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Comparison of Two DDI Solutions: BlueCat and Infoblox

BlueCat and Infoblox

Selecting the ideal partner for your DDI management system is both crucial and challenging. It’s a significant choice that will affect your income in the long run.

We will contrast BlueCat vs Infoblox, two of the top DDI systems, to assist you in making the right decision. Read on to learn more about this article’s IPAM vendor comparison.

1. BlueCat 


Provisioning is simplified, application deployment is accelerated, and business continuity is ensured via the advanced DDI platform known as BlueCat. It encourages the development of a solid network foundation that is dependable, secure, and flexible in response to changing needs. Network teams can automate network services and apply policies with the aid of BlueCat’s DDI solutions, which minimizes operating costs and increases operational effectiveness. Network workers now have the agility necessary to effectively support contemporary IT systems thanks to this cost-effective solution.

No matter where or how an IP address, namespace, or DNS record is assigned on a network, BlueCat’s unified platform works as a single source of data. Administrators can use BlueCat to move the primary DDI infrastructure to the cloud or connect to DDI services that are native to the cloud.

The network services provided by BlueCat optimize cloud operations to lower costs, improve user experience, and increase productivity. BlueCat simplifies network management by removing the difficulties of the cloud with direct internet connectivity and traffic routing.

BlueCat’s IPAM for Windows is pricey while having a tonne of capabilities. It’s overkill for the majority of mid-sized businesses, but ideal if you’re a giant corporation looking to build a full BlueCat DHCP/DNS infrastructure. Up to 10 Windows servers can be managed by BlueCat IPAM for Windows, which costs around $14,000 to install (USD).

2. Infoblox


Customers can manage DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, as well as improve them, using Infoblox technology. Businesses can automate challenging network control activities with the aid of Infoblox’s innovative Grid technology, saving money while enhancing security and uptime and building networks that are more dependable, scalable, and efficient.

Just a handful of the many essential cloud network services provided by Infoblox are DNS, DHCP, and IP address management. Additionally, Infoblox improves tenant and virtual machine visibility, giving managers a real-time picture of cloud resources as they are launched and assisting businesses in creating apps more quickly and offering more reliable business offers.

We consider Infoblox’s products to be great! Additionally, they lose marks for the pricey and challenging appliance-only setup. Major corporations that can afford to set up a full Infoblox DHCP and DNS infrastructure, with all of the advantages that entails, are generally best suited to employ their high-quality appliances.

According to some sources, Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft virtual appliances start at around $12,000. (USD).

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