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25 Alternatives for Cricfree in 2022 (100% Working)

Cricfree might be banned in several countries since it hosts links to free streaming of sporting events. 

Well, for every bad news, we’ve got good news for you! 

If Cricfree isn’t available in your region, you can use any of its alternatives to enjoy uninterrupted sports streaming. 

We’ve curated a list of 25 alternatives for Cricfree for you! 

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best Cricfree Alternatives You Have to Check Out  

  • MyP2P: From leagues and divisions to championships, you can find all levels of football matches being streamed here.  
  • Strikeout: From basketball to tennis, the website has it all. It indeed is a paradise for any sports lover. 
  • ATDHE: The website has a smooth UI and hosts links to third-party websites that are streaming the match. 
  • Ronaldo7: Highly recommended for football fans, the website has an intuitive user interface and streams football matches in high definition.   
  • CricHD: Just like Cricfree, this website streams almost every cricket match free of cost. 

What Is Cricfree? 


For those who are unfamiliar with Cricfree, Cricfree is a renowned website that hosts third-party links to free online streaming of sporting events. Although the website is majorly for cricket fans, it also hosts links to other sports matches such as football and basketball. 

The website lets you watch major games live and in high definition. Owing to its user-friendliness, the website rose to quick popularity among sports buffs. 

Say goodbye to overpriced OTT platform subscriptions to watch your favorite matches, and watch them in HD at no cost! 

What Happened to Cricfree? 

Although a favorite among sports buffs from all around the world, the site is, however, a shady one. It hosts links to free online streaming of games which is a violation of piracy rights. 

For this reason, the website is always under the radar of illegal website blockers. Although the website does not pirate content and streams it, it hosts links to several websites which do the same. Hence, the website cannot be labeled illegal, but there are chances it is blocked in your region. 

Unfortunately for sports fanatics, Cricfree is banned in several countries. Hence, you’d need to use a VPN and emulate your location to a region where Cricfree isn’t banned (we shall touch upon this again later)

How to Safely Stream Cricfree? 

Cricfree hosts link to free streaming websites. Often, these links could simply be pop-ups. They could redirect you to malicious websites. These websites might install viruses onto your system and corrupt it. 

If you’re using a VPN, the network speed might be annoyingly slow. VPNs are generally much slower, and this could lead to unending buffering. You definitely do not want to spoil your game night with your friends watching the streaming buffer. 

Best VPNs for Cricfree 

A good VPN is cheap, and it will let you access sports streaming sites with annoying geographic restrictions. These are great for protecting your computer from cyber-attacks, phishing attempts, and even hiding your internet activity from your snoopy ISP. 

That’s why we tested out a bunch of VPNs to see which ones worked the best, which were the fastest, and above all, which ones were free:

Pros Cons
This is one of the fastest and the most popular VPNs.  Costly.
It is reliable and provides online privacy.
You get NordPass and NordLocker along with it.

Pros Cons
It has over 1000 fast servers in 28 different countries It’s paid, unlike many of its counterparts.
You get a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the VPNs performance 
One of the best encryption technology 

Pros Cons
One of the best free VPNs 
Blocks advertisements.
It is very user-friendly and is easy to set up

Best Alternatives to Cricfree – 100% Working 

1. MLB66 

MLB66 Alternative


If you’re an American baseball fan, then you definitely would’ve heard of MLB66. MLB is the most popular baseball league in North America, and MLB66 is exclusively built to stream the league. 

One of the first of its kind, MLB66 began the trend of free online streaming. Today it streams league matches in both English and Spanish. 

It covers all the 162 games of the baseball league, and you get all this for free and in high definition.   

Check out this site 

2. MyP2P

MyP2P Alternatives


MyP2P is one of the most effective websites when it comes to sports streaming. The website owners have kept the build and the user interface very light. Reducing the graphic intensity of the website helps it host and stream video smoothly with lesser buffer time.  

Among all the low graphic intensity websites, MyP2P has an upper hand. It streams more than over 12 games, making it a fan favorite 

Another plus of MyP2P is that it offers a feature to share files as well. I

Check out this site 

3. SportSurge

SportSurge Alternatives


SportSurge is an intuitive, swift website that allows you to watch your favorite sport online at no additional cost. It is one of the most popular websites due to the diverse range of sports it streams. 

Here you can view every major sporting tournament. You can enjoy the UEFA champions league, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, premier league, Serie A, rugby, NFL, badminton, and cricket. 

The website is perfect for those who are ardent fans of multiple sports. The user interface is pretty simple as well.  

Check out this site

4. Buffstream 

Buffstream Alternatives


Buffstream is another excellent choice if you wish to view free sports online. 

Predominantly prevalent in the US, the website is greatly popular among sports fanatics. Most games on the website are copyrighted by major broadcasters such as NBC, fox sports, and ESPN. 

However, the downside is that the website streams sports that are loved and followed in the US. Hence, you can view the NFL, NBA, rugby, American football, and WWE here but not the premier league or the Ligue 1

If you wish to watch the sports listed above, then sure, the website is about perfect for you, but if not, move on to the next platform! 

Check out this site

5. Crackstreams 

Crackstreams Alternatives


Crackstrems is another popular player in the online sports streaming industry. Here you can watch the most recent matches of different sports. The website has a straightforward user interface and is easy to use.  

The platform is majorly known for streaming American football, NBA, WWE, and MMA. 

Being a free website, the streaming quality is inconsistent. While saving up on money, you always need to make some sacrifices. You might need to compromise on the quality and buffering time when watching a game on Crackstrems. 

However, all in all, it is a pretty decent choice to enjoy American football, basketball, or combat sports.

Check out this site

6. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch Alternatives


Stream2Watch is on our list of top websites for watching sports online. Owing to its all-around services, it is undoubtedly one of the most complete websites.  

If you’re someone who’s been trying to find a free streaming website but just run into inaccessible, blocked websites, this one is for you. Due to copyright issues, most free streaming websites are often blocked by ISPs. 

This could be rather annoying for sports buffs who live on a budget. Well, luckily, the website has got several mirrors built in. So if the main website or any other mirror is blocked, you always have a working alternative. 

To the advantage of every sports fan, the website offers streaming of not one but multiple sports, including football, soccer, cricket, hockey, and basketball. 

Check out this site

7. 6Streams

6Streams Alternatives


Like many other platforms on the list, 6stream is another all-American streaming platform. Widely known for live streaming NFL, NBA, and WWE, in high definition.  

The primary advantage of 6streams is that it doesn’t just live stream the videos but also stores the recorded version of the game. So if you’re busy during the live telecast, you can replay the recorded version later on

Check out this site

8. StreamEast

StreamEast Alternatives


Primarily created for NBA fanatics, StreamEast is a highly popular website among all NBA watchers. 

Additionally, you can also catch up on NFL, boxing, and other American league games. The user interface of the website is pretty simple, and hence, it is easy to use even for a neophyte. On the website, you can also find the schedules of upcoming matches and check the status of previously held matches. 

Looking for a website that streams match in flawless quality? StreamEast has got your back. 

Check out this site

9. VIPBox

VipBox Alternatives


Another popular streaming website among sports fans from all around the world. VIPBox has one of the largest catalogs of sports available for streaming. Here you can find almost any match being streamed and enjoyed. 

Another advantage of VIPBox is that every match that is streamed live is also recorded in high definition. If you miss the match when it is being streamed, you can always catch up on it later. 

Owing to its NASCAR streams, VIPBox stands out when compared to its counterparts. Free high-definition NASCAR streams are rare, and VIPBox is one website where you can find high-quality NASCAR streaming. 

Check out this site

10. VIPLeague

VIPLeague Alternatives


VIPLeague is an exclusive American sports streaming platform. It streams America’s favorite sports live and in high definition. Some of the live coverages you can find on the website include F1, Basketball, American football, and rugby. The quality of broadcasting is pretty decent, considering the fact that it is free. 

There are advertisements present. However, the number of ads is comparatively lesser than its competitor sites. 

Check out this site

11. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports Alternatives


FirstRowSports is undoubtedly one of the best streaming websites out there. It stands out from the rest when it comes to streaming quality. The website rose to quick popularity soon after it launched, all thanks to its buffering speed and quality. 

Additionally, you can watch multiple matches at the same time, and the streaming speed will hardly be affected. So if you’re a basketball and football fan, and you have the Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors and the Manchester derby happening simultaneously, you can watch both at once!  

Check out this site

12. CricHD


As you’d have deduced by now, CricHD is an exclusive cricket live streaming website. It is a highly user-friendly website with a simplified interface. On top of it, it offers streaming in different resolutions. So if you are using mobile data to stream, you can switch to 480p to save data. 

The website also hosts the schedules of upcoming matches, so you can plan your watchlist accordingly. 

Check out this site

13. F1 TV


Unlike all the websites on this list, F1 TV is an official web application for f1 lovers to enjoy F1 on their mobile devices. Since it is official, the application is not free to use. In order to watch f1 live, you need to subscribe to the website on a monthly basis. 

The subscription fee is not very expensive, unlike several OTT platforms. All you’d need to pay is $2.99, and you can enjoy F1 races from the comfort of your couch. 

The primary advantage of F1 TV over many others on the list is that it isn’t pirated, hence the quality of the streaming is top-notch, and the buffering speed is fast as well! 

Check out this site

14. 720pStream 

720pStream Alternatives


If we were to describe 720pStream, we’d call it the perfect platform for those who live on a budget. The quality of streaming is decent, and so is the buffering speed. 

As the name suggests, the videos are all streamed in 720p Stream which is pretty good if you’re looking for a free website to watch your favorite games. Here you can view MLB, NFL, and other leagues. 

Check out this site


The website is one of the best if you’re looking for a multisport streaming platform in high definition. Footybite is pretty famous among NBA fans from all around the world.

The interface is highly attractive and has a list of upcoming games. You can check out the results of matches held in the past as well. All in all, it’s a complete website that gives you an overview of all the cool happenings in the sporting world.

Check out this site

16. StrikeOut


StrikeOut is a safe website that does not even need you to sign up to watch your favorite match. 

The user interface of StrikeOut is very intuitive and it is pretty straightforward to navigate through the website. If you’re looking for an HD streaming platform to watch NFL, NBA, or NHL, StrikeOut is an excellent option. 

Check out this site



ATDHE redefines HD. Well, of course, you can’t compare it with a 4k display television, it’d lose. However, the fact that it is even comparable is commendable. The website offers HD lag-free streaming of your favorite games. 

The website’s services are indeed stupendous, so much so that it seems too good to be true. It streams more than 12 different sports and is absolutely free!  

Check out this site

18. SonyLiv


Does SonyLiv really need an introduction? SonyLiv is one of the most popular sports streaming platforms. Like F1 TV, the platform is the official partner for streaming several sporting events. 

The subscription fee is pretty affordable, and you also get regular discounts. Moreover, the platform is available not just in the web version but also on mobile apps. The streaming quality is also high definition, and the lag is almost negligible. 

Check out this site

19. Fite


Fite is a popular American streaming platform. Launched in 2012, Fite is a legal platform that streams non-pirated content. The primary sports you can watch on the website include boxing, wrestling, and mixed material. 

Fite is definitely a website you must check out if you’re a wrestling freak. The subscription fee is pretty mediocre, and more importantly, there are multiple subscription plans that you can choose from. 

Check out this site

20. VIPRow sports 


VIPRow lets you watch live streams of your favorite sport in high definition. Moreover, the website streams sports in 480p and 720p, making it perfect for those streaming with limited mobile data.    

In addition to this, you can also find trivia and facts about the current happenings in the sporting world. 

Check out this site

21. Red Bull TV 


Another legitimate platform to watch your favorite sports, Redbull TV, is owned by Red Bull Pvt LTD. Yes, the famous soft drink that gives you wings. Apart from sports, the website also has a catalog of TV shows and movies you could watch. 

The platform offers a wide variety of sports to watch. Some popular sports include boxing, wrestling, and biking. 

Moreover, the app can be downloaded on any device. The best part is that it needs no subscription. You can download the app for free and enjoy unrivaled access to different sporting events. 

Check out this site

22. Ronaldo7


You’ll definitely love this website if you’re an ardent football fan. Here you can find everything related to football, from live streaming to stats, to fixtures, the website has got it all. 

The website has an attractive user interface, it’s got cutouts of Ronaldo, so if you’re a Ronaldo fanatic, you’ll probably end up being a regular on this website.  Additionally, you can also find the schedules of upcoming matches and the results of matches held in the past. 

Check out this site

23. Feed2All


A subsidiary of FirstRowSports, Feed2All offers live telecasts of the latest football matches. Much like Ronaldo7, Feed2All is an exclusive football streaming platform. It offers the streaming of multiple sports such as American football, NBA, and WWE. On the other hand, Feed2All is exclusively for football. 

Check out this site

24. Channel stream 


Channel stream is a hidden gem. Why would we say so? Well, not many people know about this free live streaming website. On this platform, you can find a huge variety of sports being streamed in high definition. 

The website offers streaming of major footballing events such as Ligue 1, premier league, and Serie A. Additionally, you can also catch up on rugby, NBA, and tennis games.  

Check out this site

25. RedStreamSport


RedstreamSports is another excellent alternative to Cricfree. Generally meant for multi-sports enthusiasts, it hosts links to live streams of various sports. From American football to soccer, from baseball to basketball, and even cycling. 

You can find links to several streaming sessions of a game. You can choose the link you prefer the most. The website’s interface is pretty straightforward, and even a first-time user can easily navigate through the website. 

Check out this site

Cricfree – Quick FAQs 

1. Is Cricfree Down Or Still  Working? 

Ans. The working of Cricfree depends on which region you’re accessing it from. Cricfree is banned by ISPs in certain countries and allowed in some. However, the links hosted by Cricfree might never really work. 

2. Is Cricfree Safe?

Ans.  Cricfree is a safe website until you click on a malicious link that instills a virus into your system. So, stay cautious while you click on the links and click the right ones. 

3. Is Cricfree Legal?

Ans. Cricfree isn’t an illegal website, it does not violate privacy rights since it doesn’t directly stream pirated content. However, the links hosted on Cricfree are links to illegal websites and might always be banned.

4. What Are the Best Alternatives to Cricfree?

Ans. In our opinion, some sights that would fill the void of Cricfree would be CricHD, ATHDE, SportStream, Ronaldo7, and SportsP2P. 

5. Which VPN Should I Use For Cricfree?

Ans. Every VPN offers decent privacy. However, you can opt for a VPN based on your budget. Norton is a favorite among tech geeks and has decent prices as well! 

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