer – expired
  • joingroup – expired
  • cqimfvkm – expired

What are Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes?

Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes are a series of numbers and letters that form a code, which, when input into the game, deliver the player rewards such as a luck boost, extra gems, and in-game currency. The developer, Hotpot Studio, tends to release new ones when player milestones are hit, or with each regular update. Make sure to bookmark this page to keep up to date with them all.

How do I redeem Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes?

It is super simple to redeem your Stone Miner Simulator 2 codes, just follow these instructions:

  • Open up Stone Miner Simulator 2
  • Press the ‘setting’ button on the right hand of the screen
  • Input the code where it says ‘enter code here’
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Rock on folks, that’s all we have for today, but be sure to check back for fresh codes as soon as they become available. If you love Roblox, then be sure to check out our other great articles, like our Backrooms Race Clicker codes guide.

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