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Construction Simulator 3 MOD Apk Download v1.2  (Unlimited Money) 2022

Hi Guys, Welcome to Tricksndtips. Today I am going to provide you Construction Simulator 3 mod apk, You can get all the premium features of this mod apk.

Construction Simulator 3 mod apk – the long awaited third part of the series of the coolest construction simulators in Astragon. At present, players have prepared even more high-tech 10 square kilometer maps, 70 sophisticated step tasks and much more.

Working from the cockpit, the interactive environment, realistic physics, easy handling and other refined qualities from past series will delight anyone who doesn’t like dealing with silly problems. Well, the excellent graphics make the whole process of building various objects more spectacular.

What is Construction Simulator 3 Mod APK?

The game allows you to take on the roles of construction workers on construction sites. Here you will find dozens of different gadgets and equipment that are used for this particular purpose. For once in your life, try to experience the feeling of sitting on a crane while transporting materials to the construction site. Or take on the role of manager and supervise the work of others from a distance.

image of Construction Simulator 3 Mod APK

You can also become a construction contractor working with licenses, funds, and many other things. Study the path and experience the difficulties builders must face in order for your project to be accepted. Learn the art of building with this incredible building simulation game. You can also check other games like Stupid Zombies mod Apk & Geometry Dash Meltdown Mod Apk

Features of Construction Simulator 3 MOD Apk

You can read all the important features of the apk. We have shared the modded version of this apk too. You don’t need to go to other website for downloading any apk.

1. Explore the huge cities of prosperous Europe

image of Explore the huge cities of prosperous Europe

Get ready to explore the massive maps in Construction Simulator, which can measure up to 10 km². You will find tons of different things to do with the vast sandbox game. That being said, the game features 3 different playable districts, including your company headquarters and surrounding residents, an industrial city with many factories, and a modern city where you can go and buy whatever you want.

And during your short breaks, before the next jobs start, you can drive around in your cars and experience the majestic landscapes of modern Europe. The game has a huge area that is completely manageable thanks to the open world design.

2. Use the latest technologies ( Vehicles Unlocked )

image of  Use the latest technologies ( Vehicles Unlocked )

Experience the realistic driving experience with the COCKPIT view, which shows everything that happens inside your vehicles during a construction. You can see how the buttons, levers and handlebars work, learn how to become a construction worker right here on your phone. Watch how people operate giant contraptions and epic machines with Construction Simulator 3.

Furthermore, the game also features some of the most advanced building technologies. For example, you will learn about the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig, which is a premium machine for bridge construction. With it, you can build the strongest and most durable bridges that come with well-built foundations. Study technologies and put them into practice to make your work much easier.

3. Control epic vehicles from 14 royal brands.

image of Control epic vehicles from 14 royal brands

Construction machines and vehicles are by far the most important aspect of building things. Make good use of its functionality and you can finish your job much faster, as well as maintaining a reliable build quality.

That being said, in Construction Simulator 3, players can have access to the most powerful construction machines that can make their job a lot less demanding. Over 50 different vehicles from 14 famous manufacturers are available for you to come in and experience its power. Make good use of them and you can build an efficient construction empire.

Apart from the traditional machines, many new ones are introduced in this version. For example, you’ll get the E55 compact excavator and T590 crawler loader that make laying the foundation a piece of cake. Get your hands on the steering wheel of the MAN TGX, which comes with capable hardware that can carry a large number of building materials. And if you want to raise the materials to the upper floors, the first thing to do is install a Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 tower crane.

4. Learn about the art of construction contractors

image of Learn about the art of construction contractors

Those who love being a construction contractor would have the opportunity to experience the life of a real life contractor. Start by building the small Bavarian house and gradually improve your services with better machines and gadgets. You will end up being able to build epic skyscrapers that challenge even the most seasoned contractors. Follow more than 70 different contracts, you will learn the way of a contractor and expand your range of knowledge as an entrepreneur. As you progress, you will learn more about the art of the building contractor.

5. Exciting game for all ages + All Level Unlocked

image of Exciting game for all ages + All Level Unlocked

Since the game is about the construction of buildings and other infrastructure, it is suitable for people of all ages. You can introduce it to your kids and teach them to love and respect the construction workers who have built these epic buildings. Or you can learn the art of construction yourself and learn to love work.

6. Visual and sound quality

image of Visual and sound quality

The game features realistic 3D graphics with accurate physics. You will see that the building in Construction Simulator requires a lot of physical knowledge, as well as precision. Also, the massive maps make loading between different scenes a bit long. However, the overall gameplay is surprisingly smooth despite the demanding graphics.

7. Sound / Music

image of Sound / Music

No shootouts, no explosions, all you will experience is a serious atmosphere at each of your construction sites. The sounds of the machines in operation, the orders and the cheers of the managers, all are concentrated in their work. This makes you feel like you are on a real construction site while working with real construction workers.

Extra Features of this ApK



Explore a 10km² map, lovingly designed to resemble the idyllic Alpine foothills and play in three different districts: The village where you establish your company, a spacious industrial area and a modern town. Use the time between jobs to explore the freely drivable open world.



Enjoy the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig for bridge construction for stable and deep foundations during bridge construction and other exciting missions! Another feature long-awaited by many fans is the cockpit view. Now you can enjoy Construction Simulator 3 from the inside of every vehicle and get a first hand feel of what it’s like to take control of epic machines!



A huge amount of vehicles is waiting for you! Choose the right machine for every job: Take on the challenges of road works and refurbishments with machines by Caterpillar, BOMAG or WIRTGEN GmbH, VÖGELE AG and HAMM AG. Available for the first time: The E55 compact excavator or the T590 compact track loader from Bobcat will make earth moving a walk in the park! Get behind the wheel of the MAN TGX truck to visit your local gravel pit or supply store and discover new heights with the Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 tower crane.



Prove your skills on the job: From small Bavarian style family homes to industry warehouses and skyscrapers – more than 70 challenging contracts demand all your skills and precision in Construction Simulator 3. Refurbish crumbling roads and use your large vehicle fleet to master every challenge. Shape the skyline of Neustein through your unique work!

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Screenshots of Construction Simulator 3 APK:-

image of Screenshots of Construction Simulator 3 APK
image of Screenshots of Construction Simulator 3 APK

How to Install Construction Simulator 3 APK with OBB data file

  • Before downloading Construction Simulator 3 APK with pro features, you have to uninstall the current Construction Simulator 3 APK from your smartphone.
  • Click On the button given below with the name of download Construction Simulator 3 APK.
  • Once you click you will get a download page. where you will a direct link of a Construction Simulator 3 APK.
  • Click on that, in a few minutes (Depend on your internet speed) your app will be on your phone.
  • Now go to your phone’s setting and enable unknown sources to install this app.
  • Now go to file manager and file download file of Construction Simulator 3 APK.
  • Once you find click on that, it will ask you to install it.
  • Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.astragon.cs3.
  • Make sure that the OBB file ( is inside the com.astragon.cs3 folder.
  • Click on that, Boom!!! you get your application on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Construction Simulator 3 Mod Apk free to play?

Yes, Construction Simulator 3 Mod Apk is free to play.

Q. Can I play Construction Simulator 3 Mod Apk on my android device?

Yes, you can play Construction Simulator 3 Mod Apk on your Android device.


Our team hope it will help you completely. That you won’t have any problems with this Construction Simulator 3 mod apk. We hope you successfully enjoy the premium features, and enjoy an ad-free environment..

If you have any questions about this apk, we’ll just try to solve your problem. If you like our work, don’t forget to appreciate us as it motivates us and we will try to resolve your problem within 24 hours. And if you want to follow us, join our Telegram group.

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