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Free Crunchyroll Accounts – 31+ Working Accounts in 2022 [Updated]

Free CrunchyRoll Accounts

This place is perfect for you if you want some free Crunchyroll accounts. It Last Updated on September 14, 2022. This article is all about getting a premium Crunchyroll free account. So, you need to go through the complete article and grab your free premium account.

As all of you know, this website is the best place for all anime lovers worldwide. You can watch your favorite anime on this site per your selection. You need a premium account to view the premium quality content through the site.

The site offers premium subscriptions at a reasonable price. The platform always provides the customer’s priority service from the site. Hence, the site provides access to premium content only for paid users.

  • Crunchyroll Premium Cookies Hourly Updated – 100% Working List
Crunchyroll Premium Cookies
Crunchyroll Premium Cookies

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What is Crunchyroll? Let’s check it out.

Crunchyroll is a big name for all anime lovers from all regions over the globe. This website is a top-rated online platform for streaming anime videos and movies. Also, they have a massive fanbase from all areas of the world.

This website provides quality anime streaming on its platform, which has gained massive popularity worldwide among anime lovers. You can watch anime content from all genres and categories.

You can access your favorite videos, from anime to manga and other cool stuff you will love watching to kill your time. So, let’s go and check out more about this fantastic site.

About The Platform: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an American publisher and distributor company focusing on streaming anime and manga on its platform.

This platform was founded by a group of University of California graduates, Berkley, back in 2006.

This platform’s distribution channel and partner programs deliver its content to about 50 million registered users worldwide. Crunchyroll is a subsidiary of warner media, which AT&T owns.

Crunchyroll offers over 900 anime shows to its viewers all over the world. They have more than 200 East Asian dramas and 50 Manga titles as Crunchyroll manga.

This platform is the world’s most prominent and beautiful place for all anime and manga lovers.

Free Crunchyroll Premium Account In September 14, 2022

As you have read the post’s title, you get an idea about what is coming next in this article. You read it correctly; I will share some best free working premium Crunchyroll account for all of you.

You guys can now enjoy the unlimited premium of Crunchyroll by using these accounts I have posted in this article.

Be the first to grab a fresh, working Crunchyroll premium account and have fun killing your time.

Here Is A List Of Premium Crunchyroll Accounts 2022

Accounts Are Updated On

September 14, 2022

[email protected]:a22m23y7
[email protected]:anatnt719
[email protected]:135hitch
[email protected]:bat22171
[email protected]:mycr8box
[email protected]:queenb
[email protected]:jack31
[email protected]:malyuun12
[email protected]:jasmine345
[email protected]:albert97
[email protected]:Angel4LIFE
[email protected]:3317124
[email protected]:jiangwan
[email protected]:Gabby653
[email protected]:kayhan21
[email protected]:kavithai
[email protected]:rh7558

11 More Crunchyroll Accounts & Passwords September 14, 2022

Accounts Are Updated On

September 14, 2022

Crunchyroll premium Funimation Accounts

Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts

How to get Crunchyroll Premium Free 2019-2022

Get Crunchyroll Premium Account

How To Get Free Premium Crunchyroll 2022

You can have a free Crunchyroll premium account login if you want to watch high-quality anime from the site. This site provides streaming facilities at a high rate, and users can also download the available content on the platform.

For accessing premium Crunchyroll for free, you can grab the free premium accounts that I have posted here in this article for all of you. Alternatively, you can join our telegram channel for the new and working premium account.

How To Get Crunchyroll Premium Trial

Here, you have a choice in which you can avail yourself to get a dedicated free premium Crunchyroll account login yourself. Also, you will not face any password-changing issues or login failure problems.

Free CrunchyRoll Accounts

To get a trial premium from Crunchyroll, you need to perform some simple steps with me. Go through the instructions and follow them carefully to avoid any mistakes.

  • Step 1. Go to the Crunchyroll website page on your pc or mobile device.
  • Step 2. You can see a button at the header on the main page saying, “Premium TRY FREE.” Click on that option.
  • Step 3. Now you will see a new window; the page will ask you to create your account to avail of the premium. If you already have an account, then you need to log in to your account. Otherwise, you have to create an account.
  • Step 4. You can see the form asking you for payment details such as your credit card number, security code, expiry dates, etc. Fill out the form and submit it.
  • Step 5. After submitting the payment information, you can see a premium account status. You have a limited period of premium access to the site.
  • Step 6. As you have a 14 days premium trial, don’t forget to cancel your membership before the plan expires. If you don’t cancel the membership, you will be charged from the next day your trial premium expires.

Crunchyroll Cancel Free Trial [Essential To Know]

If you are subscribed to a free trial plan on Crunchyroll for enjoying premium content access, you should remember to cancel the premium trial before your plan expires. Otherwise, the consequences include the cut of charges for premium subscriptions.

You need to stay very cautious, as you don’t want to pay for a one-month subscription plan on Crunchyroll. You don’t need to buy a subscription as I am sharing Crunchyroll premium accounts; you can grab the accounts from this article.

Steps To Follow To Cancel Crunchyroll Premium Free Trial 

  • Step 1. Go to the Crunchyroll homepage and log in using your login details.
  • Step 2. Go to the user profile and go to the account page or click on the below link
  • Step 3. On the page, you will see an option to cancel your membership. Click on the “Cancel membership” button to cancel your membership.

how to get Free Crunchyroll Premium Pc

You can access the Crunchyroll premium on your pc to stream your favorite anime shows. You can stream anime movies or episodes from your watchlist at the maximum resolution your pc supports.

Using a free Crunchyroll premium PC also helps you download your favorite anime movies on your storage, which is very nice for an anime lover. You can watch the downloaded anime anytime you want.

Grab the Crunchyroll premium free accounts from this article and access the premium anime content. Choose your favorite anime and stream as much as you want. I am sharing these premium Crunchyroll accounts for all of you.

Get Crunchyroll Premium Free Access Via Cookies

You guys can access Crunchyroll premium content, even if you don’t have a working account username and password. Isn’t it a bit shocking yet surprising for you? Surprisingly, you can get access to Crunchyroll premium without a working account login.

Free Crunchyroll Cookies #1

Account Type: Premium
Validity: December 24, 2022
Updated On: September 14, 2022

Free Crunchyroll Cookies #2

Account Type: Premium
Validity: August 24, 2022
Updated On: September 14, 2022

Free Crunchyroll Cookies #3

Account Type: Premium
Validity: April 24, 2023
Updated On: September 14, 2022
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I will tell you how you can access Crunchyroll free premium using a different method. In this method, we don’t need an account login. All we need is a premium cookie of Crunchyroll premium account.

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Grab an extension called “EditThisCookie” and install it in your chrome browser. You can choose the link below if you can’t find the extension.
  • Step 2. Now, after you have installed the extension, go to the Crunchyroll site. When the site page loads, click on the Extension icon in the upper right of the browser.
  • Step 3. You can see the cookie manager opened, and there is a blank field called “Cookie.” Grab a cookie from this article and paste it inside the empty box.
  • Step 4. Now click on the green tick mark to submit your recent changes.
  • Step 5. Refresh the page where the Crunchyroll site page is loaded. After the page is refreshed and reloaded with new data, you will see that you are logged in as a premium member. Enjoy your free premium.

Note: Don’t click on the logout button. Otherwise, we will have to perform the same task over again.

Crunchyroll Premium Renewal

Crunchyroll premium renewal is easy; you need to follow the below instructions to renew your Crunchyroll premium.

  • Step 1. Go to the Premium Comparison page, select your desired plan, and click on the package.
  • Step 2. Now, choose the “Credit Card” option for making payments for your chosen plan.
  • Step 3. Fill out the form with your credit card number, card expiration date, security code of the card, and your name as it appears on the credit card.
  • Step 4. Enter your valid email id to receive the payment receipt.
  • Step 5. After you fill out the form with all the correct details, click on submit. Your plan will be extended as per the package you have chosen.

FAQ On Free Crunchyroll Accounts

FAQ #1: How do I get a free Crunchyroll premium account?

Ans: I have shared some premium Crunchyroll accounts here for free. You can grab them or join our telegram channel for more premium accounts.

FAQ #2: Is Crunchyroll premium free?

Ans: Nope, but I have shared the Crunchyroll premium accounts for all my visitors free of cost.

FAQ #3: Is Crunchyroll premium free with Amazon Prime?

Ans: As of now, it’s not included in the Amazon prime bundle. You can grab the Crunchyroll premium accounts from this article or our Telegram channel.

FAQ #4: Can I watch Crunchyroll for free?

Ans: You will need a premium subscription plan for watching premium content. Visit our telegram channel for premium accounts hourly updates.


Crunchyroll, the heaven on earth for all anime lovers worldwide, is famous for streaming high-quality anime content. This site has a vast user base, and the users are attracted to the site because of the quality Crunchyroll provides for the users.

In this article, you have seen the accounts lists posted for you, and you can grab them for your use. Most importantly, I also have shown you different ways to access Crunchyroll for free. After all, you guys deserve to have the best of the best.

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