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Contract for SpaceWERX Orbital Prime awarded to Kayhan Space

Contract for SpaceWERX Orbital Prime awarded to Kayhan Space

Software-as-a-service provider Kayhan Space, along with partners Astroscale US and the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin), has won a US Space Force award for developing a platform intelligence that allows spacecraft to safely enter orbit Kayhan Space said supports the vehicle for services such as refueling, maintenance, debris removal and national security.

SpaceWERX selected Kayhan Space for Phase 1 of Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR). This phase should investigate how Kayhan’s Proxima (RPO) solution can enable In-Space Assembly and Service Manufacturing (ISAM) capabilities. They are currently being studied by the Department of the Air Force (DAF) and the United States Space Force (USSF) under the Orbital Prime program. Orbital Prime aims to promote active debris remediation.

Throughout the project, Kayhan Space will collaborate with engineers from Astroscale as well as spacecraft researchers and students from UT-Austin. The partnership will culminate in the delivery of an optimized RPO management solution that supports safe space commerce and national security. The management platform feasibility study is scheduled for early 2023, with a prototype and phase 2 demonstration in 2024.

The RPO (Meeting Point Proximity Operations), Kayhan Proxima, will facilitate proximity maneuvers in congested orbits. PRO missions are safely and self-contained with minimal manual assistance.

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  • Contract for SpaceWERX Orbital Prime awarded to Kayhan Space
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