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Weapon Fighting Simulator codes – free boosts

October 27, 2022: we added a new Halloween Weapon Fighting Simulator codes!

Need more firepower? Our Weapon Fighting Simulator codes can give you the boost you need to be the greatest warrior in one of the most popular Roblox fighters. With a wide array of spells and weapons, the game lands you in a dojo as you begin your journey to become the next famed martial arts master.

While these Weapon Fighting Simulator codes won’t be handing over free swords and staffs, they’re a step in the right direction to filling out your armoury. The codes often provide timed boosts, giving you more damage output or luck for twenty minutes or more. Of course, it’s up to you when to activate a boost and lay siege to your opponents in battle.

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Here are the Latest Weapon Fighting Simulator codes 

Active Codes: 

  • candy – free boosts (new!)
  • Halloween – free boosts (new!)
  • map25 – period of all boosts
  • newpet – free pet egg
  • like350 – free boosts
  • map24 – 30 minutes of all boosts
  • town – one hour of boosts
  • map23 – free boosts
  • hardtrail – free boosts
  • map22 – free boosts
  • visits250m – free boosts
  • newbuff – boss key and free boosts
  • map21 – free boosts
  • l325k – luck boost
  • popsicle – damage boost
  • map20 – free boosts
  • timetrial – free boosts
  • map19 – free spirit stones and qi x2
  • skin – free boosts
  • lk300k – free boosts
  • map18 – free boosts
  • batoidea  – free boosts
  • map17  – free boosts
  • map16 – free boosts
  • likes275k – free boosts
  • fighting – free boosts
  • banshies – free boosts
  • map15 – free boosts
  • sword – free boosts
  • tradespar – free boosts
  • map14 – free boosts
  • Kingkade – free boosts
  • CodeNex – free boosts
  • Spellroll – free boosts
  • RAMPHobbies – free boosts
  • Worrybear – free boosts
  • Sub2RoboSlothGaming – free boosts
  • Carbon – free boosts
  • Sisterguard – free boosts
  • Skull – free boosts
  • Funrix – free boosts
  • JazonGaming – free boosts
  • WFS – free boosts
  • likes_225k – free boosts
  • map13 – free boosts
  • hardmode – free boosts

All boosts last for 20 minutes. 

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Expired codes:

  • map12
  • LIKES200K
  • compensation
  • defense
  • easter
  • likes180k
  • map11
  • jade
  • lk160k
  • map10
  • wheel
  • likes_140k
  • map9
  • likes120k
  • tower
  • map8
  • likes100k
  • trade
  • enchant
  • likes75k
  • world6
  • likes50000
  • mount
  • likes30K
  • bugfixed
  • achievement
  • lunarnewyear
  • likes20K
  • bounty
  • like10000
  • likes5k
  • likes1500
  • WFS
  • welcome
  • happyday
  • weaponfighting
  • goodluck

What are Weapon Fighting Simulator codes? 

You can use Weapon Fighting Simulator codes to access in-game freebies. The more popular a game is, the more codes are released, and as Weapon Fighting Simulator is new for 2022, we can expect more codes to come, so be sure to bookmark this page for future updates. 

How do I Redeem Weapon Fighting Simulator codes? 

  • Open Weapon Fighting Simulator in Roblox 
  • If it’s your first time in the game, select a weapon, then select the cog icon on the left of the screen for the settings menu. 
  • Insert your code in the text box below the audio options. 

With those Weapon Fighting Simulator codes entered, your boosts should be active and ready to deal some damage. While you’re here, why not take advantage of some more freebies with our Ragnarok: The Lost Memories codes to help you along in another adventure.

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