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Coin Master Free Spins & Coins: WORKING (July 2022)

Coin Master

Indulging in gambling has never felt more guilt-free than ever until casual gamers knew about the adventure game Coin Master. With its addictive slot machine mechanic, we simply can’t get enough of spinning for coins to upgrade various themed villages in-game. If you’re tempted to buy more spins but feel guilty doing so, then there’s no need to look further! You can get tons of Coin Master free spins and coins through the links released by the developers.

This free and all-win game gets even better with regularly released links from Coin Master’s Israeli developer Moon Active. For the competitive ones itching for a payback against village attackers and raiders or simply trying to reclaim their stolen fortune, these Coin Master spins and coins are sure to give you the upper hand!

With that said, let’s dive into the list of both working and expired Coin Master links for a bunch of sought-after rewards!

coin master 2022 spin links

Here’s a complete list of all the working / expired coin master free spins and coins codes for your redeeming pleasure!

NOTE: The list below has been updated for July 2022 and will be continually updated daily throughout the month and year.

July 27 2022

July 26 2022

July 25 2022

July 24 2022

July 23 2022

July 22 2022

July 21 2022

July 20 2022

July 19 2022

July 18 2022

July 17 2022

July 16 2022

July 15 2022

July 14 2022

July 13 2022

July 12 2022

July 11 2022

July 10 2022

July 9 2022

July 8 2022

July 7 2022

July 6 2022

July 5 2022

July 4 2022

July 3 2022

July 2 2022

July 1 2022

June 30 2022

June 29 2022

June 28 2022

June 27 2022

June 26 2022

June 25 2022

June 24 2022

June 23 2022

June 22 2022

June 21 2022

June 20 2022

June 19 2022

June 18 2022

June 17 2022

June 16 2022

June 15 2022

June 14 2022

June 13 2022

June 12 2022

June 11 2022

June 10 2022

June 9 2022

June 8 2022

June 7 2022

June 6 2022

June 5 2022

June 4 2022

June 3 2022

June 2 2022

June 1 2022

May 31 2022

May 30 2022

May 29 2022

May 28 2022

May 27 2022

May 26 2022

May 25 2022

May 24 2022

May 23 2022

May 22 2022

May 21 2022

May 20 2022

May 19 2022

May 18 2022

May 17 2022

May 16 2022

May 15 2022

May 14 2022

May 13 2022

May 12 2022

May 11 2022

May 10 2022

May 9 2022

May 8 2022

May 7 2022

May 6 2022

May 5 2022

May 4 2022

May 3 2022

May 2 2022

May 1 2022

April 30 2022

April 29 2022

April 28 2022

April 27 2022

April 26 2022

April 25 2022

April 24 2022

April 23 2022

April 22 2022

April 21 2022

April 20 2022

April 19 2022

April 18 2022

April 17 2022

April 16 2022

April 15 2022

April 14 2022

April 13 2022

April 12 2022

April 11 2022

April 10 2022

April 9 2022

April 8 2022

April 7 2022

April 6 2022

How to Redeem Coin Master Free Spins & Coins

Coin Master Spins

By far, free spins and coins from Coin Master links are the most convenient to collect. Simply tap the given link and it will automatically direct you to the game where your rewards are waiting for you. You can just tap ‘Collect’ to redeem your free spins and/or coins.

Keep in mind that you can only redeem the rewards if you’re using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, where Coin Master is installed. If you are on a desktop, any Coin Master link will direct you to the old Facebook version of the game which is no longer available.

Coin Master links expire two days after their release. Due to differences in time zones, some links listed under ‘Working’ or ‘Expired’ on this article may already be invalid or still be working, respectively.

With that said, we encourage players to double-check the links listed here for rewards. You can try to open the most recent links under ‘Expired’ or even if they’re already two days old if you weren’t able to redeem them on the given date.

New Coin Master links are released daily with no specific schedule. You can see the successive dates when links were released under the ‘Working’ and ‘Expired Coin Master Links’ sections here.

Coin Master links are posted on Coin Master’s official Facebook page and Twitter account. You can check out their game announcements’ and mini quizzes’ captions for blue links to redeem Coin Master free spins and coins.

Some third-party sources also share working Coin Master links that are not posted on Coin Master’s official accounts. However, if sourcing out these codes from various platforms seems tiring to you, you can simply hop on to this regularly updated article for new links!

The number of Coin Master links regularly released varies depending on the developers. However, you can expect at least one up to six Coin Master links daily for free spins and coins.

There is also no constant number of spins and amount of coins you can get from each Coin Master link. Nonetheless, the developers can be generous with the usual 10 and 25 spins for each link. Likewise, you can get up to three million coins for each Coin Master link.

Why did I receive fewer coins than what was stated?

It does happen! For some reason, some players tend to get fewer coins than what is stated in the links’ descriptions. We have yet to hear anything about this from the developers themselves or other third-party sources.

However, we think that this has something to do with each player’s progress in-game, similar to how village upgrades get more expensive the more you advance. In terms of spins, we have not encountered the same issue.

Rest assured, though, that the Coin Master links listed here are all valid and still offer a generous amount of resources!

All Coin Master links are available for one-time redemption only, which means that you will get a specific number of spins and/or amount of coins once for every link.

Other Ways to Earn Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

coin master free spins

If you aren’t in the mood for spins, here’s a quick look at all the other ways you can participate to get free spins and coins.

Participate in Coin Master’s Daily Quizzes

If you frequent or at least follow Coin Master’s official Facebook page and Twitter account, you’ll find simple daily quizzes that will give you the chance to win spins and coins.

By retweeting their tweets, commenting the correct quiz answers, and/or doing what is asked, you might find yourself the lucky winner announced later on.

Sign up for Email Gifts

While on Coin Master, you’ll randomly get a pop-up to subscribe on Coin Master’s daily links via email. Simply enter your email address and select ‘submit’ for free rewards daily.

Send & Receive Gifts from Friends

If your Coin Master account is connected to Facebook, you’ll see an in-game list of your Facebook friends that also play Coin Master. You can send them free spins and coins without deductions on your balance as well as receive these rewards from them.

Invite Friends

You can share this addictive game with your friends by inviting them via Facebook Messenger or other social media or communication platforms. One friend who successfully plays Coin Master using your link will grant you free spins.

Participate in Limited Events

Coin Master has a ton of limited-time events where you can multiply your spin rewards by partaking. You can save up your spins and use them for these events to get more resources.

Play and Wait

You can get more spins and coins by using your remaining spins, finishing villages, completing cards, and waiting for spins to renew. It’s that easy to earn resources in Coin Master!

We hope you managed to tap these Coin Master links on time for free spins and other rewards! With almost 400 villages to upgrade in this addictive game, we know you’ll need lots of rewards from the developers to streamline your slot game journey!

If there are missing working or expired links from this list, please let us know by commenting them below so we can share their free spins and/or coins with everyone.

If you play other games of chance like this one, check out our Genshin Impact codes and Idle Heroes codes! Lots of in-game rewards are waiting for you so be sure to redeem them as soon as you can.

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