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Complete Guide to Edit PDF Online

Complete Guide to Edit PDF Online

There are a million and one advantages of storing files and important documents in PDF format, including portability, security, and file preservation. Other benefits offered by PDF are its wide acceptability and compatibility with every device and operating system.

Because of these fantastic perks, many individuals, firms, and offices have adopted PDF as their preferred format for storing files, especially for firms that practice paperless offices. And since PDFs are smaller, they are more economical as they take up less memory and bandwidth. But, in as much as the efficiency and advantages of PDF cannot be overstated, and its popularity continues to soar, it presents a challenge to users: the inability to edit a PDF file.

Why is so Difficult to Edit a PDF? 

As we stated earlier, PDF, with its endless benefits, poses a challenge whereby it is almost impossible to edit any file stored as a PDF. Furthermore, because of its static nature, users find it difficult to make even the simplest edits to a document once it becomes a PDF file, and because it was created to be viewed in a read-only mode, handling a PDF document is a linear affair.

To throw more light on this, the creators of PDF wanted it to be very effective in preserving documents and retaining their exact appearance no matter where it is opened, as well as maintaining all the features that make it excellent for archiving files. Because of it, they made sure that PDFs are not easy to tamper with and can be trusted to deliver the content of their files intact. 

However, it has become inevitable to edit PDF files. Thankfully, there are tools that we can use to edit, split, organize, sign, compress, add a password to PDF, etc. While some of the tools have to be bought, there are other free tools like FormatPDF to edit PDFs online.

How to Remove Password from a PDF 

When dealing with PDF files, you will often encounter a locked PDF you need to access the contents to move forward; the Remove Password PDF tool allows you to edit PDF and remove the password without downloading any special software.

So, if this is the case for you, and you are wondering how to go about removing a password from a PDF file, these are the steps to take:

  • First, go to the PDF tool platform, navigate to “more tools” on the menu bar, and click Unlock PDF. Now, click the Select PDF files button to choose the PDF you want to unlock.

  • The PDF file you want to unlock will appear on your screen, then click the Unlock tab to start the process. 

  • Your PDF should be successfully unlocked by now. So, click the Download File tab to save your unlocked PDF to your device


How to Edit PDF with an Online Tool

A tool to edit PDF online comes in handy if you are heavy on PDF documentation. This will save you the stress of recreating a PDF to update or correct its content, instead of simply editing it to add or remove items. And with the Edit PDF tool, you can easily edit PDF files online from any location without downloading any app.

Here are the easy steps to edit PDF files:

  • Go to the PDF tool and scroll to “more tools” from the toolbar, click on “Edit PDF,” then click the Select PDF file button to upload the PDF file you want to edit. You can also drag the PDF onto the space inscribed “Or drag and drop the JPG here.” 

  • Once you have selected your PDF, you can access the Edit PDF tool, and you will see options that let you insert text, image, an icon, or draw on a PDF.

  • After making the necessary changes, simply click on the Download button to save the changes you made and save your PDF.

How to Edit PDF on Android

Many half-truths revolve around PDFs, and one of the popular ones is that PDF files cannot be edited on an android device. This is especially false considering that PDF is highly versatile and compatible with every operating system, including Android. Therefore, you can edit PDF on an Android device if you wish, but the swiftness of the process depends entirely on using the right tool, such as:

Gaaiho PDF Reader

Gaaiho PDF Reader Boasting is one of the many tools that can be used to edit PDF files on Android devices. It has a highly intuitive and well-designed user interface that allows for easy management of PDF documents with little or no stress, especially when editing PDF files in batches. 

One of its features includes allowing users to read PDF documents and add comments easily, but most of its useful features can only be accessed in the paid version. 

However, you can also use the tool we talked about before to edit PDFs on Android. It is an all-powerful online android tool that can edit, sign, lock, unlock, split, merge, compress, organize, add page numbers to PDFs, etc. It can be used on all devices and requires no special app to carry out PDF functions such as editing PDF conveniently. 

How to Edit PDF on iPhone

A great advantage of PDF is that it can be used with any operating system, including iOS. So, if for any reason you have to view and edit PDF files on your iPhone or iPad, you can do it using apps such as:


PDFelement is an excellent app for editing PDF files on iOS with all the basic and advanced functions, including highlighting text, merging multiple files into one PDF file, etc. you can also use PDFelement to organize PDFs on iOS. However, it requires registration to be able to access its features. You can download it in App Store.

But if you want to avoid the hassles of registration and subscription, then the best way to edit PDF on your iPhone is by using an online tool like the one we talked about. It is an all-powerful online android tool that can edit, sign, lock, unlock, split, merge, compress, organize, add page numbers to PDFs, etc. 

It can be used on every device, browser, and operating system and requires no particular app to conveniently carry out PDF functions such as editing PDF. In addition, all of its features are entirely free.

In conclusion, PDF is the best file format for most and makes documentation a lot easier; thanks to online PDF editors, handling PDFs has become much easier, faster, and hassle-free.

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